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The most sought after and effective diets of 2020

by Georgia Ede
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The Most Effective Diets are those that, following the guidelines they set, offer clear results from an objective point of view. In other words …, an effective diet is that diet, food pattern or diet that offers an optimal result for the majority of the people who do it (at least, more than 50% of the people who do it).

On the other hand, it must be emphasized that not all diets pursue the same result, as there are effective diets to lose weight, and others effective to detoxify the body and others to lower cholesterol.

Therefore there are a multitude of diets that can be considered effective depending on the purpose they pursue. Of course, it is known to all …, and nutritionists insist a lot on it, that the most effective or efficient diet is the one that is personalized .

Of course, yes, because the more individualized the pattern, the more effective it will also be, but aside from this, there are always generic diets that become fashionable or famous precisely for being effective, that is, for giving results in most people.

For everything explained above …, whenever you try to go on a diet, whatever the result you seek, it is best if you try a diet that has proven to be effective with other people, in order to reduce the margin of error of These diets, which due to their generic nature, are usually quite high.

Well … this year we are going to highlight the diets that have sounded the most and whose degree of satisfaction has been the highest possible in terms of the result obtained.

Although in this case we are only going to treat diets that serve to lose weight and those that serve to purify our body.

Among the different types of diets …, we can highlight:


Paleo Diet : It is a diet that promotes healthy nutrition, free of precooked or adulterated products. It is a natural diet based on what our ancestors ate in Paleolithic times. Their diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, and meat and fish as a source of protein. For more details, discover here the PALEO DIET .

Scardale Diet : It is a fast, dissociated and somewhat strict diet, as it lasts a few weeks, has a 14-day attack phase and subsequent maintenance. He promises to lose up to 1 kilo per day. It consists of a daily menu of approximately 1,000 calories and there is the disadvantage that you have to follow it to the letter. Learn about the SCARDALE DIET menu here

Points Diet : It is a well known diet, very healthy and somewhat entertaining. It consists in that each food is assigned a number value, some specific points, and the food that we consume must be counted in the form of points so that throughout the day not to exceed a maximum allowed amount of points. It is a somewhat entertaining pattern that some people can find very laborious, while others usually do very well. Most of the people are very happy because they manage to see results and learn to eat in a more balanced way. See here all the POINTS OF THE FOODS OF THIS DIET .

Ketogenic Diet : This diet is based on reducing carbohydrate intake to make the body enter a state of ketosis , that is, a state in which our body uses accumulated fat reserves for energy. In this way we lose weight effectively since the weight we lose is fat accumulated in our reserves. Here we explain the entire procedure to carry it out safely, without putting our health at risk and above all, following a healthy diet. We offer you a list of foods that you should not consume, as well as those that it is advisable that you introduce into your diet. We explain all the advantages of this diet, which is one of the most followed this year, all the information about the KETOGENIC DIET HERE.

Protein Diet : The diet that is based on a high consumption of proteins, which serves to lose weight and increase muscle mass, is a hyperprotein diet that allows us to eat all kinds of proteins by restricting the consumption of carbohydrates, causing us to consume fewer calories and therefore losing weight quickly. Proteins help us to be satisfied and by reducing carbohydrate intake. We offer you a complete list of the foods that you should eat and those that you should avoid. Check here how to do the PROTEIN DIET to achieve your goals and lose weight.


Liquid Diet : It is a detox diet that has become fashionable lately because it has been used by some celebrities such as actress Angelina Jolie , but what is certain is that it works and is effective. The basic rule of this diet is quite clear; You can only eat liquid products, juices, smoothies, etc …, although creams and yogurts are also allowed. Find out here how to detox with the LIQUID DIET .

Pineapple Diet : It is a detoxifying diet, to purify our body of toxins and has the advantage that it is also widely used to lose weight and eliminate swelling and fluid retention. There are two versions, one shorter than the other, one for 3 days and the other for 7 days. It is recommended to do the 7-day one, as it seems to be more effective and is less restrictive. Here you can find the MENU TO DO THE PINEAPPLE DIET .

Detox Diet : The quintessential diet to cleanse and detoxify our body. A diet based on the intake of the best antioxidants to stop the oxidative processes of the body driven by so-called free radicals. This is a cleansing diet that goes from low to high, lasts for 5 days and appears to be very effective. You can see how to do the DETOX DIET HERE .

Lemon Diet : Lemon is one of the foods with the greatest properties to detoxify our body, in addition to energizing us and offering us many other properties such as alkalizing or antibacterial, stimulating the immune system and natural antioxidant. This diet allows you to detoxify your body, recharging you with energy and providing antioxidants to our body to fight free radicals and also lose weight , what more could you ask for? . If you want to know more about this diet, here we leave you all the information about the LEMON DIET .

Cleansing diet: This diet allows you a great loss of weight and volume, since we will eliminate fluid retention while eliminating toxins from our body. It is a fast diet that is carried out in 3 days and should not be prolonged more than the indicated time. We offer you a menu to make it easy for you to do, as well as all the instructions to carry it out correctly and achieve your goals in record time. You can find all the information about the DEPURATIVE DIET .

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