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What does Doctor Bolio’s Crash diet consist of?

by Georgia Ede
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Doctor Bolio’s diet, what’s it all about?

The diet of Doctor Rafael Bolio is a very followed and recommended diet, which promises us a loss of 10 kilos  quickly and without rebound. You have to be strict when doing it but its results work.

It is a normocaloric diet in which healthy fats and sugars are provided, in which we eat foods from all the nutritional groups distributed throughout the day in at least 7 servings .

At the time of carrying it out, it is not that it is complex, you simply have to respect the guidelines, which are very clear and concise. We should not make alterations in the food we eat since each food has its function.

How does Dr. Bolio’s diet work?

This crash diet is based on a diet divided into 7 or 9 daily intakes in which it offers us the heavy or measured foods that we must consume.

The guidelines are clear by specifying that we should eat all the foods that are indicated to us heavy. It establishes a loss of 10 kilos in a maximum of 8 weeks . We should not suppress any food, because each one has its function.

It is a diet that was developed after studies on obesity due to malnutrition ; So he concludes that eating more does not make you fatter , but on the contrary.

Crash diet menu from Doctor Bolio

How to distribute the meals throughout the day? What can i eat

Upon awakening : A measuring cup of melon, papaya, watermelon, pineapple and 4 almonds or 2 whole walnuts.

Breakfast : 1/3 measuring cup of natural oatmeal, 100 ml of skim milk, 6 almonds or 3 whole nuts,
1 teaspoon of sugar (brown) or honey, and 100 ml of natural fruit juice.

Snack : A measuring cup of melon, papaya, watermelon, pineapple and 4 almonds or 2 whole walnuts.

Food : 120 g of natural tuna, or grilled chicken breast 1 measuring cup of cooked or raw vegetables
2 teaspoons of mayonnaise 30 g of crackers (cracker type).
Natural or lemon water, tea or coffee without sugar on demand.

Snack : A measuring cup of melon, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, or jicama plus 4 almonds or 2 whole walnuts.

Dinner : A measuring cup of beans, lima beans, lentils, kidney beans, or chickpeas boiled with a slice of toasted bread, or a toasted corn pancake without oil with half a medium avocado, or 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 100 ml juice of natural fruits.

Before bed : One measuring cup of cantaloupe, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, or jicama plus 4 almonds or 2 whole walnuts.

Dietary guidelines of Dr. Rafael Bolio’s diet

We must eat all the indicated foods, without excluding any, because each one provides us with useful nutrients for our body that prevent us from developing cases of malnutrition. If you eliminate foods, you may lose weight more quickly , but not more sustainably since deficits of certain types of nutrients can be generated.

This diet recommends that we measure ourselves in  addition to weighing ourselves . The reasons why measuring ourselves is important to us are several:

In the first place , the vast majority of diets that promise us a quick drop in weight; The first thing they make us lose is retained fluids and this loss is not reflected so much in weight as in volume.

In the second place , to maintaining the active metabolism than usual, we get to the fastest digestions and remove gases and swelling; so it is also advisable to measure yourself.

In third and last place , this diet promises to lose us weight up to 10 kg of fat, it is aimed to lose weight to shape our figure and when we lose fat accumulated in localized areas, are more changes perceive with tape measure with the scale. Generally you will notice that your figure is molded, sometimes at first glance we appear to have lost more weight than we have actually lost; This is because there are no localized areas where fat accumulates in a noticeable way.

– We must drink 2 liters of water daily , it is very important to keep the body hydrated, as this ensures the proper functioning of the organs of our body, but exceeding it is not an option either. Excess is not good because fluid retention can occur. But we should not drink water to feel satisfied.

Alcoholic beverages can be consumed occasionally, although we recommend eliminating them during the first weeks, in addition to their high sugar content; for its negative effects on health.

– We must not make modifications in the diet menus , altering any food. We must not delete or add any.

If for some reason we eat any extra food, we will still have to eat what is listed in the diet.

If we feel the need to add extra food too often, it means that the caloric value is very low, so you will need to add 150 ml of plain flavored yogurt at some point during the day, remembering that the more times we eat, the faster you will lose weight and measurements.

In the event that you notice that you have anxiety, you should try to distribute the shots or add snacks between meals.

Crash diet to lose 10 kilos in how long? 

The changes are variable and depends on the person, but the loss of 10 kilos  usually occurs around 8 weeks . On the other hand, the measures are considerably reduced and are appreciated more noticeably from the first week.

Usually one size is lost a week , although there are more modest losses (around half a size in two weeks). Weight loss is associated with the action of metabolism and each one is different.

Mainly we will lose localized fat in the belly, buttocks and thighs. Therefore, the control should not be based on the scale, but on losing contour.

It is a diet that, many times, is not noticed so much at the beginning by the scale, as with the naked eye; as we have indicated previously.

Unfortunately no weight loss program is 100% effective, and around 10% of people will not notice any changes. Even unchanged, it will help improve metabolism and it may be necessary to analytically monitor possible metabolic disturbances or make specific modifications.

The reduction speed is also variable; some rapidly lose weight and measurements (especially men) while others observe slow but satisfactory changes.

In any case, the speed is changeable . Even if the first week you lose a lot of weight, it does not mean that the rest will be the same. If you lose a lot too fast in the beginning, the weight loss will slow down in the weeks to come. That is why we insist that you wait four to eight weeks to obtain the desired results.

The maximum  weight reduction should be 10 kilograms of fat . Sometimes these 10 kilos are reflected on the scale, but sometimes not, many times more weight is lost, but there is fluid retention that hides the weight loss. It also happens that muscle mass is increased.

With the measurements it is easier to know if we have lost 10 kilos of fat since if you go down three sizes (approximately 10 cm), it means that you have lost 10 kilos of fat, even if the scale remains the same.

On the contrary, if you lose 15 kg of weight but only one size, this will indicate that you have lost more water and muscle mass than recommended.

Recommendations once you have achieved your weight

Once you have managed to lose 10 kilos , you should switch to a maintenance diet , with which you can eat in a healthy and balanced way but you will not lose weight or volume.

But we should not do it in a radical way, but gradually we will add 150 ml of natural yogurt at any time of the day, until we consume 300 ml daily around the third or fourth day. Then we can change the dietary system.

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