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Wakame seaweed, a super food that helps you lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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Wakame seaweed, the fashionable seaweed

The Wakame seaweed is originally from Japanese waters without a doubt has become one of the most consumed in the West, especially by persons Japanese cuisine start and culinary use of algae, choose the wakame seaweed for their mild flavor and texture and because of its easy preparation, since other types of seaweed require more preparation and it is also difficult for us to get used to the taste of some of them, at first especially due to the lack of knowledge of how to prepare and season them properly.

The love for Japanese cuisine, for sushi and for all Japanese gastronomy grows more and more every day, and it is that at first there are people who find it difficult to try new flavors and textures; but once they do, they usually repeat.

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The alga wakame looks like kombu seaweed, especially dry, so it is important that we look good when distinguish in stores. However, once soaked, their differences are more easily appreciated.

The wakame seaweed only needs a few minutes to soak, when it unfolds we can see it as an elongated leaf with ribs in the center; while kombu seaweed is a thick strip that takes a long time to cook, and does not have a central rib.

Properties and benefits of Wakame seaweed

Like other seaweed, wakame seaweed has a great wealth of micronutrients that strengthen the immune system and promote cell regeneration. It is also rich in mineral salts and other nutrients that we explain below.

The wakame seaweed is rich in calcium, so its intake is indicated in people who suffer from osteoporosis or who require a special intake of calcium, as in the case of children or menopause.

Its richness in mineral salts make wakame seaweed an excellent revitalizer , especially after having made any type of effort or physical exercise. Besides calcium and iodine, it is also rich in iron and potassium.

Thanks to its contribution of antioxidant vitamins and minerals , wakame seaweed has a cell regeneration effect and helps to keep the body in top shape to defend itself against infectious agents. It is an immunostimulant rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2 and B3.

The wakame seaweed is a great cleanser , as it helps to cleanse the blood and purify the circulatory system . Its richness in B vitamins is especially effective in regulating nervous states.

Wakame seaweed to lose weight and how to prepare it

The wakame seaweed is used in slimming diets , since it does not provide fat, its calorie content is very low and its contribution of iodine stimulates the metabolism .

The alginic acid it contains causes a satiating effect and helps intestinal transit, favoring the elimination of waste substances from the body, preventing constipation .

The stimulating action of the metabolism helps us lose weight more quickly, if you want to know how to accelerate your metabolism here we leave you all the information about the Supermetabolism diet .

Wakame seaweed is one of the easiest to include in the diet , since its preparation only requires soaking the seaweed for three minutes and also its flavor and texture are soft . Remember not to use a lot of water to soak it, since its properties pass to water, and it is convenient to add the algae to the dish with the water used to soak it.

You can consume it alone, simply soaked, you can add it to all kinds of salads in fact, one of the best ways to incorporate it into the diet every day is in a salad, you can also take it in the form of broth or soups , boiled in water for a few minutes you will get a very energizing and revitalizing soup, it also gives a texture. You can eat it by adding some leaves in stews , as if it were lettuce, in any vegetable or legume dish .

If you are interested in Japanese food, we offer you the Sushi Diet here .

Wakame seaweed as a natural cosmetic

The wakame seaweed, in addition to contributing to a balanced and healthy diet, can also serve us as a natural cosmetic, which we can find in herbalists in natural creams or make our own creams or masks ourselves.

This type of algae has the ability to promote the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin , responsible for strengthening the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. For this reason, count on this ingredient when you go to make your homemade masks as it provides good benefits for the health of the skin.

There are also people who make poultices with wakame leaves as skin masks. It is also used as a hair repair, washing with the water resulting from soaking the algae.

Recipes with wakame seaweed

Actually, wakame seaweed can be consumed in a multitude of ways, such as adding it to a soup, in a salad, as a garnish, etc., but here are a couple of recipes for you to try wakame seaweed.

In the first place, we can incorporate them into certain recipes that we previously made, such as garlic potatoes with wakame seaweed, which is very easy to make and we can progressively integrate their flavor to our palate, since taste is something that we can “educate” .

For the garlic potatoes with wakame seaweed , we will boil the potatoes, fry them with garlic and then add the wakame seaweed, sautéing it a little, that is, previously hydrated.

On the other hand, we can consume it in wakame salad with cucumber and sesame .

This salad is very easy to make and its dressing is usually liked by everyone, although it cannot be generalized. To prepare it we will need the algae (previously hydrated), cucumbers, sesame seeds, rice vinegar (if we do not have it, we will use apple or white), soy sauce (sweet), lemon juice, brown sugar, and if we like spicy , a chilli or cayenne.

To prepare it, we will cut the cucumber into pieces, hydrate the seaweed (a handful) and make a dressing with the ingredients that we have previously put, a little according to the taste of the diner and sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.

The approximate amount is two dessert tablespoons of rice vinegar, two tablespoons of soy, a splash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. If we like spicy we will add half chopped cayenne. From there we can rectify the sweet by adding more sugar or, if we prefer, more vinegar by adding vinegar.

A superfood with multiple benefits, try it and you will like it, now that you know it you have no excuses!

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