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Does the Sauna lose weight? All the details!

by Georgia Ede
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Does the Sauna lose weight? Does it work to burn fat?

In this post we are going to try to investigate and, therefore, come to the conclusion whether the sauna or certain sauna sessions can help us lose weight and lose weight; or on the contrary, discover if this widespread practice, sometimes with the intention of losing weight, will not have any effect on us or will only allow us to lose fluids through sweat …

In any case, before talking about the sauna as an alternative to lose weight , I can tell you that a sauna session will bring us many benefits for our health, but also to make it 100% healthy we must take into account its contraindications or precautions.

First of all, in case you are not yet a conventional sauna user, you do not know what it is, or you tried it briefly in the past and you do not remember it, we are going to explain in a little more detail, what is the Sauna and what varieties there are:

The Sauna is the result of a custom that the Finns began in the 20th century, it was considered a sacred place that was located in most of the courtyards of the houses, to this day this custom is still widespread, especially in the countries of the Northern Europe for its great health benefits .

The dry sauna, also known as a Finnish sauna , is a wooden room in which a high temperature is concentrated, usually caused by an electric heater, which ranges between 70º and 110º Celsius.

On the other hand, there is an alternative to this type of dry sauna, also known as a Turkish bath , which is a type of humid heat sauna, as it supplies heat through vaporized water, and the temperature is usually lower, ranging between 30 and 60 degrees centigrade.

Both the sauna and the Turkish bath report innumerable benefits for our health (they eliminate toxins through sweat, renew the epidermis, relax the muscles, etc.), in addition in some countries it is frequently indicated for therapeutic purposes to treat certain diseases such as arthritis, depression, etc …

So, does the sauna help you lose weight?

There is a very strong belief among the population that the sauna does not lose weight , at least in a real way, because almost always when taking a sauna session we manage to lose weight, but this is largely due to the fact that we have eliminated a lot of fluids through of sweat and therefore, when checking our weight after the session, obviously we will weigh less , but perhaps later when we rehydrate our body we will weigh the same again.

This is , science is clear, but what is really important and what we will discover in this article is whether to perform one or more sauna sessions will help us burn fat and therefore the weight loss is lasting .

It is very common today to look for easy ways to lose weight that involve the least possible difficulty. But you have to be aware that to lose weight in a lasting way you need to make an effort; you will have to diet and do physical exercise, but … then the sauna does not serve to lose weight in a real way? The Sauna does work to lose weight, and it will help us lose weight, but not in isolation.

Why will the sauna help us lose weight? When taking a sauna session at a temperature of 90 degrees for 15 minutes, our body will have to make an effort to withstand this temperature, with this effort, even if it is passive, our body speeds up, the heart pumps faster to satisfy the extreme needs, the lungs begin to work more and thus an infinity of chemical reactions take place in our organism that result in our metabolism accelerating and as a consequence producing a greater caloric expenditure .

This higher caloric expenditure actually implies that fat can be burned, although to a lesser extent than if we practiced aerobic exercise.

Therefore, taking sauna sessions regularly will help us lose weight , lose weight and burn fat . But it is also important to bear in mind that if we take sauna sessions in isolation it will be very difficult for us to appreciate results, as we will need to supplement the sauna, with diet and active exercise.

A good tip to lose weight effectively would be to take care of our diet, exercise 3 times a week and take 2 sauna sessions a week, all of which will become the perfect formula to lose weight fast and notice results in a short time.

Benefits of the Sauna Is the sauna good?

As we have already seen, as the main benefit we can affirm that the sauna serves to lose weight, or at least it serves as an adjunct to a weight loss regimen, since our metabolism accelerates and encourages fat loss.

In addition, the sauna is considered in many northern European countries as a healthy habit due to the different benefits it produces.

Among the benefits of practicing sauna sessions we can highlight:

  • Toxins are eliminated through sweat.
  • The epidermis is renewed, the pores of the skin are opened and cleaned.
  • It increases circulation, blood vessels widen, and can improve joint movement or relieve pain in arthritis .
  • Relaxes the muscles and favors a greater elasticity of them.
  • Releases endorphins helping to combat anxiety and stress.
  • Produces a relaxing effect helping to fight insomnia.
  • Strengthens the immune system by increasing defenses .
  • Breathing improves, the airways are cleared, and mucus becomes more fluid.

General tips for taking the sauna

As we have seen, the sauna brings us innumerable benefits but it also carries a series of risks that we can avoid if we are proactive, since most people use the sauna badly. Do not take more than two 15-minute sessions per day, nor more than 3 weekly.

Sometimes the little benefits and the much harms. You should not enter the sauna if you are excessively tired, if you have just eaten or have a full stomach.

In case of heart diseases it is totally discouraged (arrhythmias or recent myocardial infarctions), it is also contraindicated for people with lung diseases or bronchitis.

Steps to take a good sauna session:

  1. Take a warm shower and enter with clean skin.
  2. First sit on the lower bench to gradually increase your body temperature and then join the upper bench if it is well supported.
  3. Take off your swimsuits if they oppress you and cover your body with a towel.
  4. After the session, go outside, drink water and take a cold shower.
  5. If you want to take another session, wait at least 5 minutes.
  6. Shower again with cold or warm water and scrub your skin with an exfoliating sponge to thoroughly clean the impurities and dead cells accumulated on the skin.
  7. Bundle up warm and drink water, an  isotonic drink or an Aquarius .

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