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Acupuncture for Weight Loss Does it work or can you save money?

by Georgia Ede
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Acupuncture for weight loss, is it the solution?

When a person wants to lose weight, he tries all the methods that are within his reach, diets appear first. How many diets have you tried? the one that my cousin follows, the one I saw on TV that is now in fashion, the one who recommends a book to me… in short, a thousand diets . This, in the best of cases, is accompanied by joining the gym, well … we are doing well , how long does it last? , generally little; we give up as soon as we feel the first stiffness that is united with the temptations to eat a sweet. The diet is over.

What can I try now? … Well, some pills that help me lose weight , be careful! Be careful what we take, weight loss pills usually have a significant rebound effect when we stop taking them. Whether or not they are natural, we must take into account that they can have side effects on our body, so we must monitor what we take and how we take it.

Once we have tried these things we say… I don’t know what to do anymore, nothing works for me, I lost weight but I have regained it… What can I prove? Then there are techniques such as hypnosis to lose weight , or acupuncture , which we are going to talk about next.

Lose weight without effort, is it possible?

What are the advantages of these methods ? In the first place, that they do not require an effort , something that we value when it is assumed that we have tried to make an effort and have not achieved the objective.

But, pay attention! you should get the idea that miracles do not exist and that to lose weight, the best method consists of a good combination of a healthy diet with an adequate dose of moderate exercise practiced on a regular basis combined with other techniques or small aids such as nutritional supplements or dietary supplements that help us lose weight, we can do it in a faster and healthier way; but miracles … for now losing weight is in your hand and is based on your willpower.

If you need some guidelines to increase your will to diet, here we give you all the advice you need .

What is acupuncture for weight loss?

First of all we are going to try to explain what acupuncture consists of, and that is that this ancient technique has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. Increasingly, the deepening of the technique and its recent studies endorse it and for this reason it is spreading rapidly and more professionals in the health branch want to be trained in this

Although acupuncture is considered an alternative medicine technique, it is worth saying that the World Health Organization (WHO) endorses the results in different treatments. This technique consists of stimulating , with small needles, different areas of the body to ” reactivate ” their functions and reposition everything in its place so that the body works correctly, let’s say it like this. Let’s say that there are certain points that stimulate a correct balance of the body’s energies . According to the points that are stimulated, they achieve certain benefits for our health, in fact acupuncture is used for multiple ailments or health problems.

Is acupuncture useful for weight loss or is it a myth?

We must emphasize that there are different branches within acupuncture and that they differ in treatments and in the efficacy demonstrated in studies. It is also used to eliminate or reduce chronic pain, since it does not need any medication for its operation, which seems important to try to consume less chemicals that can affect the body. But we must emphasize that in this aspect, its effectiveness is less proven than to lose weight, since in this aspect what it does is reconnect the functions of the body and stimulate them.

We can say that it is not a myth that helps to lose weight but we must emphasize that acupuncture by itself will not make you lose weight, but it stimulates the flow of the body’s energies helping us to burn calories .

Other studies claim that acupuncture regulates stress and anxiety levels which helps us control appetite and accelerate metabolism .

If you still do not know how the metabolism works to lose weight, click here . You can also consult other diets that base their operation on accelerating metabolism, such as the accelerated metabolism diet or the supermetabolism diet .

In addition, it has been proven in recent studies that by improving the flow in our body, acupuncture improves the assimilation of nutrients , so that we will also be feeding and nourishing our body effectively, thus reducing the amounts of food we eat. .

Who can get acupuncture to lose weight?

Acupuncture is generally a treatment indicated for all those who wish to lose weight , it is usually safe and does not show side effects . The only thing that can arise is a slight redness or breakage of a blood capillary in the treated area, but it is very rare and disappears in a short time without further complication.

The problem with this type of treatment is that there are places where they offer impossible goals and striking offers that play with despair and illusion that one has in order to get money from people, so we recommend that you take good advice to choose a good specialist , as it will also be of vital importance when assessing the results.

What recommendations should we take into account when we undergo these treatments?

In addition to, as we have commented previously, choosing a good specialist; We can say that acupuncture is effective if we combine it with a healthy lifestyle to lose weight, therefore, our advice is to carry out a balanced diet , perform physical exercise from home on a daily basis (here are some simple exercises that can be of your help and do not involve much effort) and try to lead a healthy lifestyle so that in combination with acupuncture we can lose weight effectively.

You can help yourself with natural supplements that stimulate weight loss , but nothing by itself will make you lose weight, your involvement and your effort will be the key to success.

There are other methods such as hypnosis to lose weight , which you can learn about here. You can also help yourself from the sauna to lose weight , if you want to know how, do not forget to read this post where we tell you what can help you lose weight if you combine it with a healthy lifestyle.

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