There are many diets to lose weight, but we really have to make a distinction between one and the other to choose the one that best suits our needs and pursues our goals. Because it is not the same to want to lose 3 kilos than 15 kilos, because depending on the time in which we want to reduce the weight we will have to combine the diet with more restrictive measures or practice more physical exercise , and because we have to take into account our personal circumstances, not all diets are not the same nor do they work for everyone; We must find the one that best suits us and that can sometimes be a difficult task.

We can find different types of diets with the same purpose, lose weight; but all different and each one of them with its peculiarities. We must bear in mind that each system is different and we must respect the guidelines of each one, without mixing one with the other since they can be contradictory and not have the desired effects. In any case, it is advisable that we consult a specialist if we suffer from any disease so that they can recommend a diet adapted to our needs.

First of all, to decide on a diet, we must know what a diet is and what it is used for, and we will also briefly review the most important concepts on weight loss diets ; as well as we offer you a selection of diets to lose weight taking into account different aspects.

What is a diet?

Mainly a diet is a combination of nutritional guidelines , amounts of food and distribution of intakes throughout a day, a diet is a nutritional planning system aimed at satisfying some needs.

Although we currently associate a diet with losing weight, since it is the main reason why a person goes on a diet, diets are not only used for that; diets help us control and correct other types of problems and even diseases. Modifying diet and nutritional habits improve certain aspects of our health.

Remember that a diet is not only the food we eat, but a combination of guidelines and nutritional habits that tell us what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat; in addition to other recommendations related to nutrition and health such as exercising or combining healthy eating strategies. Here we give you a brief review of the most important concepts about weight loss diets; as well as we offer you a selection of diets to lose weight  taking into account different aspects.

When is a diet considered balanced?

A balanced diet is when it meets the conditions to ensure that the body develops its functional activity without problems, that is, a balanced diet offers the body all the nutrients it needs in the right amount to be able to stay active, for this the diet must adapt to the needs and circumstances of each person, since depending on multiple factors a diet that can be balanced for one person, may not be so for another; for example if we take into account the level of sedentary lifestyle of one person or another, their sex, their complexion, etc.

What does a slimming diet pursue?

Basically, a weight loss diet aims to reduce body weight and volume by modifying certain nutritional behaviors and healthy habits.

Carrying out a weight loss diet implies accepting new rules of healthy eating that will lead us to modify aspects of our behavioral pattern around food, cooking, physical exercise, etc; which will mean a change in lifestyle, in most cases.

Types of diets to lose weight

There are many types of weight loss diets, each with its own peculiarities. Due to the multitude of diets that exist, that have become popular or have become fashionable …, we can classify them into the following groups:

(1) calorie diets, (2) fast diets, (3) food diets, or (4) dissociated by nutritional groups, (5) detox diets.

How is it possible to reduce body weight through diet?

This question can be very simple, or extremely complex, depending on the extension of the answer, but in a clear and concise way we can say that food is the source of energy for our body and that a correct balance between the energy that we offer to the body and consumption supposes to be at our ideal weight , that is, not to accumulate unconsumed energy in the form of fat.

Explaining it in a more technical way, we can say that getting the body we want is based on balancing the balance between caloric intake and our daily caloric requirements. What does this mean?

Well, very simple, if until now we consider that we have excess weight, it is because we have been offering our body more energy than it needed and it has been reserving it in the body in the form of fat. If we now need to lose weight, we must proceed to a readjustment of caloric intake , that is, we must reduce the amount of calories that we contribute to our body so that the surplus is not reserved in the form of fat.

How do calories act in diets?

The calories are the energy of our body, ie its gasoline to run. Through food we provide the body with nutrients that it transforms into calories, which in turn are transformed into energy; For this reason it is important that we know how much energy we need to develop our physiological and functional activity; in order to make an adjustment to our requirements.

How to readjust caloric requirements according to our energy needs?
We must take into account many aspects to make an adjustment that suits our needs and for this we will take into account the following factors:

• Age, sex, complexion.
• The type of metabolism and the level of physical activity.

Taking these aspects into account, we must adjust the caloric intake and the best way to do this is a correct combination between a healthy diet and a correct load of physical exercise that compensates the balance between caloric intake and expenditure.

