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CHOCOLITE to lose weight Does it work?

by Georgia Ede
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September, month of changes, the excesses of summer are paid dearly. January, month of new resolutions. June, with the arrival of good weather, we are in a rush to lose weight In what month of the year do we not rush to lose weight quickly and effortlessly ? The brands of slimming products know this well, they know when and in what way to launch a product and that it has guaranteed success.

Shakes, pills, meal replacements, etc., are just a product developed to capture our attention since they promise us to lose weight quickly and without effort.And what better way to achieve our desire than by eating appetizing products such as a smoothie chocolate?

Here we go, we are going to analyze these types of products such as the well-known Chocolite   to see what is true in everything they sell us, so we can see if they are really effective or not.

Chocolate to lose weight right?

Yes. Yes, you heard correctly, lose weight by eating chocolate. It seems paradoxical but it is not the first company to guarantee it, there were already some diets with nutritional chocolate supplements. You can see the chocodieta here , a real treat for chocoaddicts .

It is possible to differentiate between a diet based on chocolate, a diet in which we can consume chocolate occasionally and a diet based on nutritional chocolate products; as is the case with the famous Chocolite shakes .

The properties of cocoa to lose weight have been studied on numerous occasions , as it has them; but we are talking about cocoa, not chocolate. The problem is that the chocolate we consume has a low cocoa value; reason why it stops having the properties of this one to lose weight. Here you can find out about raw cocoa for weight loss , also known as Raw chocolate.

Having made some distinctions and clarifications, we can proceed to analyze the product and if it is worth it to lose weight. First of all, we are going to see what the Chocolite brand sells us, in order to determine what is true.

Chocolite what is it exactly?

Well, chocolite is a slimming product that promises to fight overweight and cellulite through the action of its natural ingredients that normalize metabolic processes and eliminate the cause of weight gain. That is, you do not gain weight again, it supposedly solves the problem of weight gain.

That said, we must know what are the miraculous natural ingredients that make up the product, because from a nutritional point of view, we must be missing the properties of the star nutrient, chocolate.

Let’s see, is the cause of weight gain the same for everyone? because they do not distinguish, it works for everyone. It does not matter if you gain weight because you have a slow metabolism, as if you gain weight because you are bloated with fast food, first principle: distrust, distrust any product that promises effortless, fast loss and that works for everyone.

Having seen what we have seen, we are going to analyze the “natural and magical” ingredients that the product has.

What does Chocolite contain?

As advertised, Chocolite is composed of 6 ingredients ; cocoa, bran, spirulina algae, buckwheat, brown rice and peas .

Well, one point in favor is that they specify the ingredients, there are other products that are camouflaged under a magisterial formula that they cannot reveal, and we do not know well what they contain, what is really surprising is that depending on where you read the ingredients they change.

What are the benefits of Chocolite?

Once the ingredients have been described, let’s see what they say about them, to be able to give it so much power when it comes to losing weight.

The cocoa well, cocoa increases lipolysis and antioxidant since delays the onset of signs of aging. Yes, that is if it is a cocoa of at least 80% purity. The bran provides us with satiety , that is, it reduces our appetite and also, according to it, reduces the digestibility of calories, which is somewhat doubtful.

We move on to the third ingredient, spirulina algae , we all know the multiple benefits of spirulina algae, of which we inform you here ; however, they only mention that it is an excellent antioxidant and that it has unique effects for weight loss by preventing obesity. On the other hand we find buckwheat , which they say helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body; overlooking its high fiber content and healthy nutrients.

We continue with peas , of which they cite their fat burning power for accelerating metabolism and their regulating action on the level of fats (which we do not know what it refers to) and finally brown rice that promotes effective weight loss since it is try to reduce the number of calories ingested. It ignores the many benefits of brown rice and only tells us that it helps us reduce the number of calories ingested.

It is enough to read the ingredients to realize that it is not a wonderful and miraculous cocktail that will solve the problem, but … no, they are combined in such a way that it is effective, or so they say.

We will continue to analyze because depending on where you read the ingredients change, they may contain goji berries, chia seeds or green coffee to lose weight, whey protein, soy lectin among many other ingredients.

What are the true ingredients of Chocolite?

In their advertising they advertise that losing weight has never been so easy, this is already a reason to distrust since a fast and effortless weight loss is not healthy.

After an arduous investigation, we managed to find the real ingredients that are the following:

  • Brown rice protein.
  • Pea protein.
  • Cocoa powder.
  • Oat bran.
  • Quinoa salvaged.
  • Millet bran.
  • Spirulina algae extract.
  • Sodium chloride.
  • Sweeteners (steviol and sucralose glycosides).

Well, although it is true it has peas and brown rice; although rather it only carries the protein of these, for that reason it ignored the fiber content of them and it is not the same to eat peas than pea protein .

Like the dry extract of spirulina, it does not have all the benefits of spirulina powder, which you can report here .

On the other hand, when it indicates cocoa powder and does not specify that it is pure and defatted, it is because it contains a mixture of cocoa with sugar and other ingredients; oats, quinoa and millet represent a minimum amount of the product, around 1%.

How does Chocolite work?

Basically, as we have indicated, its main ingredients are protein, so what we can achieve is a high level of satiety and a lower consumption of calories , but nothing more.

Can we lose weight? Yes; In a healthy way; no. Chocolite is a replacement shake for lunch or dinner.

Protein shakes are recommended for athletes who wish to increase protein in their diet, although it is always advisable to get protein from meals since we benefit from other nutrients. If you want to know which of them best suits you, here are the types of protein shakes .

Does Chocolite work to lose weight?

Well, as I have said before, Chocolite will satisfy us for a longer period of time, but this does not mean that we will lose weight, since if we continue to eat products loaded with calories, sugars and ultra-processed products, we will continue to gain weight.

What should we do to lose weight?

Without a doubt, carry out a healthy diet , exercise , drink water, rest correctly and success is assured, you can see here a balanced diet and exercises to do at home and lose weight .

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