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Volumetric Diet

by Georgia Ede
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A Diet to Lose Weight and Volume

This diet is based on consuming high-volume, highly satiating foods that provide us with few calories . This diet is characterized by not having to weigh food, or restrict quantities. You can eat as much as you want , yes, of the allowed foods.

This is one of the characteristics that make it suitable for those who need to be eating constantly, due to anxiety issues or other circumstances that make it impossible for them to carry out diets that allow eating three or five times a day.

It is very important to eat only what we call allied foods .

What do we call allied foods?

Fundamentally, they are foods rich in water and that provide us with few calories , either raw or cooked. Preferably raw, although the way to cook them is steamed or grilled. Fried or battered foods are not allowed as they provide us with a lot of fat and few nutrients, which makes us fat.

We can highlight the infusions , fruits, defatted broths, vegetables and fresh vegetables, soups, stews, cooked cereals, fish, the meats must be lean, without skin or fat, etc.

The only guideline to follow is to eat your high-volume , low-calorie foods first ; That is, first we will eat a large plate of salad until we are satisfied and then we will eat the meat grilled or steamed. In such a way we will consume fewer calories, since we will eat less chicken, which gives us more calories than salad. In addition, we should not consume foods rich in carbohydrates such as cooked cereals from the afternoon .

It is preferable to consume slow-absorbing carbohydrates such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables, greens and legumes.

We will eliminate precooked foods, fats, sweets, sauces, etc. from the diet. The consumption of skimmed and low-fat dairy is allowed. The cheeses the less the curing, the better, that is, we are interested in fresh low-fat cheeses. Eggs should not exceed 4 a week.

We should drink between two and three liters of water a day .

We will eliminate carbonated drinks such as soft drinks or beers from the diet, only natural, non-industrial juices since they contain many sugars.

We will completely eliminate the consumption of alcoholic beverages since they provide us with large amounts of sugar and no nutrient beneficial to health.

An interesting question when doing this diet is … And if I retain fluids, should I do this diet? 

Well, although it seems incredible, yes. It is precisely the diet that best suits you and you will wonder why, although the reason is very simple. The body retains fluids when it needs them, that is, the more you drink, the more you purify and the less you retain. So, you know, fluid retention is eliminated with good hydration of the body.

What will you get by doing this diet?

A rapid weight loss, eliminate fluid retention and with it a noticeable loss of volume. You can lose up to 3 kg a week, which allows you to lose weight in a sustainable way, to avoid the rebound effect .

What should I do for best results?

This question has a simple answer. This diet does not require a great effort since you can consume a large amount of multiple foods, yes, you must do it as indicated.

But to achieve better results you must combine the volumetric diet with exercise .

Losing weight will be an easier task for your body, if you do so. You will also feel better, and you will improve your physical performance as well as your health.

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