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Bulletproof Coffee, a breakfast that speeds up the metabolism and loses weight!

by Georgia Ede
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If you thought you knew all about coffee, about metabolism-boosting drinks , and you haven’t heard of Bulletproof Coffee , you’re falling behind. Fashion moves very fast and everything evolves in a matter of seconds. This new drink that became popular in the United States has reached the rest of the world in an explosive way.

If a few months ago we talked about green coffee to lose weight , now we talk about another type of coffee that makes us lose weight, but the most curious thing … is that it is not low in calories ; in fact it is a real bomb. Do you want to know more about the latest diet drink?

Here we explain everything in depth. Do not lose detail, because it can be your new ally against those extra pounds.

The coffee that replaces breakfast

We really use coffee as a drink that complements breakfast, that is, we eat something and accompany it with a coffee, either alone, with milk or as we prefer. Coffee gives us a dose of caffeine that helps us face the day with more vitality . In addition, it speeds up our metabolism and helps us get going, let’s put it that way. There are many people who claim that until they have their first coffee in the morning, they are not activated.

The key to using this coffee to lose weight is that it replaces breakfast and promises that you will arrive without hunger until noon, in addition to accelerating your metabolism, it will help you control your appetite. And it must be so because coffee is a real explosive bomb of approximately 400 calories , which gives us all the energy we need to face the day.

Is it really healthy? What’s in it that makes it so special? Here we tell you everything you need to know about Bulletproof Coffee .

A perfect combination

This coffee was a real discovery by Dave Asprey, a Californian who on one of his trips to Tibet tried this combination when he was in a weak state due to altitude sickness. This is a coffee that is combined with butter to restore energy levels and achieve a rapid replacement of energy stores after intense activity, for example. In Tibet, they also use it to recover after the cold in high altitude areas.

According to the Californian businessman, he recovered immediately and therefore decided to combine it with the best ingredients to achieve a coffee that would allow you to face the day with energy. To market it in the United States, he decided to combine a good coffee with organic low-fat butter and coconut oil enriched by him, who coined it with the name of Brain Octane Oil.

This coffee combined with two tablespoons of low-fat organic butter and enriched virgin coconut oil provides around 400 calories for the 250 ml that we are advised to take for breakfast. Now that you know the coffee recipe, we will reveal the properties attributed to it and if it is really effective for losing weight .

Is losing weight with Bulletproof Coffee possible?

Losing weight is possible, in fact it depends on what we are used to having for breakfast with this coffee, we may provide the same calories as in a full breakfast, but  what is the difference? the difference is the nutritional quality of what we contribute to the body.

In this of nutrition it is not only important the calories that we contribute to the body to lose weight but the nutrients that we offer our body to develop and this coffee is not part of a balanced breakfast. Although it is true, the fats that it provides us are healthy , but this does not mean that the product is healthy for our organism and even less if we carry out these nutritional guidelines during each and every day of our life. It is possible to lose weight, but what is true in all this.

Bulletproof Coffee Why does it work?

We are going to explain different points that will make you understand why certain properties are attributed to lose weight .

Acceleration of the metabolism , it is completely true, it is provided by coffee but it would not be necessary to add butter or coconut oil to benefit from this property; It would be enough to have a normal coffee. The problem is that we would say how I am going to endure all day with a coffee , therefore, the Californian businessman decides to add fats to his coffee that give us a higher level of satiety; for this butter and coconut oil .

The satiety us provide fats that add to the coffee basically, although as you know coffee also has a satiating effect. You can find out here  about the properties of coffee and its calories .

The fact of substituting coffee for breakfast can benefit us if we usually eat breakfast products that are not very healthy, such as if we exceed sweets or carbohydrates that provide us with large amounts of calories. But if we are used to carrying out a healthy lifestyle in which we distribute the caloric load in 5 meals by making healthy breakfasts , balanced meals and light dinners , this type of ” weight loss strategies ” are not the most advisable.

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