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How many calories do fruits have?

by Georgia Ede
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The importance of fruit consumption in the diet

The  fruit , to the same as any other food, can contribute to weight gain if we eat too much or if we prepare some not very convenient way (fried plantain with honey, etc …), but the  fruits  usually  contain very few calories  so they give us a  wide margin  with respect to the amount of pieces that we can eat.

It is very common to include pieces of fruit in diets, they are  rich in vitamins ,  contain few calories  and help us  avoid an increase in appetite between hours .

In addition, fruits are used in crash diets to lose weight, and they are introduced into the diet in a strategic way to lose weight, then we explain everything about fruit and how it can help you lose weight.

How can fruit help me lose weight?

There are multiple ways to make fruit help you lose weight since it does not provide us with a large amount of calories but its high fiber content keeps us satiated , as well as its high water content keeps us hydrated and compensates for the body’s water adjustment.

There are multiple systems in which fruit is introduced to lose weight, one is the shock systems , with which we compensate a high caloric intake with the consumption of fruit.

Here you can see the pineapple crash diet or the watermelon crash diet .

Another way to consume fruit is according to its glycemic index , since if we consume the fruit with the highest glycemic index in the morning and the fruits with the lowest glycemic index in the afternoon and at night, we will be able to maintain stable glucose levels on the one hand, which contributes to greater appetite control ; and we will also be able to provide it with fewer calories during the stages of lower caloric combustion, ensuring that surpluses are not stored in the form of energy in our body, thus avoiding weight gain.

How and when should I take the fruit so as not to gain weight?

We generally consume fruit for dessert, and it is well known that fruit is better to consume alone , before meals because the nutrients that they provide us in the stomach are better assumed, since certain foods produce ferments in the stomach that make us not assimilate correctly certain nutrients.

In the same way, the fruit is healthy you consume it when you consume it . Therefore, as long as you consume it naturally, it will contribute to weight loss since its high fiber content guarantees better digestion and proper elimination of toxins from the body.

There are certain tricks like the ones we have mentioned above to be able to provide our body with the best nutrients without exceeding the caloric or sugar intake of the fruit.

Remember that sugars are necessary in the diet to provide energy to our body, and that if you are going to perform a physical activity you can provide quality energy to your body by consuming a piece of fruit.

The key is to choose the type of fruit and the most appropriate time to eat it and it is very easy to do it in the morning, opt for fruits with a higher caloric intake and a higher glycemic index, to recharge the body with energy so that it can face the activity daily, and for the afternoon and evening, bet on lighter fruits, with fewer calories and with a lower glycemic contribution.

It is also recommended not to mix acidic fruits with sweet ones so as not to alter the stomach pH during digestion.

The calories in fruits

The calories of fruits by pieces are difficult to determine since they depend on their weight, so we have decided to organize them from lowest to highest caloric intake per 100 grams of fruit.

Below is a  classification of fruits ordered according to their calories , from hypocaloric (low in calories) to hypercaloric (with high caloric intake).

With this approximate classification we can get an idea about which  fruits  are the  least fattening  and, on the contrary, which  provide the most calories . If you want to know which fruits are convenient for you to lose weight, find out in detail in the following post about the best fruits to lose weight .

Energy value per 100 gr.Kcal
Higo lead36
You have to37
Green grape81
Peaches in syrup84
Pineapple in syrup84
Red grape90
Dried peach104
jínjol o zufaifa105
Black grape110
Dried apricot188
Quince (sweet)215
Dry fig275
Dry date289


  • We have distinguished the fruits by colors so that you know which ones are best for you to lose weight, ordering them like the colors of the traffic light to make it easier for you.
  • Remember that you can consume the green ones at any time of the day, the oranges are better not to consume them at night, and the red ones should be consumed in a moderate way and always in the first hours of the day so that they provide you with energy that your body is capable of. consume.

The calories in nuts

  • As you can see, nuts have a very high caloric intake , but although it is true that the weight is greatly reduced when the water is removed, therefore the caloric concentration is higher.

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