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Peach Diet, a satisfying diet that helps you lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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On this website we offer you a large number of diets, so that you can choose the one that best suits you, your tastes and needs.

In addition, as we always indicate, the diet must be balanced to achieve effective and lasting weight loss ; But we must recognize that sometimes it is urgent that we carry out fast diets with which to lose weight more quickly.

This is the case of crash diets , a system that works very well and also makes these types of diets a little healthier and more balanced since they combine days of very low caloric intake, which could be harmful to health, with other days with a normal caloric intake that counteracts the danger of ingesting few calories.

In this case, the peach diet is a diet with the shock system , which combines the intake of this fruit with low-calorie and low-fat products to achieve effective weight loss.

In this type of diet, it is important to follow the recommendations to achieve optimal results .

The peach, also known as peach , is the protagonist of the peach diet, although it is not the type of diet in which the diet is based exclusively on one food.

This type of diet is not recommended since the body can be affected by malnutrition, since we do not provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to develop.

What does the peach give us?

The peach is a fleshy fruit from China. It is a food that does not provide a large amount of calories , since it provides us with about 40 calories per 100 grams . Due to its low caloric power and high water content , it is recommended in weight loss diets, since it also provides us with large amounts of vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber , which is suitable for constipation , which occurs occasionally when we get on a diet because of the change in diet and because we eat less food; which translates into fewer bowel movements.

The peach has a great contribution of water and also provides us with potassium , which helps us eliminate toxins and drain the body . In addition, the peach has a large amount of antioxidants , which protects us against cellular aging and is highly satiating.

Another diet proposal similar to that of the peach is the banana diet , which you can find out about in the link.

What is the peach diet?

The peach diet is a fast diet based on the crash system with which you can lose between 3 or 4 kilos a week, especially the first week in which it is carried out.

During this first week is when, through diet, certain mechanisms of the body are regularized, such as water balance ; so you lose weight quickly , but we must emphasize that much of the weight that is lost is part of retained fluids and swelling.

It is not recommended to prolong the peach diet for more than a week as it can put the functioning of our body at risk due to its low caloric intake .

We can do the diet again after a week off, but we must bear in mind that it is a restrictive diet , which provides few calories but that generally with the base diet the recommended nutritional contributions are guaranteed even if it is a hypocaloric diet, that is why, which is not as harmful to health as highly restrictive low-calorie diets.

Peach diet menu

  • Breakfast: a peach, a coffee alone or with milk and a toast of whole wheat bread with a couple of slices of cold turkey or fresh cheese.
  • Food: You can prepare a salad and a grilled chicken or turkey breast. For dessert we can opt for a fruit salad that includes the peach in greater quantity than the rest of the fruits.
  • Dinner: Two boiled eggs or in an omelette with York ham, a peach and a skimmed yogurt.

At mid-morning or as a snack you can eat only peach. You can accompany it with infusions. It is advisable to drink around two liters of water a day to help us maintain our water balance.

For lunch or dinner we can choose a grilled white fish fillet, baked chicken or turkey, a plate of rice or whole wheat pasta once a week; Vegetable cream, vegetable stew and alternate according to your preferences, always avoiding fats, fried, battered, sweets and sauces.

How should I consume the peach? It is very important to consume the natural peach or in its juice , never in syrup since the syrup significantly increases the caloric intake since it is very rich in sugars.

Does the peach diet work for weight loss?

The peach diet has multiple benefits, and despite being a restrictive diet it works because the peach is very satiating and helps us combat fluid retention .

But we must emphasize that as any fast diet has a high risk of suffering a rebound effect , because weight loss is not regular and sustained over time, it occurs very quickly and this is due to the fact that a lot of fluid is generally lost retained, and as a consequence volume; but not fat.

So the weight is usually quickly regained. To counteract these effects, we can take certain measures that will help us maintain weight for a while, or follow a diet that makes us lose weight in a healthy way.

Our recommendation to avoid the rebound effect

We can carry out the peach diet for a week as we have explained previously, and finally opt for a progressive weight loss system that allows us to lose weight gradually.

The first phase with the peach crash will motivate us to face the second stage , which will be based on a more balanced diet that helps us lose weight in a healthy way .

To enhance the effects, or at times when we have stagnated, we can do the peach diet for a couple of days alternately; to achieve greater weight loss. All this combined with regular physical exercise, which will lead to effective weight loss.

Remember that the important thing is not to lose weight quickly but to lose weight effectively and that this loss is maintained over time.

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