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Okinawa diet, the region with the lowest rate of obesity

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The Okinawa Diet, the region with the lowest obesity rate in the world

We know that the Japanese are generally thin , and that the obesity rate in Japan is one of the lowest in developed countries, but in addition to all this, on the island of Okinawa they have the lowest rate of obesity in the world and people they live very long and healthy lives.

Okinawa is an island located in the south of Japan, known because the inhabitants there are the oldest in the country, their diet is the basis of success, so nutritionists developed the famous Okinawa Diet.

The Japanese food stands out as a very healthy diet ❤, low in saturated fat and very few calories, therefore, inspired by the traditional Japanese diet is born Diet Okinawa, well known in the West to lose weight and lose weight and also a life very healthy.

In fact, we can highlight that sushi is one of the healthiest foods in the world, due to the combination of its foods in the proportions necessary for the body. As we discussed earlier, sushi is very healthy and does not provide us with excessive calories, which is why it is compatible with weight loss systems. This is one of the doubts that many people have. Can I eat sushi while on a diet?

In this post about the calories in sushi we clear all your doubts.

Okinawan diet guidelines

– Consume more vegetables . Okinawans eat seven servings of vegetables a day. The most widely consumed varieties are cabbage, onions, zucchini, potatoes and green peppers.

– Eat consciously . In Okinawa you enjoy food, savoring it slowly and appreciating everything you eat. This slower, more mindful way of eating prevents overeating.

– Add garnish to meals. For Okiwanese, it’s important to add visual appeal to meals, so they add garnishes like mint, sesame seeds, or slices of red chili. These supplements contain nutrients and vitamins but hardly contain calories.

– Portion control. The portion sizes of the foods served in Okinawa are half of what is customary in the West, helping to avoid overeating. Smaller plates can be used to get used to it.

– Avoid meat . Instead of meat as a source of protein, they tend to eat fish, shellfish, or tofu. In this way, the intake of saturated fats from meat is avoided and isoflavones (with the tofu) very beneficial are ingested.

– Foods rich in calcium. Very important are  foods rich in calcium , as they keep bones strong, and the consumption of tea, especially green and black, as an antioxidant and cleanser.

In addition to all this, you have to drink between 8 and 12 glasses of water a day and also take into account that exercises are essential for them , usually they are very active people, who enjoy outdoor activities, the environment Most used transport in the area is bicycles, but jogging and hiking also stand out.

Benefits of the Okinawan diet

The benefits of the Okinawan diet are many, but all of them related to the improvement of digestive transit by incorporating healthy foods, low in fat , rich in fiber , which help us to have better digestion and enjoy full gastrointestinal health.

Foods with fats or simple sugars, more common in Western diets, cause us greater digestion difficulties; as well as an excessive intake of calories that are not advisable for our organism, all of this is avoided by the Okinawa diet ; so it is healthier and less heavy .

That is why it makes us lose weight , because unconsciously we eat foods with a lower caloric load and that satisfy us more and for longer; which translates into a lower caloric intake and as a consequence, energy consumption and expenditure are balanced . Also, if we combine it with physical exercise , we will achieve an effective and healthy weight loss in less time.

In addition, Japanese cuisine includes a wide variety of seaweed in its dishes, which gives it a high antioxidant power, which prevents us from premature aging of our cells and keeps us in an optimal state of health.

The wakame seaweed is one of the stars of Japanese cuisine, if you want more information about this seaweed we offer it in this post about the wakame seaweed , a superfood with many properties . This seaweed can help you lose weight, so if you want it, don’t forget to read our post with all the information.

In addition , much it used the nori , the seaweed used in the preparation of maki sushi on, with many beneficial properties for our health.

Miso soup is one of the main dishes of the Okinawan diet, and it is considered one of the best natural probiotic foods , about which we offer you more information in the link.

Orientation menu of the Okinawa diet

  • Breakfast : Green tea with two slices of whole wheat rye bread with avocado.
  • Lunch : A piece of fruit.
  • Food : Miso soup and grilled white fish with sautéed vegetables.
  • Snack : A piece of fruit.
  • Dinner : Sautéed mushrooms with tofu and some makis to your liking.

Remember that you can modify the menus following the dietary guidelines that we have previously offered, adapting it to your needs and tastes.

The attitude we have towards food is very important, not only the act itself of eating, but how we do it.

Also, if you like Japanese cuisine, we suggest another diet that may be to your liking, such as the sushi diet . A safe bet for lovers of Japanese cuisine.

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