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Swedish diet, a healthy formula to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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The obese or overweight is something that increasingly we are raising awareness, and that is not just an aesthetic issue, is that our health is put in jeopardy when we have more than our weight, since the functions of the body does not they occur normally.

The weight loss is not an easy thing requires our willpower , sacrifice, good nutrition combined exercise. Everyone knows what to do to lose weight, but why are they looking for miracle diets or extreme diets?

In many cases, it is about trying to contribute fewer calories than we need so that we do not have to exercise to counteract, and although sometimes it is not a bad option, is it the best? No, but is it healthy? No. The answer is no, we must do some exercise to stay active, even if it is very light and does not involve great efforts; but moving is vital and necessary, we must avoid sedentary lifestyle .

Well, having said that, a new diet comes to us through social networks with which we can lose weight quickly by eating well, because there we are going to find out and tell you what it is about.

What does the Swedish diet consist of?

There are many diets that are based on what certain towns, nations such as the paleo diet , or the Nordic diet , ate in ancient times .

But this is not the case with the Swedish diet , the diet is not based on the old diet of the Swedes but receives this name because it has been created by nutritionists in this country.

It is based on a decrease in carbohydrates by adding a greater amount of healthy fats and proteins of high nutritional value.

You should not be counting calories or thinking about what time you can consume them.

What can I eat and what not with the Swedish diet?

There are 3 large groups, those that you can consume when you feel like it, those that you cannot consume and those that are consumed occasionally.

First of all we are going to list the foods that you can consume whenever you want:

  • Meats of all kinds as well as fish of any kind.
  • Boiled eggs
  • Vegetables that grow above the ground (cabbage, broccoli, kale, red cabbage, zucchini, tomato, cucumber, peppers, lettuce, spinach …).
  • Avocado , olives , mushrooms , nuts (sunflower seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios).
  • Dairy products especially those that contain a high percentage of fat such as yogurt, cheeses, cream, butter, sour cream …

Food for occasional consumption

  • Vegetables such as beets, carrots, turnips, and celery.
  • Dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa (once or twice a week).
  • Fruits (one piece a day instead of a dessert. The most recommended fruits are raspberries).

Foods that you should NOT consume

Forbidden food

  • Sugar , industrial juices, concentrates, carbonated drinks, cookies, cakes, pasta, muesli, ice cream, artificial sweeteners , etc.
  • Pasta, potatoes, grains and refined cereals , starches , etc.
  • Refined oils and margarines.
  • Alcohol , especially beer NOT allowed.

Recommendations on the Swedish diet

The use of green tea is highly recommended since as you can see in the link, it is a great helper to lose weight .

By eating nuts and vegetables on a daily basis we will provide our body with the necessary dietary fiber to provide energy to the body without the need to provide so many simple carbohydrates.

In fact, fiber is a healthier type of carbohydrate, although the body cannot digest it, it works hard to do so; with which we burn more calories .

In addition, fiber has another very important function, such as regulating blood glucose levels and keeping them at safe and healthy levels.

When we take a lot of fiber we must be well hydrated since this will prevent constipation from occurring .

The normal consumption of an adult of fiber is around 35 grams for men and 25 for women, if you want to know more about fiber we can inform you here .

High protein Swedish diet

This diet is a hyperproteic diet , that is, it is high in protein. These provide the same calories as carbohydrates generally, but they also make it easy for us to recover the body’s energy stores , in addition, proteins accelerate metabolism and help us burn fat when the body is not active, this is thanks to amino acids. that contain.

Health benefits of the Swedish diet

Numerous studies claim that low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets increase HDL (good cholesterol) and do not increase LDL (bad) cholesterol.

They also decrease blood sugar and triglyceride levels; If you don’t know what triglycerides are, you can see it here . This reduces insulin resistance, which is the main cause of diabetes.

So we can say that, as long as the fats you eat are healthy, it doesn’t matter how much you eat.

If you don’t know how to differentiate between fats, click here for more information on good and bad fats.

Why is the Swedish diet effective?

Well, having observed that it speeds up metabolism and increases the ability to burn fat even when the body is inactive; The Swedish diet works by the main rule of REMOVE SUGAR. This rule is essential and if we do not strictly comply with it, failure is assured.

The fact of eliminating sugar comes because this can be the worst enemy for the body, sugar, present in all the foods we eat, is consumed in excess.

In addition, refined sugar, if it is replaced by healthy fats and proteins, will satisfy us and provide us with a greater amount of energy available to the body.

Do you have to exercise with the Swedish diet?

Well yes, any dietary pattern must be accompanied by regular physical exercise as this will regulate excessive calorie consumption, thus adjusting caloric intake to energy expenditure.

Here we offer you the best exercises to lose weight and  exercises to do without leaving home.

How much weight can I lose on the Swedish diet?

This is a question a bit difficult to answer, the Swedish diet will allow you to reach your normal weight in the time that is necessary. The weight you can lose depends on your involvement, your level of physical exercise and your intake.

You can lose up to 4 kilos in the first weeks , remember that diets that involve a metabolic change may take a little longer to see the effects. If you subsequently lose about 1 kilo a week , or even a little less, the diet is working well. Do not expect to lose weight too fast because what is lost quickly is quickly recovered.

Go ahead, change your habits, change your life and achieve your goal to be healthy and feel good about yourself.

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