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Hypnosis to lose weight Does it work? what does it consist of

by Georgia Ede
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Hypnosis, a new method to lose weight

Many celebrities from different fields have popularized this method as a weight loss system , but what is good about it? And what is bad? How does it work?  We are assailed by doubts about these techniques that appear to solve something that worries us, such as the extra kilos.

Everyone when hearing about these practices thinks they are a fraud, or that they are scammers, but what happens when we meet someone for whom it has really worked? Generally, we believe everything it tells us, because it encourages us to try it and we see the change that has occurred in it, but is it true that they say that faith moves mountains? Next we are going to check it, for this keep reading.

To solve your doubts, we have decided to ask different experts opinions about this peculiar method to lose weight and this is what we have decided to tell you about this practice to lose weight that has become so fashionable.

The failure of diets

Losing weight is generally not easy; Although we have clear guidelines and manage to establish behavioral and nutritional guidelines to balance caloric expenditure with intake, and we combine these guidelines with physical exercise, sometimes it is difficult because emotional factors and other types of causes come into play that make our way difficult. towards achieving our ideal weight.

Anxiety, stress or any emotion that can alter our eating habits, jeopardizes the premises of the diet and makes us abandon it and, as a consequence, gain weight. For these reasons, hypnotherapists experts tell us that diets fail in a high percentage of cases.

For all these cases hypnotherapists inform us of the benefits that have the sessions of hypnosis to lose weight as they get modify the patterns in our subconscious, so they will get goals by acting on the cause of the problem, not the effect is the obesity.

The diets carry some guidelines that fall into prohibitions that generate frustration if we do not do it completely well. Which generally causes abandonment to occur and we do not achieve the goal.

But really the problem is that we do not solve the cause of obesity, but we only deal with its effects. It is as if we take a pill to lower the fever but we do not take anything to remedy the infection that is causing this increase in temperature.

How does hypnosis work to lose weight?

The first thing that is intended is to change the habits that are causing us that excess weight, starting from the premise of “making peace with food” being able to choose what we eat is essential, to enjoy the fact of nourishing our body, the pleasure of Feeding ourselves should not be truncated by the fact of gaining weight, since nothing is fattening if it is consumed in its proper measure. Therefore, the most important thing is to know what we want to adopt the necessary corrective measures to act with moderation in front of food.

Our body easily detects, through indicators, both satiety and hunger or appetite. The problem is the education we receive during life, which is marking these indicators with other premises that are being imposed.

A practical example with which it is very easy to understand these processes is the following: When a baby is hungry he cries, that is, his body detects his appetite and transmits a signal to make him notice, crying. He eats while being offered food and stops when he feels full.

So far everything is correct , what happens when we get older? Generally, they educate us that we should eat our portion, what is on the plate, who determines it? a third person, without paying attention to our body’s indicators of appetite and satiety, why that amount and not another? Well, because that is what a code that is foreign to our indicators establishes. There is no more reason. Generally, we are “rude” our body by not meeting its needs at all times, and therefore we are causing it to not establish well those limits that, later, will be altered.

In the same example fits, the fact that we repeat for behavior to eat at certain fixed times, this pattern does not attend to our needs, but to some guidelines marked by social norms, what happens if at that time we are not hungry? that we eat because it is time to eat. Error, we are eating by imposition of social norms and not by necessity of our organism.

For this reason, hypnosis to lose weight proposes to reset these values ​​by making us wonder if we are hungry and eat accordingly, until we feel satiated, not until we finish the portion that we have presented on the plate.

Therefore, we should not weigh any food or obsess over the amounts we eat according to what foods. We must act with common sense, preferring to eat healthily so that moderation comes into play to a lesser extent; But this is an adjustment that is made unconsciously when we consider the fact of losing weight and eating healthy .

Why does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis works against a psychological problem and to a certain extent, the problem that most people who want to lose weight face is motivated by a psychological problem , either by a depressive disorder that we have taken refuge in food to face it, or else due to anxiety, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, stress, etc.

If you want to know what you can do to avoid stress, we recommend that you read this post.

That is why hypnosis puts a stop to the cause of our disorder, thus preventing us from eating out of anxiety, eating in secret, or filling an existing void. Other people develop an obsession with food and weight and even others deny their image because they cannot accept themselves.

Most of them start diets that they abandon motivated by guilt generated by their low willpower , and therefore fail. To avoid all this, it is convenient to focus on the original problem, and remedy it through hypnosis.

We will be able to increase self-esteem, in addition to correcting the anxiety produced by low self-esteem. We get the patient to accept their image, we help them to unconsciously establish healthy guidelines to lose weight in a healthy way , we will also control the urges to eat, and we will recognize the thoughts that motivate them to eat compulsively to put an end to them.

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In short, we will be able to increase security and self-esteem by modifying eating habits to achieve healthy weight loss.

The success of gastric hypnotherapy

Once we have managed to change habits and allow ourselves to be advised by the signals that our body sends us to detect their needs, that is when we proceed to the installation of a virtual gastric band .

The procedure is carried out by a hypnotherapist and it is done under hypnosis , of course it does not require any surgical method and the patient really knows that they have not put anything on him, but his unconscious acts as if he was carrying it.

Let’s say that we deceive the body by installing a hypnobanda , which will do the same effects that the intragastric balloon or stomach reduction has.

The key is to put the limit of satiety in another place, with which eating less we feel more satiated, without the problems that surgical intervention to insert an intragastric balloon can cause, hypnosis allows us to perform the same effect.

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