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How to lose weight fast in a week, is it possible?

by Georgia Ede
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There are different types of diets to lose weight in a week . You will find on the net multitude of schemes that promise to lose weight so fast and sustainable .  The truth is that everything depends on the weight we want to lose, because although it is true, you can lose weight quickly, but not much weight.

You can lose about 3 kilos in a week with a significant effort. This is why you should not believe everything you read, you must act with common sense and property on this issue.

Who wouldn’t want to lose 10 kilos overnight?

Indeed to everyone, but this is not that simple, it is also not healthy. Losing weight is not losing retained fluids and becoming dehydrated , and that is the fastest way to lose weight .

But that is worth nothing, because by drinking you will regain all the lost weight . It’s like when you’re sick with colitis or diarrhea, you obviously lose weight ; But that weight you lose is practically water, which the moment you drink, you will begin to regain .

As I have discussed above, there are multiple ways to lose weight in a week. Not all are effective or healthy . But numerous studies reveal that the shock system is a very useful system to lose weight quickly, effectively and lastingly.

Crashes are a method that consists of consuming a certain food during the period of a day so that it offers us all its benefits , without putting our organism at risk; since they are usually foods with little energy intake and even, sometimes, with little nutritional value .

The crash system is based on performing a model diet regularly, and doing the indicated crash day to further reinforce the diet . For this reason, to lose weight for a week, we propose the following diet system that we will alternate with the shocks.

The basic diet consists of firstly eliminating fried foods, sauces, stews, batters, fats, carbonated drinks, sugars, sweets, etc. Consume carbohydrates, either pasta or rice, once a week. We will eliminate legumes this week.

The basic diet menu is made up of the following:

For breakfast a natural juice a toast with cold turkey meat or fresh cheese and a coffee or infusion.

During the mid-morning a piece of fruit and a skimmed milk for the afternoon snack.

For lunch, a grilled turkey or chicken fillet with cucumber, lettuce and tomato salad dressed with vinaigrette and pepper.

For dinner, grilled or baked fish with steamed vegetables or a vegetable broth.

We will carry out the following scheme without altering the days :

Day 1 = Base Diet.
Day 2 = Shock 1 day of the grapefruit . Day 3 = Base Diet. Day 4 =  Shock 1 day of pineapple . Day 5 = Day off in moderation. Day 6 =  Shock 1 day of the artichoke . Day 7 = Base Diet. 


This fruit belonging to the citrus family has a high fat burning power , is very satiating and suppresses the appetite .

You should have half a grapefruit for breakfast with cold turkey toast.

In the meal, grilled chicken breast with lettuce and cucumber salad dressed with apple cider vinegar and pepper.

And for dinner, a French omelette accompanied by a couple of white asparagus.

In the middle of the morning we will have whole grapefruit or in juice as well as in the afternoon snack and for dessert at lunch or dinner.


Pineapple is a tropical fruit with high powers satiating and draining and diuretics .

We will maintain the basic diet for breakfast, mid-morning and snack.

The meal will be two slices of grilled pineapple accompanied by a beef fillet with lemon and a skimmed yogurt.

For dinner we will make a bowl of chopped pineapple with yogurt or Kefir (if we like it).


The properties of artichokes are fat burning ,  diuretic and purifying ; therefore they will reduce your weight.

For breakfast, mid-morning and afternoon tea, we will keep those of the basic diet and for lunch we will make a vegetable cream (celery, onion, leek, zucchini and artichoke) and a grilled blue fish fillet.

And for dinner, some steamed artichokes accompanied by a French omelette and a piece of fruit.


The shock system is very effective for rapid weight loss because we use low-calorie foods to give us that boost that we need.

  • At this point…, I would like to complete this article with a series of recommendations to lose weight, therefore, I think it would be very useful for you to read this guide on how to lose weight in 5 steps .

You can also consult the seven-day diet to lose weight quickly and lastingly. Among the regimes to lose weight, the seven-day diet is a dissociated diet that allows us to give our body a boost to lose weight.

In addition, this diet, when dissociated, produces very fast effects on our body, due to the alteration that we produce when we change our diet drastically.

But, what we must emphasize is that it is not the most extreme, all kinds of foods are consumed and despite not being completely balanced, as if to affirm that there are no risks to our health; it is quite safe if done in the preset time frame.

Like any fast diet, we must take into account its duration, and not exceed it, since that is when it can cause damage to our body, due to lack of vitamins, minerals or other types of nutrients.

We always recommend doing balanced diets that make us lose weight in a healthy and sustained way over time, because it is the best way that we can lose weight and in the longest way avoiding the rebound or yo-yo effect 

Even so, we are aware that sometimes we need to lose a few kilos quickly to put on a dress, or go to an event and for this there are fast diets .

Generally, fast diets meet their goals if they are done as directed, the problem is that we can not maintain it for long.

But we must be aware of this, and make the most of its effects; without putting our health at risk.

Remember that the most important thing is to feel good about yourself and achieving our ideal weight should not put our health at risk in any case.

Optimally taking advantage of the effects of a fast diet is possible if we start another diet after it that allows us to lose weight gradually and sustained over time.

Because it is not worth losing weight, making the effort that a fast diet requires, because they are generally very restrictive, and then we binge on whims and regain the lost weight.

If you have anxiety problems, or stress that you solve with food, you should read this post in which we give some guidelines to eliminate stress from your life , and you can also read this other one on how to avoid hunger attacks .

You can also rely on certain tricks to help you lose weight quickly such as ginger water to lose weight , which speeds up your metabolism and can help you lose weight in combination with a balanced diet and exercise.

You can also try green coffee to lose weight, another aid that stimulates the body, accelerating metabolism to help burn fat quickly.

  • You can consult other fast diets and choose the one that best suits your needs, here we offer you different options:

The military diet  with which you can lose 5 kilos in just 3 days, or the 5-day diet , which with a certain combination of foods will help you lose weight quickly. If you have a little more time, you can go for the 13-day diet or the 20/20 diet , a new food introduction system that works very well.

If you have little willpower, your best ally will be the diet of the alternate days , give it a try. And if you love bread, try Dr. Terica Uriol’s sandwich diet .

Cheer up in just one week you can lose those extra pounds and encourage yourself to follow a maintenance diet to keep your silhouette in line .

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