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Increase Willpower To Diet It Is Possible!

by Georgia Ede
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I want to go on a diet and I have no willpower

You are aware when you are overweight or overweight , but nevertheless you are not usually aware of the willpower you have to get down to work and tackle the problem by eating a more balanced diet , so it is important to be aware of the situation to analyze and reverse it.

Normally, carrying out a diet to lose weight requires an effort, since any change in our habits requires a greater or lesser effort. Well now the question comes …  What can I do to carry out a diet and not cost me so much effort?

Psychology to lose weight

Most people who have little willpower and who therefore consider that they must make a great effort to diet, have a series of reinforced thoughts in their heads that are limiting their own willpower , which is why the most important thing is to analyze those thoughts or excuses that one creates and that constitute a difficult barrier to overcome.

It is important that you set your goals and set a path to follow. Reward yourself when you achieve them, this will motivate you.

It is also important to choose the right diet , since if you choose a diet that involves a lot of effort, or is very restrictive, you will fall into abandonment.

You should choose diets that are maintained over time, that do not excessively alter your nutritional habits, although you will always have to modify them; and that are comfortable for you.

Here are some of the best diets for you to achieve your goal with the least possible effort. Among them, there is the easy diet ,  a simple diet to carry out and without efforts.

You can also opt for the 1500 calorie diet or the balanced diet , among others.

There are no excuses, I want to lose weight

The excuses or thoughts that limit our willpower to not start the diet, or to abandon it, are usually the following:

Excuse 1 – “Tomorrow I start the diet” Tomorrow never comes, probably because tomorrow you have an unexpected meeting or party or because you have a temptation that is difficult to avoid. This phrase or this thought, we have to analyze it, we must not say that tomorrow I will start the diet, or even think about it, we only use “today”. If I plan to start the diet tomorrow, why don’t I start it today and that’s it? We will not do the diet tomorrow only, but it must be done day by day and “today” is one more day.

Excuse 2 – “ I have done diets many times but they have not given me results ” The result of the diet is almost always subjective, we are based on a result that we would like to obtain and almost always we do not achieve it, but this does not mean that eating a balanced diet its effects do not arise, of course it does. Not all diets are the same, and not all people do well with the same diet, so forget if any diet has not worked for you and experiment with another and do not get carried away by negative thoughts.

Excuse 3 – “ I can’t diet because I work and I don’t have time ” Many people tend to think that traveling, eating out for work … is incompatible with going on a diet. There are always options to adapt to the circumstances, we just have to stop to analyze them and look for alternatives. For example, if I have to get up an hour earlier in the morning to prepare the food that I will take to work, I have to do it with the hope that I am making an effort to do something well and that with effort I will pick its fruit, I cannot pose it as a Obligation or as a problem that makes me sleep an hour less, because if I fail in the approach I will not last a day on a diet.

If you have to eat in a restaurant, it is not necessary that you eat the menu, in a restaurant there is a lot of variety of food, you just have to stop to think about which are the foods that will benefit you and think only about the benefit that it produces and not about the suffering of not being able to savor other foods.

Surely some of these thoughts turned into excuses are limiting you when it comes to following a proper diet. Therefore, the solution is to identify that this thought is haunting your head, analyze it and correct it, this will be the best way to improve willpower .

The most important thing is to train your will

You should try to correct your thoughts that make you make excuses for everything, and the most important thing is that you do it for yourself.

Losing weight because others tell you is not the most advisable thing, you must be aware of your problem, of your overweight; because you must be the one who wants to remedy it.

This is one of the factors that most intervene in the will since mainly, losing weight must be your will .

To do this, you must become aware, and want to find a solution, and for this you will have to make a little effort but you can achieve it.

Sure you can! When you get into the routine of thinking again about the excuses made, close your eyes for a moment , think about what you have achieved so far, and move on .

If you are interested in some psychological techniques to lose weight, you can find out in this post about hypnosis to lose weight .

It can be an option that suits your needs, don’t miss it !!

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