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Ideal Weight Table

by Georgia Ede
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We all want to be at our ideal weight , but how is ideal weight calculated? What factors are taken into account when calculating it? Well, it is something relatively simple but it is not always representative because it does not take into account factors as important as age.

Therefore, it is not always representative and so we must bear in mind that at an older age, the weight usually increases between about 5kg to about 8kg more than our ideal weight when we exceed 50 years, in men and 40 in women.

We must take this weight as a reference but not obsess about being just at that weight, because the ideal weight is the one in which we are happy and with which we have an optimal state of health.

Ideal weight table according to complexion

The following table shows a reference of the ideal weight based on height , sex and constitution, without taking into account a factor as important as age . The ideal weight reference tables are based on statistical studies, so you do not have to adjust to the profile of each one. The values ​​are a reference or average that you do not have to obsess over.

What can we do to achieve our ideal weight?

The recommendations in this regard must respond to the needs of each one, so we are going to differentiate into two large groups: on the one hand, those people who need to lose weight in order to be at their ideal weight; and on the other hand, those who need to gain weight to reach their ideal weight.

Since, although it may seem incredible, it is sometimes so difficult for some as for others to achieve a suitable weight for their height and complexion. In both cases, what we must emphasize is that we must carry out a healthy diet that provides our body with all the nutrients it needs to develop normally.

Both to gain weight and to lose weight we must bear in mind that it is not worth putting our health at risk, so we must carry out balanced diets that help us achieve our ideal weight.

My exact ideal weight

Although it is true, these figures are indicative, they should not obsess us, we must feel good about ourselves and have a weight that offers us an optimal state of health.

Many factors intervene in weight that we must take into account, such as complexion, for this reason two people in their ideal weight can be very different, due to the eating habits they carry out.

It is not possible to give a generalized exact ideal weight since we would have to assess other factors in order to determine the specific ideal weight . It is important to take into account to get an idea, these values; But we must think that the ideal weight is the one we have when we feel happy and have good health.

My ideal weight according to height and complexion

There are people whose bone structure is heavier than others, so it is important that we look at other indicators such as the Muscle Mass Index  (BMI) and the percentage of fat in our body.

These two indicators are important because weight is important, but it is divided into different parts, as we tried to explain earlier, since fat mass, water or bone structure do not weigh the same. For this, here we offer you all the information to calculate your body fat percentage .

In addition, you can calculate your BMI here to identify any problem related to weight we must calculate our body mass index.

If you need to lose weight to achieve your ideal weight

In this case, we recommend that you take a look at this post on the best tips to lose weight , and also that you choose to carry out a balanced diet to lose weight naturally and sustained over time to achieve our ideal weight without rebound effect.

If you have a few kilos left over, you can opt for a fast diet to get rid of that excess weight. For this we offer you some alternatives, such as the Military diet or the 3-day diet .

If you prefer a diet more lasting for more weight you can choose to eliminate the diet of 6 weeks , the 1,500 – calorie diet or diet to lose 10 kilos .

The most important thing in all cases is to carry out a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits that promote healthy weight loss , such as the combination of a good diet and moderate physical exercise .

If you need to gain weight to reach your ideal weight

If, on the other hand, you need to gain weight, we recommend that you take a look at this post about the best tips for gaining weight .

We always recommend eating a balanced diet that does not abuse saturated fats that can endanger our health, therefore, we offer you diets that are based on balanced nutrition that helps your body increase its weight and muscle mass. healthy way. One of the options is the diet to gain weight quickly .


We hope that these guidelines have been of help to you to achieve your ideal weight in a healthy way.

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