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Flaxseed for weight loss, everything you need to know

by Georgia Ede
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Flax or linseed seeds, what are they?

Flax seeds, also known as flaxseed, are the fashionable supplement in weight loss diets, as well as being one of the healthiest seeds along with chia for its health properties. Recently, they have begun to study the nutritional contribution of certain foods that until now we did not know, and that is that the seeds have a lot to offer us.

There are two types of flax seeds, although both with the same nutritional properties, we find them brown or golden in color. Both varieties provide us with omega 3 fatty acids , very healthy and recommended for the body; especially if you don’t eat fish, or eat little; in this way you can supplement those deficiencies.

Here we explain everything that this famous seed has to offer you, the seed of an increasingly widespread and precious cereal, flax.

What does flaxseed give us?

Flaxseed provides us with soluble and insoluble fiber so it has many effects on our health, in fact it improves digestion, preventing constipation and also helps us control our appetite because it is highly satiating.

As I have mentioned before, they are an important source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids , which, as you know, are very beneficial for health, and that we must consume to guarantee a correct development and maintenance of the brain membranes, contributing to a good state of neurological health, As well as helping to strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation preventing diseases of cardiovascular origin, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce cases of depression and anxiety. In addition, its consumption is related to a lower incidence of diseases such as diabetes , colon or breast cancer.

The consumption of omega 3 fatty acids offers us multiple properties related to our health, improve tension and circulation despite being a fat; We must also remember that the consumption of omega 3 has been shown to reduce anxious and depressive states, it is also indicated in patients with arthritis and other diseases of inflammatory origin because it has been proven that they reduce inflammation and increase calcium levels, something which greatly benefits this type of patient, if you want to know more about what to eat if you have joint problems, click here .

Omega 3 acids are also effective in reducing cases of asthma and respiratory diseases as they reduce the incidence of inflammation of the bronchial tubes, thus improving symptoms. And although it seems paradoxical, it is used for diseases such as fatty liver , an abnormal accumulation of triglycerides in the liver that we have discussed in depth here where we offer you a diet to solve it, in case it is of your interest. We have to say that omega 3 acids help reduce cholesterol and regulate triglycerides .

Now that you know some of its properties, you will understand that it has a multitude of uses applied to improve our health and lose weight, but it is not only this that it gives us, since it is used in a massive way to lose weight since its diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties were discovered and antioxidants , due to its high content of vitamin E.

Does flaxseed work for weight loss?

There are many seeds that you can take if you want to lose weight because they offer us a large number of health benefits without providing us with a large amount of calories, they are what I call intelligent nutritional supplements. They provide us with quality nutrients and low caloric intake.

As we have mentioned before, its high fiber content makes it capable of absorbing a lot of water and this gives a feeling of satiety or fullness quickly, so by consuming it we get satiated and eat less amount of other foods that can provide us with more calories. This is part of a strategy to lose weight, but we must be careful, since we must bear in mind that we must offer our body the necessary nutrients to carry out its activity correctly, not abusing satiates to eat less, but using them in a intelligent to control states of stress or anxiety about food, as well as if we suffer from sudden hunger attacks, here I help you prevent them, consult here.

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In addition, its diuretic power causes toxins to be correctly eliminated from the body, thus preventing problems such as abdominal bloating, gas, etc.

How to take flaxseed to lose weight effectively?

You can consume it in the form of whole seeds by adding them to a yogurt or juice, even in soups or doughs such as bread or pizza. You must bear in mind that they are better assimilated if they have been hydrated or toasted, you must first check your tolerance to their consumption, and perhaps the best option in principle is to grind them for greater absorption.

You can also consume it in the form of oil , and even in practical capsules , its use in the kitchen is something you must get used to, but as a dressing you can use it perfectly. You can also find ground flaxseed flour with which you can make your own doughs or breads.

One of the best alternatives to lose weight is to make flaxseed water , as you already know, consuming water with ground flaxseed will increase the feeling of satiety .

How to make homemade flaxseed water to lose weight?

It’s very simple, flaxseed water is made by mixing a liter of water with 4 tablespoons of ground flaxseed. You don’t need to boil it or anything, just mix it up. This proportion of one tablespoon for every 250 ml of water is recommended, but you can modify the proportion according to your tolerance and its effects on your body.

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Contraindications to the use of flaxseed

Flaxseeds should not be consumed by those who suffer from diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome , which we inform you about here . As well as patients with diverticulitis, or stomach ulcers.

Its use is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation or if you are allergic to flax or consume any type of medication with which it may interfere.

As we always emphasize, even though they are natural products, we must watch out for possible side effects before consuming them.

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