Do diet pills work?

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Using slimming pills

A large number of people consume complementary pills to the diet or food supplements every day , but the vast majority do so without a prescription and without health checks carried out by specialists; which generates, at times, serious health problems. Since, most of these drugs are not used as they  should be .

People make use of these supplements, sometimes to support a diet, in other cases for some supposed vitamin or mineral deficiency in the body, or they take it wrongly as a preventive measure.

Natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs are the most popular among dietary supplements. They come in various formats (pills, liquids, syrups, powders) that are easy to mix in meals, so they are usually comfortable for people.

Are diet pills safe?

Doubts arise . Are they effective? They are dangerous? Should they be taken without a prescription? What are they made of?

Now we are going to solve a large part of these doubts. Regarding the effectiveness of these pills, there are no studies that demonstrate their effect, they announce that they are used for everything, but generally they have less properties than those advertised.

These types of pills have many contraindications but they are not usually specified in the leaflets since most of these products are usually natural, which does not mean that they do not have side effects, but that they are not properly regulated.

Medicinal or healing plant extracts are not always suitable and healthy for everyone, since metabolisms are different and many times there is a harmful effect on the person. Many of them produce dehydration of the organism, fatigue, vomiting, vertigo, general ill being; so do not hesitate to consult with your doctor.

We must be especially aware of those products that promise us many effects, some even contrary. Take note especially if you have any health problems, or any previous illness, since not all the effects that may have on our disease are indicated and can cause serious damage.

Here you can find information about sibutramine for weight loss , a drug that was withdrawn due to its multiple side effects and that is still hidden in illegal weight loss products.

They can be very dangerous if taken without medical supervision and often have side effects. Naturally, they should not be consumed without a prescription since we do not know the effects they can have on our body, since most of these drugs or supplements lack sufficiently proven medical studies. Here you can find more information about the use of Chinese diet pills .

Types of slimming pills

To learn a little more about these accessories, we are going to divide them into different groups, according to the effect they produce:


Lozenges or infusions based on dandelion, artichoke, plum or birch, known for their digestive and diuretic properties.

These pills are effective in digestive problems and fluid retention but do not intervene in the process of burning fat.

Weight loss is misleading as it is due to the elimination of retained fluids and it would be recovered in a reduced period of time. Volume can be lost because removal of retention lowers swelling.

They are also effective in cases of constipation, but they should not be abused, since they cause dehydration of the organism which can cause fatigue, dizziness and vertigo.

You can find medicinal infusions that help you maintain good health, and you can also lose weight in a healthy way with the help of medicinal plants such as horsetail , sage , or other herbal teas to lose weight . 


They aim to reduce or eliminate the absorption of fats in the intestine and although there are multiple herbal combinations, to which they attribute these properties, there is only one proven drug.

This drug is only used in patients with morbid or severe obesity with a prescription and cannot be used to lose a small amount of weight, since it has many and very dangerous side effects.

You can help yourself with powerful natural fat burners to lose weight .


Also called: «Quita hunger». These products are intended to moderate hunger, that is, to reduce the sensation of appetite. These drugs are made up of fibers that swell in the stomach and make you feel full. They are usually taken between 10 and 30 minutes before eating.

They are not usually dangerous, but they should not be used by people with bowel problems, stomach sensitivity, etc.

We must bear in mind when taking them that we must start little by little, since we must accustom the body to a high fiber intake.

Also, you can help yourself with natural products such as ginger .


To reduce the caloric intake, what we must do is increase energy expenditure and this is what these types of pills intend to do. They advertise that they accelerate metabolic activity to burn calories without lifting a finger, but this is not usually true.

There are no reliable studies showing that it is possible to burn calories without exercise.

The only way to burn the caloric intake is to exercise and another way to reduce calories is to eat fewer calories through a low-calorie diet by adjusting the calories we consume and those we burn.

There are other ways to produce metabolic changes to speed up your metabolism, you can achieve this with the supermetabolism diet .

Contraindications and possible side effects

Sometimes a drug or food supplement is withdrawn from the market due to possible dangerous side effects or because it does not comply with the specific regulations that regulate the consumption of these products and their effects, but since they are not measured worldwide, it is easy to get these products in other countries through the internet. For this reason, we always advise you that if you use any slimming medication , that you opt for the safest ways to consume them.

In the first place, that they are acquired in pharmacies, legally, since this will provide the product with guarantees at the security level .

On many occasions, the products marketed on the network contain prohibited substances masked in false labels, which can lead us to have health problems and not clearly identify them because we do not know the real components of said slimming products. You have to be especially careful with all these types of details, which are of vital importance.

We must be aware that miracles do not exist . We must accompany the diet with physical exercise to improve our health and our image.

We must consult with our doctor if we can take any food supplement, as well as, let him know that we are carrying out a nutritional regimen, in order to be able to perform tests in case we need any mineral or vitamin.

If you want to know which are the best natural products to lose weight , click to read the previous post.

Remember that most of these products claim to have thousands of properties, of which not a third are usually real and that can cause serious disorders.

If you have problems related to eating, consult your doctor.

Accompany your diet with physical exercise and take care of yourself in a healthy way without abusing food supplements that can harm you, for this we recommend a balanced diet , to lose weight in a healthy way and without risks.

Eye! watch what you drink.

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