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by Georgia Ede


Dr. Georgia Ede is a nutritionist at TakeDiets. With over 5 years of experience working in personalized service, she is responsible for all program content on food, health, and well-being. She has a degree in Nutrition and health and wellness coach. Soon after graduation, She began writing articles about food and nutrition. She realized that people read a lot about this topic, but most of the time, the information obtained was wrong or false. Your goal is to write articles that are truthful, useful, and interesting to the reader.

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Our short presentation …

This is a group made up of friends who are passionate about nutrition and health, is headed by Dr. Georgia Ede, MD, with various courses on food, attending talks and colloquia from which curiosity and the desire to learn about nutrition are born. We are a group of 4 people, more like friends, well… rather: A-Team! all of us have ever been users of a diet to lose weight as a result of internet searches, therefore, it all began in 2009 when we decided to create a web page (at that time the term “blog” was not used) were to write about what that we were most passionate about, in general; of health, of diets, of nutrition, exercise to stay fit, sport, well … everything that has to do with this world!

For some years the page has been somewhat abandoned until a year ago, we got together and decided to start collaborating again with the sole purpose of doing what we like in our free time, it is our hobby ! and of course, we feel rewarded, among other things, for offering the most useful information possible to those internet users who try to clarify their ideas and follow good nutritional and health habits.

We would like to make it clear that behind this blog there is no company, there is no profit motive, and we do not pursue any hidden objective, therefore, for a long time, the website has been somewhat abandoned, as we did not have much free time to dedicate ourselves to what we like the most.

We currently have advertising inserted on the page with the aim of defraying maintenance costs and that no one has to put a euro out of their pocket just to do what we like. It is true that advertising can sometimes be annoying but also thanks to this we have been able to improve this web page, as we have improved the quality of the server where the web is hosted so that it loads faster and we have improved the visibility of the web through seo techniques to reach more readers. There is no sponsor or source of funding behind this website.

We only feel rewarded with having an audience that follows us and knows how to value our articles as quality content.

By becoming a mother and having more time to train, after meeting, we decided to expand our knowledge to give more rigor to the page, and thus be able to offer reliable and quality content. We opted to expand the training of various team members who develop and review the content of the website. For this, we choose to take official courses that give us reliable and reputable information such as the courses of the UNED (National University of Distance Education) in which we carry out the course of Nutrition, Diet and Food Planning.