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What is the basal metabolism? formula and how to calculate it

by Georgia Ede
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What is basal metabolism and how does it work?

The BMR is the minimum energy necessary for the organism to survive . It can also be said that the basal metabolism is the essential daily caloric expenditure for the body of a human being to continue to function.

With this, we can deduce that our body is constantly burning calories , either when we are resting or when we are sleeping, our body needs energy to continue working.

  • The basal metabolism is calculated in kilocalories / day .
  • Accelerating your basal metabolism is synonymous with burning calories and losing weight .

How quickly our body burns calories depends on a wide variety of factors, such as sex, exercise, age, diet, temperature, weight, height, etc …

What is involved in the basal metabolism?

  • Sex : It is somewhat lower in women than in men, mainly because the natural proportion of fat in the female sex is slightly higher.
  • Age : Children have very high metabolic rates, while with age, they decrease.
  • Exercise : Practicing physical exercise produces an acceleration of the metabolism in the later hours once you are at rest, but the fact of having more muscle tissue also influences because the latter demands more energy.
  • Food : If we undergo a prolonged fast, the body, as a defense mechanism, makes us consume fewer calories at rest in order to maintain the energy reserves in our body for as long as possible.
  • Body temperature : An increase in body temperature produces an increase in the metabolic rate since the temperature accelerates the chemical reactions that occur in the body.
  • Environmental temperature : The external temperature also affects the basal metabolism since in the case of being exposed to cold, caloric consumption increases due to the need to create extra heat in the body in order to maintain body temperature. For example, chills or tremors are defense mechanisms of the body in order to maintain our body temperature, those movements typical of tremors cause an extra expenditure of energy of approximately 30% more.

How can we accelerate our Basal Metabolism?

  • Strengthening the muscles

Having more muscle mass helps to burn calories faster, in the case of muscular people, each kilo of muscle implies burning approximately 14 calories a day to maintain themselves, while, each kilo of fat needs about 4 calories a day. For all this, for example, while sleeping, a muscular subject consumes more calories than an adipose subject.

  • Perform aerobic exercise

Performing aerobic exercise helps speed up your metabolism in the hours after training. High intensity exercise produces a large metabolic increase during subsequent rest.

  • Eat several meals a day

Eating at least 5 meals a day is essential, since every time our body goes through the digestive process to try to digest what we have eaten, we are consuming energy.

  • Drink coffee or tea

Both caffeine and theine are stimulants that speed up metabolism. Consuming green coffee or spirulina can help speed up your metabolism as well as green tea . In the links we leave you all the information.

After all the above, it can be deduced that the  knowledge  of the  basal metabolism is  essential  to know what the  caloric requirements  of a person are.

There are diseases that slow down or accelerate metabolism, all of them related to the thyroid gland; who takes care of this adjustment. This is the case of hypothyroidism , which slows down the metabolism or hyperthyroidism, which accelerates it.

In addition to the guidelines described above, there are foods that produce an acceleration of metabolism. For this reason, specific diets have been designed for this fact, it is the case of the supermetabolism diet to lose weight that we offer you below.

In addition you can also consult the diet of accelerated metabolism .

It is possible to conclude by way of information that, today there are scales in the market that are not usually very expensive, and that in addition to offering you the weight they also offer other types of values ​​such as; the percentage of muscle tissue, adipose tissue, the amount of water in the body, as well as the calculation of the basal metabolism.

How to calculate basal metabolism?

– Calculating the basal metabolism manually is very easy, in an approximate way we can calculate it using the formula that is expressed below by Harris Benedict:

Weight: Expressed in Kilograms. Example: 65 kg.
Height: Expressed in Centimeters. Example: 170 cm.
Age: Expressed in years. Example: 30 years.

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