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Diet of the dice

by Georgia Ede
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What is the Diet of Dice?

The world of diets is in constant revolution and is that every day a new dietary plan is created to meet the needs of all those people who want to lose weight and for this not only nutrition knowledge comes into play but ingenuity makes more fun methods are developed that allow us to achieve our goal in a more enjoyable way to avoid abandoning the diet.

This is a diet that clearly intends for us to carry out a balanced and healthy diet in a fun way, eliminating the monotony of conventional diet plans that do not come out of the same dishes.

This system is made up of 8 dice of different colors , to clearly identify what type of food they belong to. Each side of the side shows us multiple combinations of foods, these combinations are based on the recommendations of the nutritional pyramid.

We distinguish between the following colors for the different intakes of the day:

  • 2 blue dice for breakfast.
  • 1 yellow dice for mid-morning, snack and dessert.
  • 3 red dice for lunch and dinner.
  • 2 green dice also for lunch and dinner.

It’s as easy as rolling the dice and figuring out what to eat.

The guideline in the meal would be 3 red dice plus one yellow for dessert. It is recommended to use the red dice in the lunch and the green ones in the dinner, but sometimes they can be alternated at our choice as long as we do not leave any of them without throwing or repeating others.

This nutritional plan created by the nutritionist Montse Alives,  is not a simple   game of chance , since many studies have been necessary for its creation so that the multiple possible combinations are always balanced , that they do not produce any vitamin deficiency in the body, in addition that they respond to the tastes of the people who carry it out by combining their eating habits .

The author claims that diet is a way of life that makes it easy to lose weight so gradually over time , healthily and balanced. Consider that it is a different plan to respond in a balanced and sustainable way , not like the miracle diets that people follow so much and that generally produce a rebound effect on the body.

For greater satisfaction of the followers, the nutritional plan also responds to special needs such as intolerances or allergies such as those caused by lactose or gluten and also to customs such as being a vegetarian .

The plan offers us tasty, nutritious, balanced and varied menus to enjoy eating.

One of the affirmations of the author that her followers like the most is that the diet allows you to go out to dinner and eat in society without any problem, since you can eat everything , without excluding foods from the diet or measuring the portions . For this reason, many of his followers claim to be on a diet without hardly realizing it, since they make it a habit that is also fun, and for this the creator of the dice diet has launched an application for mobile devices.

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