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Make Beer Fat How many calories does it have?

by Georgia Ede
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Beer, that drink that has sometimes been demonized for containing alcohol, is a bitter-tasting drink that is made from the fermentation of sprouted barley grains or other cereals and that has a very high nutritional value and that apart from the disadvantage caused by alcohol has many other beneficial properties for our body.

Beer Composition

Beer is made up of 92% water , by malt (germinated barley grain), by hops (It is a flower from which the aroma of beer and its characteristic bitterness are extracted) and by yeast (In any fermentation process alcoholic yeast or fungi intervene that transform sugars into alcohol).

Is beer fattening?

Surely you’ve heard a million times about the ” beer belly ” so the most sensible thing is to think that beer makes you fatter a lot …, sometimes it may be those appetizers that accompany beer that make you fat , but the truth is that beer is a drink that we could classify as caloric, especially because of its alcohol content. Some beers are lighter than others and therefore this makes beers with more alcohol or heavier to favor weight gain .

How many calories does a beer have?

Beers are usually excluded from diets because they contain alcohol and because of their alcoholic content they provide an extra amount of calories and of course a nutritionist should tend to exclude it. However, a beer without alcohol can be part of a balanced diet, thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals and its lower caloric content.

Now, we already know that not all beers provide us with the same number of calories. Depending on the type of beer and the alcohol content, they will provide us with more or fewer calories.

In a generic way without emphasizing any particular brand, it can be said that beer contains the following calories :

  • Alcohol-free: About 40 calories per glass or cane
  • With little alcohol (0.3º to 0.8º): About 60 calories per glass or cane
  • If it is blonde (5th): About 90 calories per glass or cane
  • If it is black (8º): About 115 calories per glass or cane.

Beer benefits:

Recent research has tried to show that beer consumed in moderation can be beneficial to our health. Some studies claim that beer, among other benefits, acts as a vasodilator, preventing the formation of blood clots and helping us prevent cardiovascular accidents .

Nutritional value


Energy, Caloric Value:43 Calories
Carbohydrates:3.6 grams
– Of which sugars:0 grams
Proteins:0.5 grams
Fats:0 grams
Dietary fiber:0 grams
Sodium4 mg
Potassium27 mg
Football4 mg
Magnesium6 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)0,06 mg
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)6,30 μg
Vitamin A:1 μg

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