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Does drinking water make you lose weight? Water diet

by Georgia Ede
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Does water make you fat?

Most diets recommend drinking plenty of water , approximately two liters a day , to achieve a cleansing effect on the body and in turn contribute to weight reduction .

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A German study , it seems, has concluded that a higher consumption of water produces an increase in the caloric expenditure of the metabolism. The point is that by consuming water more or less frequently, the body is being forced to do extra work and thus it is possible to burn more calories .

Although the increase in caloric expenditure is not very significant, it is one more tool to take into account when trying to lose weight or are carrying out weight loss diets .

When and how to drink water?

The transmission of beliefs, and preconceived ideas of some people about certain facts make certain rules are created that we consider true, these are called myths. But, if water gives us 0 calories, how can it be that if we take it at meals it makes us fat and if we do it outside of them, we lose weight? Well, none of this is really true, the only thing that is certain is that water does not provide us with calories , therefore it does not matter when we consume it, because it will provide us with exactly the same.

Another issue in question is how water can affect our satiety , and the effect that this may have on our weight change. There we enter to assess a very broad field, which is that of sensations.

The drinking water before eating can make us eat less , because we have the stomach full of water and have no feeling of being hungry, ie water can cause us a certain feeling of satiety , so we would feel fuller, so unconsciously the calorie intake would be lower, but this does not always happen or does not always favor us.

Effects of water according to when it is consumed

Here we explain why two opposite effects can occur. The fact of filling ourselves with water will not eliminate the feeling of hunger forever, since our body after a while would detect that we need to ingest something that meets its needs, and water does not. What happens then? Well, a voracious hunger will enter us that can play a trick on us.

For this reason, we previously made reference to the fact that swelling with water does not always benefit us , because we can fall into the error of eating later, when we get hungry, and in addition to eating more and eating worse, because we are not easily satisfied, We do it at the worst moment, because we perform less activity and as a consequence the body would not burn calories that would remain in our body in the form of fat, and we would gain weight. For this reason we can say that two very opposite effects can occur, but that water does not make you fat even if it is drunk before, during or after meals .

What does water give us?

On the other hand, it should be noted that water is an element of vital importance for the functioning of our body and in addition to helping us lose weight, it will provide other benefits to improve our health, among others:

  • Helps detoxify us : Water produces a cleansing effect on the body, with the intake of water our kidneys increase their filtering, eliminating toxins and waste more effectively. To detoxify your body you can try the best detox shakes that will also help you lose weight.
  • Helps to better hydrate the body :  The body needs to be hydrated, in this way, excessive dryness of the skin, nails, hair, constipation due to lack of hydrationcan be avoided to a certain extent.
  • It facilitates the transport of nutrients and oxygen to each cell of our body.
  • Promotes a better metabolism . Very roughly, we can say that metabolism is the process by which the body is able to create energy from the food we eat, to develop its daily activity and different metabolic functions. If you want to know how your metabolism works, here we explain it in detail .

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Conclusion on water consumption

In conclusion, we will affirm that drinking water helps you lose weight , not by itself, but as an adjunct to other weight loss plans.

What is certain is that we must drink water even without being thirsty , since the body needs it throughout the day and not drinking enough would cause us to retain fluid due to dehydration , which makes us gain weight and feel bloated. .

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