Preparing to go on a diet

Once you have decided that the time has come to go on a weight loss diet, we must work on three main aspects:

Which is my goal? We must set objectives and goals to follow, how much weight I want to lose, in how long, with what level of sacrifice … etc.

What diet should I choose? Taking into account the objectives, we must choose the diet that best suits our tastes and needs, remember that we must not only look at what we like, because although it is true, carrying out a weight loss diet must involve an effort, but … We can say that it is difficult to achieve success.

Once the diet is chosen, we only have to start up, that’s when the moment approaches.

Set-up : Plan and develop what your routine will be like, both at the nutritional and physical level (activity calendars, menu planning, etc.) Once this is done, we can say that the race begins, we must tie our shoes and run away, the time has come, the start of the diet.

How to go on a diet?

Well, this question is a bit tricky, since depending on what the diet is for we will have to take into account different aspects, what we must not ignore is that dieting does not only mean eating what is marked for us, but we must accept new ones nutritional habits that improve our condition.

It is important to note that when carrying out a diet we must become aware of what the fact of doing it can mean in us, and for this we must bear in mind that we must prepare ourselves psychologically, physically and mentally. Although it may seem silly, it is not so much the emotional as the rational aspect, they must act in unison with the physical capacity to achieve what we want, it is vital to face the changes that a diet brings us, even more so if it is about of a diet to lose weight. For this reason, we offer you the keys to correctly following a diet.

How to prepare to go on a diet?

I always say the same about it, and it is truly important, you must prepare for yourself. Carrying out a diet must be a conviction that you arrive at by yourself, either by your personal conviction or by medical recommendation or someone else’s; but you must arrive, you must not do it for anyone. In fact, when you do it yourself, it increases your motivation , one of the main tools to do things well.

As I was explaining to you, the question of motivation is paramount. It is important that you prepare, motivate yourself and go for it. In this way everything will be much more bearable, the VACIP rule is the key to success .

• WILL : Do your best to strengthen both your emotional and physical side.

• MOOD : Strengthen your desire with a positive state of mind that helps you achieve your goal, motivate yourself with each step you take.

• CONSTANCE : Be constant and realistic, perseverance is the basis of success as long as you have your feet on the ground, do not fool yourself.

• INVOLVEMENT : Being fully involved in everything you do will get you on the right track.

• PATIENCE : Be patient, the results will not be seen in a day but they will not take long to arrive.

The fact of doing a diet to lose weight should not be an ordeal for you, but a transit towards your goals. It must be a stage in your career, a path to the goal.

Recommendations to carry out a diet to lose weight

1. Base your diet on a balanced diet that offers the body quality nutrients, low in calories.

2. Practice physical exercise on a regular basis to maintain a balance between caloric intake and energy expenditure.

3. Don’t obsess, but be consistent.

4. Get involved to the maximum in everything you do, the will moves mountains.

5. Modify your lifestyle habits towards a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel better about yourself.

6. Eliminate from your diet the processed and elaborated products that are high in fat, sugar and unhealthy.

7. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables .

8. Cut down on fat , and opt for healthy fats.

9. Hydrate your body , drink water and forget about sodas, carbonated or sugary drinks.

10. You can supplement your diet with natural products to lose weight.

What if I don’t lose weight?

And what happens if I don’t achieve my goal? This is something that happens to us frequently, we go on a diet and we are unable to reduce weight. It is probably due to the fact that we eat more than we need or we do less physical exercise load than necessary. It may also be that certain nutritional patterns are not useful or do not work for us, so we must not decline, perhaps we are not facing a diet that adapts to our needs and we must change it.

We give you some recommendations to do it so that you do not fall into the main mistakes:

– Allow at least a week to elapse , the continuous change of diets generates addiction to diets and you will not notice benefits with any.

– Do not choose very restrictive diets , as this can make you fall into abandonment and increase anxiety levels.

– Try to bet on long-term healthy diets that seek a change in healthy habits aimed at long-term weight loss and without rebound effect.

– You can help yourself with a fast diet as a motivating element .

Latest published diets

Below you have a compilation of diets to lose weight  among which you can find the most famous and effective. Choose the one that best suits you, and remember that everything is a matter of carrying out a healthy diet combined with physical exercise to balance caloric intake and energy expenditure .

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