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Legal warning

by Georgia Ede

About the contents

All content on tomaDieta.com is for informational purposes only. We recommend carrying out any diet always with the favorable consent of a qualified medical professional or nutritionist. The contents present in this blog in no case can replace the advice, consultation, or diagnosis of a medical professional.

It is impossible for operational reasons and due to the inconveniences that duplicate content causes, to translate this notice or recommendation into articles or blog entries, for this reason, we include in the footer a message similar to the one mentioned above in order to appear in each and every one of the pages that make up this blog so that the user is aware of it.

Privacy Policy

We take into account the data protection and security of our visitors; We store the information of the email address and name of our users who request inclusion in our subscription lists to receive our newsletter. Our subscribers can always unsubscribe whenever they want.