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Are pipes fattening? → Find out here

by Georgia Ede
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Can I eat pipes if I am on a diet?

Eating pipes, that vice so typical of parties or entertainment that it seems that you cannot eat a few, pipes hook us, but we must know that they are not only a snack but that they are also a rich source of good fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants . They are a healthy food , but it has always had the reputation of gaining weight, since the popular belief that pipes are fattening has always existed and has caused them to be eliminated from any diet.

Lately the introduction of seeds in healthy eating has become fashionable due to its multiple benefits, and there are many seeds that provide us with very interesting nutrients for our health, this is the case of pipes, chia seeds , pipes of pumpkin, linseed , etc.

Sunflower seeds are perhaps the most consumed seeds, since we find them in any supermarket, but do we really know what these seeds give us? We will tell you everything below.

What do pipes bring us?

Its high fiber content helps improve intestinal transit. Sunflower seeds are also one of the best natural sources of vitamin E, it has been investigated that 100 grams of sunflower seeds could obtain up to 76% of the daily vitamin E that our body needs, however, such a portion High of pipes would also be increasing our calorie intake by about 600 calories, which would contribute to a very high caloric intake.

The Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect all tissues of the body wear caused by aging. Although its function can benefit us at a general level, one of its main benefits is that it protects the heart and circulatory system, strengthening the body to make it capable of dealing with different diseases.

We should opt for the consumption of natural pipes preferably, in the case of pipes that have undergone a roasting process, although this improves their flavor, during this process some of the nutrients that these seeds contain are lost so we do not they provide so much nutritional value . As if we consume them with salt, we would add the side effects that this mineral has in our body, such as an increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and fluid retention.

Are the pipes as fattening as they say?

In the case of pipes, being a good source of many nutrients and thanks to their satiating capacity , we can say that they can be included in the diet in a moderate way, without causing weight gain problems. The problem is consuming them in excess, and especially if we also consume them with salt.

We must choose to consume them natural, without salt and a moderate portion. The pipes have 570 calories per 100 grams of product (peeled) so we can say that it is a highly caloric product, we must bear in mind that we must consume small portions , of about 25 grams that would provide us with approximately 140 calories, and that are Ideal as a snack.

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Health benefits of eating pipes

Pipes are rich in healthy vegetable fats , if you still do not know how to distinguish good from bad fats, here we inform you of everything, because our body needs this type of fats to carry out different activities and protect the cellular structures of the organism. These healthy fats are also responsible for regulating cholesterol since when they enter our body they become good cholesterol that helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Therefore, the unsaturated fats contained in the pipes help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides , improving cardiovascular health.

Some of the most outstanding minerals that pipes provide us are iron , phosphorus , magnesium and potassium . As you know, minerals are involved in many processes in the body, so they are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

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They provide us with a significant amount of folic acid , which is why they are highly recommended in pregnancy and for people suffering from anemia. They are not only a rich source of minerals , but also have vitamins, mainly Vitamin E that helps maintain skin health, and protect us from the action of free radicals due to its antioxidant action.

The antioxidants in pipes help us prevent the effects that free radicals cause in our body, delaying the effects of premature cellular aging and reducing the incidence of degenerative diseases, and also maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system.

Thanks to their high content of gamma-linolenic fatty acids , pipes contribute to the production of prostaglandins, which give us a feeling of relaxation and help us fight stress and also regulate the effects produced by female hormones during the period. menstrual, so the regular consumption of pipes acts as a female hormonal regulator given its concentration in this type of fatty acids.

During menopause , they are of great help to maintain hormonal balance and reduce the intensity of hot flashes, and fatigue and other problems associated with menopause, related to weakness, since this gives us energy and vitality.

How to eat the pipes and in what portion?

As we have already mentioned, the benefits that we can obtain from including pipes in our diet are many, however, we must take into account the recommended portion of these so that we can enjoy them without gaining weight and without endangering our health, in the In the case of consuming them with salt, since we would increase the effects of a high sodium intake, such as hypertension or fluid retention .

Considering that the pipes are consumed in their natural state, that is to say without added salt, it is possible to include one to five weekly servings of 25 grams each, of already peeled pipes. A portion of this size would be providing us with an approximate amount of 142 kcalories .

A good way to eat a portion of 25 grams is to add a few in salads, or in breakfast cereals, or add them to bread, if we make it at home.

Contraindications of pipes

They are a healthy product and the only contraindications they present may be due to a high consumption, if they are consumed with salt, to the damages of a diet high in sodium, and in the case of excessive consumption they could cause weight gain since they contribute large amount of calories.

So now you know, following the recommended portions it is possible to continue enjoying the pipes without regrets.

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