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How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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Slow metabolism, what can I do?

Actually, even if you have inherited a slow metabolism, this should not be a problem to lose weight, although there are those who use as an excuse the functioning of their metabolism to lose weight . Although it is true, when one suffers from a disease such as hypothyroidism, in which metabolic functions are slower, the burning of calories is slower; but we must learn to control this situation by forcing the organism to keep the metabolism active for as long as possible.

Mainly we will rely on various strategies that make the body remain at full capacity to lose weight quickly, burning more calories.

What is metabolism and how does it work?

We not only need energy to run, jump or play sports, we need energy for everything; to breathe, to pump the blood, absolutely for everything, and although it may seem incredible, this energy supposes for the organism around 50% to 75% of the energy necessary for day to day, without taking into account sports activity. Only with an extra would we cover the energy needs to carry out any sporting activity, taking into account that this necessary energy must be covered to be able to carry out any activity.

The basal metabolism is the energy that your body needs to carry out the daily activities of the organism, from breathing to maintaining the beat of your heart, doing digestion, etc.

We can say that there is a classification of different types of metabolism, fast, medium and low that you can consult in this post about the functioning of the basal metabolism , there are also approximate calculators of basal expenditure that you can use to get an idea of ​​the calories you should consume on a diet, according to your metabolism pattern and the level of daily physical activity you do.

How to balance caloric intake and caloric expenditure?

There are multiple strategies to keep the metabolism active, in fact there are many diets aimed at
accelerating the metabolism to burn more calories and lose weight more quickly, but … how does this really work, what is true in that to a greater metabolic activity do we lose weight faster? We are going to get you out of your doubts by offering you some tips to lose weight faster without putting your health at risk and in a healthy way.

First of all, we must bear in mind that maintaining a desired weight is based on a correct balance between the calories we eat through our diet and those we consume, but when do we consume calories? you may wonder, because the answer is simple: throughout the day our body is consuming calories to carry out any physiological activity of the body, so it is important to offer the body all the necessary nutrients so that it has energy available to use.

Now, we do not consume the same amount of calories at rest as doing some type of sports activity, for this reason the acceleration of our organism causes us to burn more calories and therefore if we ingest them; There will be a loss of weight , since our body will burn fat accumulated in adipose tissue to obtain energy.

Now that you understand how the body works and how to balance caloric intake and expenditure , we are going to explain how to speed up metabolism to keep our body at full capacity throughout the day.

How to speed up the metabolism to lose weight?

There are many ways to keep the metabolism active to lose weight, in fact there are even foods that produce an acceleration of the metabolism and that have become the true allies of everyone who wants to lose weight, these foods are known as thermogenic , of which You can find out in depth here, these foods manage to increase body temperature thus accelerating the burning of calories.

Apart from consuming foods that help us speed up our metabolism , we are going to give you some general guidelines that should be part of your healthy habits in order to maintain a fast metabolism.

➨ Have a strong breakfast

The breakfasts are of champions, you must guarantee to your organism the necessary contribution of energy for the day. After several hours of fasting, breakfast becomes the alarm clock for your metabolism. The food we eat is the signal it receives to get going, so you must offer your body a quality breakfast.

Eating breakfast correctly helps us keep blood glucose and insulin levels stable, something that contributes to weight loss in two different ways. In the first place, because it helps us control our appetite, and also helps us to maintain an active metabolism.

  • Here we offer you some ideas of complete breakfasts that provide us with the necessary nutrients without loading ourselves with calories, so they help us to accelerate the metabolism and lose weight, check them here .
➨ Control fat intake

Of course, fats provide us with energy but in excess they remain accumulated in the adipose tissue of our body, therefore, if what we need is to lose weight and keep our metabolism active so that it burns fat, we should not offer many, just the right ones so you can burn the reserved ones.

  • It is important to note that not all fats are the same and that you must learn to distinguish them and offer your body healthy fats to speed up metabolism. The use of foods rich in omega 3 , which are healthy fats, is recommended. You can learn more about fats here .
➨ Increase protein consumption

According to different studies, a higher consumption of protein increases thermogenesis and as a consequence, increases metabolism, so we must consume low-fat protein foods that will help you lose weight without losing muscle mass.

  • For more information on diets that encourage the consumption of protein to lose weight you can see the protein diet here.
➨ Do not carry out low-calorie diets

It is proven that restricting the calories that we contribute to the body slows down the metabolism since the body detects that the necessary calories are not being provided and goes into a ” slow mode ” in which energy is reserved for the most important physiological activities , burning fewer calories.

  • It is important to divide meals into smaller intakes throughout the day since every time we eat a food the body starts up and burns calories to digest it.
  • A little trick that has been shown to accelerate metabolism can also help you because it tricks our body. The consumption of chewing gum makes the body believe that a food is ingested and it starts working. If you want to know more about this trick you can find out in depth in this post .
➨ Control carbohydrates

Consume them in their proper measure and if possible consume slow-release hydrates to keep the metabolism active, if you want to know what they are, click here to see the different types of carbohydrates.

➨ Peck intelligently

If you feel hungry you can snack on healthy products that will start your metabolism but do not provide excessive calories, you can always opt for low-fat protein foods, fruit or vegetables that will satisfy you.

  • If you want to know how to choose the foods that are convenient for you, you can do so based on their calories or their glycemic index , always choosing those with a low level.
➨ Get regular physical exercise

It is very important that you do some sporting activity that speeds up your metabolism and helps burn more calories and thus compensates the caloric intake with energy expenditure. To burn more calories, it is useful to do exercises at intervals, changes of rhythm and loads, the more it costs you, the more the metabolism accelerates. It is important that you exercise at different intensities so that the changes activate the metabolism.

➨ Make sure you do not have any deficiency in vitamins and minerals

Both vitamins and minerals ensure proper functioning of a multitude of metabolic processes and a deficit can cause the body not to work at full capacity, so make sure you are eating healthy and providing your body with everything it needs.

➨ Hydrated bien

You can help yourself with teas or infusions if they are to your liking, but mainly drink water. One of the most used drinks to accelerate the metabolism is green tea , if you want more information about it click here .

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