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How to lose weight in 5 steps YOUR PERFECT GUIDE!

by Georgia Ede
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Lose weight, without starving and without spending money

Losing weight is not an easy task in most cases, and when the weight is established on our body, it is easier to catch it than to remove it. Generally, diet is the first solution that allows us to reduce our weight.

What matters most to us in the first place is not to go hungry , lose weight quickly and above all, not regain it. The most important thing really is to change our habits towards a healthy lifestyle that allows us to lose weight in a healthy way, sustained over time, and that makes us feel good.

This moves an industry that swells to sell us weight loss products, to avoid having to make efforts and to lose weight fast , but that is not the solution. There are products that can help you improve your weight loss , and drain your body properly.

But you will have to make the effort, you will control hunger and your weight will be controlled by you with a good diet.

5 steps necessary to change your body

Change the chip, and move to a healthier life How? Here are the 5 steps that will make you change your lifestyle towards a healthy life and a healthy diet that ensures that your body stays on the line.

Step 1: Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Reducing the carbohydrate content is very easy, because we usually eat too much. In addition, by eliminating certain foods belonging to this group, we eliminate a large amount of calories and it has also been shown that eating less carbohydrates reduces appetite and therefore ingesting fewer calories.

There are different types of carbohydrates , which you can see in this link explained in detail, as well as their function in the body. But roughly we can say that hydrates are divided into sugars and starches and are the main energy of our body.

Reducing the intake of carbohydrates is simple since we consume in excess, and therefore we are going to learn to distinguish the carbohydrates that are best for us to consume.

To understand a little how carbohydrates work and how by reducing their intake you can lose weight; we will say that hydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin , which stimulates the reserve of energy in the form of fat.

Therefore, maintaining stable blood glucose levels directly influences weight loss , because insulin spikes cause us to store more energy in the form of fat.

When insulin levels drop , it is easier for the body to burn fat from stores instead of burning carbohydrates.

This combustion is what interests us, because we will burn fat accumulated in the body.

Step 2: Increase Your Intake of Protein and Healthy Fats

The proteins are closely linked to weight loss and keep us satiated for a long time and reduces the feeling of hunger , which results in lower calorie intake.

In addition, its consumption accelerates the metabolism .

There are two types of proteins, those of animal origin and those of vegetable origin , we must combine them and also choose the proteins that provide us with the lowest fat content, especially if they are saturated fats.

We must choose lean meats and fish with a lower fat content. Although we are interested in the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids , because they are very healthy and satisfy us for a longer time.

In addition, if we combine a diet low in carbohydrates and low in fat, we will not be able to satisfy ourselves and we will fall into the snack. Therefore, we will choose to add a portion of healthy fats to our daily diet .

Try to eat healthy fats, not saturated fats. Learn to distinguish fats, because not all are the same , in this post we leave you more information.

Although recently there are studies that confirm that saturated fats in their proper measure are healthy, we should try to bet on vegetable fats that protect us cardiovascularly.

Step 3: Increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables

The fruit, although it provides sugars, is very healthy and we must always increase its consumption , because we consume little fruit; but vegetables should be the main part of our daily menu for its many benefits for our health and also because it will help us lose weight.

Vegetables provide us with very few carbohydrates, and they recharge us with vitamins and minerals. In addition, its high fiber content encourages weight loss and controls appetite .

It is very interesting that we incorporate into our diet all kinds of green leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, chard) as well as cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower; and all kinds of vegetables such as zucchini, aubergine, peppers, etc.

Step 4: Get regular moderate exercise

You must combine aerobic or cardio exercise with resistance training that accelerates and encourages weight loss.

It is not about becoming obsessed with sports, you must set your goals, if at first you only manage to go for a walk, that is fine; little by little you will increase your pace, your demands, and your achievements.

Decide which sports activity satisfies you and make a weekly chart alternating different types of exercise. With one hour daily will be more than enough, at the least 4 times per week would be ideal.

With this you will be able to burn more calories , maintain the acceleration of the metabolism and feel much better.

Step 5: Control your environment, and everything will be successes

Eliminate excuses from your life, if you want you can.

Learn to control stress levels by performing an activity that unloads that accumulation to avoid hunger or anxiety attacks that can make us eat compulsively.

Don’t be obsessed but be consistent.

Treat yourself. Eat in moderation and varied. Everything will be successes. What can I do to manage stress? Here you can find all the information .

What are you going to get?

During the first two weeks with this diet you can lose between 3 and 5 kilos .

It is a rapid loss but it will stabilize from the third week when we will begin to lose from half a kilo to 1.5 kilos a week .

healthy weight loss that will make us maintain the weight while we carry out a healthy diet and continue with good healthy habits.

Keep your weight forever

The secret to maintaining your weight forever is based on effective weight loss .

Weight loss from the second week is an effective loss, since we no longer lose as much retained fluids as during the first weeks.

There is a burning of fat from the body’s deposits and reserves, which is why it is a loss that is considered long-lasting.

It is important to maintain this loss to continue eating healthy, since if we return to the previous bad habits we will soon regain the lost weight.

Recommendations for weight loss

  • Have a strong breakfast ( here we leave you the best healthy breakfasts ) , distribute the intakes in at least 5 daily meals, if they can be 7 better.
  • Make at least one snack before your meal, so you don’t arrive so hungry.
  • Food should be one of the most important intakes along with breakfast, we leave you a series of healthy and balanced meals to lose weight .
  • Snacks should be light and only daytime snacks can be carbohydrates.
  • In the afternoon they should be protein or skimmed vegetables or dairy. From the snack they will be lighter shots, the dinner should be very light. (Here we offer you different light dinners so you can get your bearings).
  • Ensures a water balance to the body , that is, drink water. This way, your body will clean itself properly and eliminate waste substances and toxins correctly. You will eliminate constipation and fluid retention.
  • Get a proper rest and reduce stress with exercise and activities that are to your liking.
  • Write down the foods you eat , so before eating anything, you will think twice. It’s a good trick.
  • Choose healthy quality foods that provide us with nutrients for the body.
  • Don’t drink beer, carbonated or sugary drinks. They do not benefit you at all and contribute to bloating and weight gain.
  • One trick, serve yourself less , on smaller plates and fool your body. Because in part we eat by sight, and the more we put on the plate, the more we eat. ( You can see it in the small plate diet ).
  • Do not trust light products , because sometimes they are full of calories and fat. Try to eat natural, unprocessed foods that you make yourself. You will avoid high content in fat and unnecessary calories.
  • Don’t abuse sweeteners. Eliminate white sugar from your life, stevia , brown sugar or honey are preferable .
  • Do not use processed products or pre-cooked sauces, creams, butters or fats.
  • No slimming pills or fat burners, you can help yourself with natural supplements if you wish, but they will only help you maximize the effects of the diet.
  • Remember that it is important to reduce carbohydrates , but we should not eliminate them from the diet , since our body needs them.

Here is a link on the Zero Carbohydrate Diet. Is it worth it?

You can see other low carbohydrate diets here , one of the most famous is the Low Carb Diet , do you know it?

You have many ways to lose weight, you just lack the will to want to do it. If you want to know how to increase your willpower to lose weight you can find out at the link.

You will get it!

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