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Does melon make you fat? Find out!

by Georgia Ede
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Melon is a very valuable fruit for weight loss

Among the most remarkable properties of melon, is that of being energizing and hydrating since most of it is water.

Its high content of minerals ,  fiber and vitamins makes the melon provide us with multiple properties , among which we highlight a high feeling of satiety for a long time. So if you want to discover all the properties of melon, we recommend that you keep reading, because we are going to inform you in depth about everything you should know about this delicious fruit.

Being a very sweet fruit, you may be worried about the calories it will add to your day. but surprisingly, it is one of the summer fruits with the fewest calories . Its high percentage of water makes it prevent fluid retention and in addition, its high fiber content gives it the property of being satiating, it is also a laxative although mild, which favors digestion.

So if you are thinking about losing weight  you can trust melon that will help you control your appetite, it is also digestive, laxative and diuretic as well as providing few calories . However, its benefits not only serve to banish the myth of the melon fattening but also has vitamins and nutrients that help you offer improvements to the body to maintain a correct state of health.

What does melon give us?

The advantages of consuming melon are many and there are also different varieties, different for all tastes and that can be easily obtained in any market. The two most popular are the Piel de Sapo melon , the cantaloupe , or the Galia melon . It is very versatile and can be consumed as a dessert or in salads, along with ham or even in cold creams.

  • It is low in calories . Every 100 grams gives us 34 calories. It is also low in fat although it has a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • It offers flavonoids, antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals, reducing the possibility of cancer.
  • It has vitamin A , it is one of the fruits that contains it the most. A powerful antioxidant good for skin problems and that protects us from premature cellular aging.
  • It controls the heart rate and blood pressure due to its potassium content , which prevents cardiovascular diseases .
  • The vitamin C , B and manganese present in melon favors the strengthening of the immune system.
  • It helps the body to cope with diseases caused by infections, viruses and bacteria, by having vitamin C and manganese .
  • It gives us satiety as it is composed of 90% water.
  • It improves our vision and prevents the aging of the ocular structure.
  •  It is detoxifying and diuretic.
  • Avoid fluid retention .

Does eating melon at night make it difficult to sleep?

Some people consider that it is not advisable to eat melon at night, in fact there are many popular sayings that refer to it, because it causes indigestion as they say, however, this is not scientifically proven , in fact its content is basically water, for therefore, it would not have any component that could cause digestive or stomach problems.

We only have to pay attention not to consume it very cold as this can cause a thermal shock in the body. So we consider banished this myth that surrounds this fruit, if we eat it at its ripening point and at the correct temperature, the melon will not hurt us if we eat it at night.

Melon properties for health

As you can see below, melon has multiple benefits for your health, so it can contribute not only to lose weight but to maintain a correct state of health by improving different aspects of your body. Take note of the main benefits.

The vitamin A present in melon is a powerful antioxidant that will benefit your skin. It will make it hydrated, smooth and youthful. And other antioxidants such as beta – carotene , the lutein , the zea-xanthine and cryptoxanthin also present in the fruit are able to combat free radicals of the skin and delay the premature aging contributing to a delay in the appearance of wrinkles of the skin. Most spots on the skin They are caused by toxins that our body accumulates on the surface of our skin, melon thanks to its purifying property can help us to make them disappear.

If you are interested in other care for your skin, you can inform yourself here . Avoid dry skin with the help of Aloe Vera , discover all its properties.

The presence of adenosine in melon makes the consumption of this fruit help you avoid the formation of blood clots, improving blood circulation . It is especially indicated for those people who have suffered angina pectoris or heart attacks, etc.

The contribution of potassium that melon helps to control heart rate and blood pressure, as well as reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases , combined with adenosine makes it an exceptional food for people who do not have proper blood circulation.

The diuretic property of melon favors people with fluid retention in their body, something that not only affects weight loss, but is also of vital importance for people with diseases such as rheumatism or gout . If you want to know how to lower uric acid levels, we advise you to read this post, which will help you improve symptoms .

The fiber that melon has makes it an excellent natural laxative, mild and without side effects. What facilitates intestinal transit and prevents constipation and also controls appetite; all this is ideal for weight loss.

For all this, and much more, do not hesitate for a single second to start eating melon, for its delicious flavor, for its low calorie intake and for all the benefits it has to offer you.

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