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Strawberry diet to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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Lose 3 kilos on the strawberry diet

Have you tried everything to lose weight and nothing works? Are you stagnant and not losing weight? Do you need extra motivation to lose weight quickly?

If any of these three situations is yours, keep reading but first of all I have to ask you a vital question, do you like strawberries ? If so, this is your diet, if not … I’m really sorry but you will have to opt for another fruit such as papaya or watermelon , click on one of them and keep reading.

Well, if you like strawberries and want to lose weight , this is your diet. An express diet with which we will lose up to 3 kg in 3 days. Not a fast diet, very fast. Those of you who follow the advice of TakeDiets.com will think… here they have gone crazy; always advising balanced diets and now they appear here with this, what is this?

First of all we have not gone crazy, as you can see at the beginning of the post this diet tries to get you out of a hurry, it is not a diet that should last over time, it is simply a push to move forward.Strawberry diet, what does it consist of?

The strawberry diet is a fast diet that bases its diet on a higher consumption of strawberry, although not exclusive, in order to benefit from its main benefits for losing weight.

It is a diet with a maximum duration of 3 days and after which a minimum of a week must pass before repeating it again so as not to fall into malnutrition or eating problems caused by nutritional deficiencies .

Therefore we are going to explain what are the benefits of strawberry to lose weight and in what way we are going to constitute the menus of the strawberry diet.Strawberry benefits

Strawberry, known in some countries as strawberry , is a powerful antioxidant capable of helping to eliminate lipoproteins , that is, it is the means of transporting fats in the body. This property interests us enormously to lose weight , if you are interested in antioxidants you can see here the antioxidant diet and its importance for the body.

Besides being a low calorie fruit , with vitamins E, K, C, B and A; The strawberry in one of the fruits that helps in inflammatory processes by reducing inflammation and also due to its vitamins is a powerful strengthener of the immune system , preventing us from being infected with viral diseases.

It has a high content of potassium and magnesium , interesting to maintain a good state of health of our bones .

It is rich in folic acid and it is rich in fiber , which produces a satiating effect that we are very interested in controlling the intake of unnecessary food.

From what you can see, strawberries not only help us lose weight; rather, it contributes to a correct state of health, thus making our body healthy.What should I eat on the strawberry diet?

Well, as we have mentioned before, it is not a diet in which we only eat strawberries because that would not be healthy.

We are going to develop a standard menu so that you can modify it and adapt it to your tastes, always keeping in mind that the caloric intake is similar.

We will distribute the day in 3 large shots and 2 snacks , as follows:

  • Breakfast : A yogurt 0% natural or sweetened with cut strawberries (4-6 strawberries depending on size).
  • Mid-morning : 4 natural strawberries or with the juice of an orange.
  • Lunch : Salad with sour fruits (strawberry, orange, kiwi) and a grilled chicken fillet.
  • Snack : Strawberry infusion.
  • Dinner : Defatted broth or a grilled white fish fillet and two or three strawberries for dessert.

Strawberry diet guidelines

At meals we can change the chicken fillet for turkey or fish, or lean beef fillet and at night we can change the broth for soup or vegetable cream (without cream or potato) preferably green vegetables. We can also have a strawberry milkshake for breakfast.

If we need more energy in the morning, just add a tablespoon of rolled oats to the yogurt, if you want to know more about oats click here .

Keep in mind that the modifications must have the same caloric intake , but remember that if we overeat, we will only have to increase energy expenditure to lose weight, with a little exercise it will be possible. Click here to see exercises to lose weight .

We recommend drinking strawberry infusions but not already prepared drinks, but natural infusions that we can sweeten with stevia , for example.

It is important to hydrate the body to be able to eliminate the liquid correctly and thus lose the retained liquid that can make us feel bloated and heavy.Strawberry diet a fast diet

A fast diet, as I have explained on other occasions, is a diet that you have to be tremendously aware of in order for it to work.

Really, fast diets need a will of steel, and no wonder, because as restrictive as they are, we need to be strong in order to survive the temptations of skipping it or total abandonment.

Well, as we have explained on other occasions, fast diets have a double aspect, they usually work quite well to boost us and lose weight, but we will have to replace the diet with a more balanced one because otherwise we will regain the lost weight in a short time.

I say that they have a double aspect because there are people who are capable of doing a super effort for a short period of time, while others prefer not to try so hard but to make a light effort for a longer period of time. For this reason, fast diets are not adapted to everyone , and that is why I say that we must have a lot of willpower to carry them out, since they involve an effort.

How do we counteract that effort?

Well, we counteract the effort by eating foods that we like, combining them strategically to achieve high levels of satiety , which will make us eat less and therefore, just by avoiding some products and introducing some healthy habits, we will lose weight from quickly and effectively .

If you want to know more about other types of diets,  click here . If you prefer extreme diets, you can find a great variety here.

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