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Supermetabolism diet to speed up your metabolism and lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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What is the Supermetabolism diet?

This diet that has become fashionable lately that comes from the United States, and that celebrities like Jennifer López have decided to follow,  accelerating the metabolism  is the key to losing weight quickly and with a proven effectiveness in 90% of cases.

The supermetabolism diet is a weight loss system that bases its success on accelerating the mechanisms that our body has to digest food and burn the calories ingested, so that the body does not accumulate calories in the form of fat.

How does the metabolism work?

If we know how our body works, we can make it easier for it so that it has the least difficulties when it comes to losing weight.

The metabolism ( See here BMR ) is the ability of our body to digest the food we eat and burn the calories you need to perform daily activities.

How many times have you heard someone say … is that losing weight depends a lot on your metabolism , or that a diet that works for a person does not have to work for you because you have different metabolisms, well, that’s right.

The metabolism of each person is different, some work at a faster rate and others slower, it depends largely on the ease or difficulty of losing weight for each person.

Types of metabolism

You will surely know someone who says that he eats like a bird and is equally fattening, this type of people who eat little and do not lose weight tend to have a slow metabolism ; In other words, it takes a long time for your body to burn the necessary calories, it works continuously, although at a slow pace, and that is why they do not have much appetite and it is difficult for them to lose weight.

On the other hand, there are those people who eat everything, continuously and do not get fat. These generally have a fast metabolism , your body quickly burns the calories you eat without leaving the possibility that the body stores them as fat.

In the middle term we find those people whose metabolism works at a medium rate , who eat normally and if they do not do physical activities that require energy, they have a tendency to gain weight.

Generally, this type of people taking care of themselves a little maintains their weight, although they have a tendency to gain weight, on the contrary; people with a slow metabolism gain weight very quickly, they find it difficult to maintain a specific weight.

As we have seen, with the previous examples, the metabolism when it works quickly and constantly, the body burns more calories and they are not stored in the form of fat in our body.

For this reason, the supermetabolism diet aims to accelerate metabolism and keep it active for as long as possible, to lose weight quickly and control appetite , since if the body is in the process of metabolizing food, it feels satiated; therefore we are not hungry.

What should you eat?

Here we explain in detail the nutritional guidelines of this diet that is causing a sensation.

  • First of all, we must restrict the consumption of certain foods as much as possible: Among them we find caffeine, dairy products, wheat flour, sugar, soybeans and corn and their derivatives .
  • You can eat everything, avoiding the foods mentioned above.
  • The proteins considerably accelerate metabolism, and green tea, and omega – 3 essential fatty acids.
  • We will have to eat 5 meals a day, without skipping any.
  • Breakfast, we should not delay it too long, a maximum of 30 minutes after getting up so that our body does not spend a long time without having eaten any food and the metabolism is activated quickly
  • You have to be constant and respectful of the diet rules
  • Drink two liters of water a day (you can combine with teas and infusions)
  • You should do moderate physical exercise on a regular basis. You can make changes in intensity during exercise, which will help you burn more calories faster and keep your metabolism active.
  • You must take a good rest, sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.
  • We must keep the body active for as long as possible , therefore we must consume foods that help us accelerate metabolism, this is the case of proteins , omega 3 acids , vegetables and green tea or iodine , seafood , etc.

Phases of the supermetabolism diet

This slimming system aims basically the same as the metabolic diet , to  accelerate the metabolism to lose weight quickly with a balanced diet.

It also proposes a specific duration, 28 days specifically, in which we will be able to remove the excess kilos. To do this, divide these 28 days into 4 weeks that are divided into 3 phases each week.

  1. The first phase : (Monday and Tuesday) aims to eliminate stress and anxiety about food. It gives priority to carbohydrates and vegetables, in order to facilitate the digestion of food and promote that it is converted into energy instead of fat
  2. The second phase : (Wednesday and Thursday) aims to eliminate localized fat by eating only proteins and vegetables to convert fat into muscle mass.
  3. The third phase : (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) aims to burn fat, and therefore gives priority during these three days to the intake of protein and carbohydrates.

This system has its peculiarity in that it dissociates the macronutrients at intervals of two or three days a week to produce effects in our body, which gives it greater efficiency , although it can be a little more difficult to carry out the diet when beginning, it is just a matter of getting used to it.

Try for 28 days and take off those kilos that bother you so much.

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