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The Lipophilic Diet to burn fat

by Georgia Ede
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The Lipofídica diet bases its success on eliminating from the diet all products that are not considered natural, that is, all those products that have been processed by man. It is a new concept of healthy eating , which is based on the fact that the foods we eat are natural.

If we take this concept to an extreme, we could say that we could hardly eat anything, because today basically all food is processed or made by humans, with or without the help of chemicals.

Fundamentally, what the lipophilic diet means by natural products are those that have not been precooked, elaborated, refined and processed by man. In addition, foods high in fat are restricted.

This diet promises effective weight loss , lasting over time, without rebound effect , eating and without starving. If you are interested, get to know it in depth with all the information that we offer you below.

Explanation of the diet

Although it is not a fast diet if we can say that it is effective and does not have a rebound effect because the weight we lose is safely, in a reasonable time that adjusts to the changes that occur in the body during weight loss .

deep cleaning and restructuring of the digestive tissues is achieved , that is, a repair of the damage that these foods cause to the digestive organs, since by not consuming them the digestive system is cleaned and regenerated.

It is a diet that allows you to lose a lot of weight , since removing this type of food from our diet considerably reduces the caloric intake. Although we must emphasize that as it is lowered, the body adapts and weight loss is slower.

Although not for this reason, less effective, since weight is lost regularly and steadily over time, which makes it easier for the body to adapt to the changes that occur in it.

The diet bases its success on two principles, the first is to eliminate processed products and the second, to accelerate the metabolism . Therefore, it is divided into two stages clearly differentiated by their characteristics.

The stages of the Lipophilic diet

  • The first stage lasts between 3 and 4 months. Generally, most of the desired weight is lost at this stage, but not all. During this stage, we must strictly eliminate all prohibited foods in the diet.

You should also eat every 90 minutes , the foods allowed in the diet. This helps us to accelerate the metabolism and to burn fat more quickly and thus lose weight quickly.

  • The second stage will last until we lose all of the desired weight and remain at our ideal weight for two months. During this stage, we can incorporate certain foods that we did not consume before due to their high fat or sugar content, such as oils, butters, cream, meats and cheeses, etc. As long as they are natural, unprocessed foods.

Foods prohibited in the Lipophilic diet

As we have commented previously, all those foods processed by man are prohibited . But below we show you a clearer and more concise list of what you should not eat when you do this diet.

  • Refined sugars.
  • Alcohol.
  • Vinegars.
  • Vegetables.
  • Refined flours.
  • White rice.
  • Refined cereals.
  • Lamb, pork, sausages, duck meat.
  • Salmon, herring.
  • Bread, cookies, pasta, sweets, desserts, etc.
  • Carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant.
  • Grape, papaya, banana, pineapple, quince, figs, custard apple and melon.
  • Preserves, pickles, canned goods, etc.
  • Sausages, precooked products.
  • Butter, bacon.
  • Whole milk yogurt, cream, whole milk cheeses, etc.
  • Foods with a lot of fat and from refined flours.

Some of these foods are prohibited , not because they are not natural but because they have large amounts of sugar or fat , as is the case with lamb, duck or pork, fish such as salmon or herring and fruits cited above.

Allowed foods

The foods recommended to carry out the lipophilic diet are the following.

  • Red meat (avoiding the fatty parts).
  • Poultry (turkey and chicken are the most recommended because they are low in fat).
  • Fish (except salmon and herring).
  • Skimmed milk (and if possible without lactose, since it is the sugar in milk).
  • Nonfat yogurt.
  • Eggs (although the consumption of only the white is preferred, not the yolk due to its high fat content).
  • Green leafy vegetables are the most interesting for this diet.

How to prepare your meals?

The lipophilic diet not only limits the consumption of foods that are not considered natural, but also restricts their fats as much as possible. Therefore, it is vitally important that you take into account how to cook food to make the diet in the best possible way.

We will use spices and lemon as a dressing for our meals, not oil or vinegar. In the case of sweetening drinks, do it with stevia , not sugar (you can use honey, although it has more fat).

It is important that you cook on surfaces that make the food eliminate the fat and do not get the fat in contact with the food. That is to say, we can cook in the oven (preferably with a rack) and on the grill, on the grill (if we cook on the grill we will incline it a little, so that the fats fall) or steamed .

There are multiple natural seasonings, spice mixes, such as curries and dressings that will make your dishes a real delight, without adding sugar or fat.

Conclusions about the Lipophilic diet

This diet, which was popularized by Salfate, a well-known television host, has many followers who defend it, as well as many detractors, generally linked to nutrition, who have tried to dismantle the
lipophilic diet system.

From a nutritional point of view it is a high protein diet , low in carbohydrates and without fat . And for this reason, it is a diet that can have consequences on our health if we prolong excessive protein consumption for a long time and above all, if we do not increase the consumption of carbohydrates in our diet.

But in addition, the fact of eliminating all fats from the diet has conferred many enemies, since fats are necessary for the functions of our body.

In addition to fats, you could choose to use fats of vegetable origin, or healthy animal fats such as omega 3 and thus make the diet more balanced and healthy.

It is advisable to carry out a control by the hand of a nutritionist or a doctor when doing this type of diet, since certain people are more sensitive when it comes to doing this type of hyperprotein diet , since the liver and the kidneys have to work exhaustively. ( You may also be interested in the Dukan diet because it has similar characteristics.)

For this reason, it is important to drink a lot of water when carrying out hyperprotein diets, since through the urine we will be able to eliminate toxins and purify the renal and hepatic systems.

This diet is not recommended for pregnant women, women who breastfeed their children and people with kidney and liver problems.

For this reason, we want to emphasize that this diet must be done with a medical supervision or by a nutritionist who controls the effects of excess protein in our body.

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