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Cooked egg diet to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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There are many diets to lose weight but sometimes we need an external stimulus to help us start or overcome a period in which we have stagnated, for this there are express diets, fast or crash diets ; This is the case with the boiled egg diet to lose weight .

These types of crash diets take advantage of the properties of a specific food and base their diet on the consumption of it, combining it with other foods that contribute to weight loss.

It is clear that they are not balanced diets but they can be a push to start losing weight or for those moments in which we have been stuck. They have a short duration since it is not healthy to keep it for longer because it could cause health problems, such as dietary deficits since they are not balanced diets .

That it is not a balanced diet does not mean that it is bad for health if we do not prolong it longer than indicated. It is not about eating only cooked egg, but about combining its properties with those of other foods that help us lose weight .

Here we explain how the boiled egg can help you lose weight, what the diet consists of and much more, to do this, keep reading.

What is the boiled egg diet and how is it carried out?

The boiled egg diet is a crash diet that takes advantage of the properties of the egg to lose weight. It is a crash diet that lasts for one week and allows us to lose 3 to 4 kg a week, which is why it is considered a fast diet.

As we have previously said, we should not lengthen it more than what is established, we must use this type of diet as motivation to start losing weight or as an impulse if we have stagnated and cannot lose weight with a balanced diet .

It is important that we carry out the diet combining it with some physical exercise to motivate faster and more effective weight loss. You will find others on the net that promise to lose more than 10 kilos in two weeks, but that is not healthy, and it produces a very high rebound effect ; so we are not interested.

Why does boiled egg work for weight loss?

The hard-boiled egg is a food that satisfies us a lot, that is, it reduces the appetite; That is its main virtue when it comes to losing weight, it also provides us with a large amount of nutrients , especially proteins of high biological value .

Despite the bad reputation of cooked egg since it has always been related to an increase in cholesterol, which has been denied by the WHO (World Health Organization), eggs are a very complete food that improves different parts of our body by His properties.

The boiled egg diet is a low-carbohydrate , hypocaloric and hyperproteic diet that helps us lose weight fast.

Certain studies such as that of the International Journal of Obessity corroborate the effectiveness of cooked egg to lose weight by consuming two cooked eggs a day, at least, you will lose up to 65% more weight a week than those who do not consume it and choose other foods . This is because its high satiating power takes away the desire to consume other foods such as sweets or carbohydrates that are worse for your health.

In addition to its high satiating power , its proteins increase metabolic expenditure, that is, they accelerate the metabolism, with which we burn more calories.

What are the properties of a boiled egg?

The boiled egg provides us with a large amount of vitamin A and lutein , which prevents the formation of ocular cataracts and prevents ocular degeneration, so we achieve better visual health. On the other hand, it contributes to better brain health since the yolk contains choline , which is a necessary nutrient for brain health as it maintains its structures and prevents premature memory loss. In addition, choline reduces bad cholesterol , and is anticancer and hepatoprotective .

With the regular consumption of eggs you will get stronger bones due to its high content of vitamin D that helps to assimilate calcium correctly, and you will also protect your dental health. Your hair and nails will also notice it since it has biotin (vitamin H), which slows down hair loss and induces the production of collagen, stimulates growth and gives it a healthy and shiny appearance. These vitamins also prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Thanks to its antioxidants it also helps cardiovascular health.

Boiled egg diet menu for weight loss

As we have explained previously, it is not about consuming only eggs , because that is not healthy. We will take advantage of the properties of the egg to lose weight by using it in the best parts of the day. It is usually used at breakfast and dinner, the two meals that will make us avoid anxiety about eating other less healthy foods.

Below we propose the following menu that you can modify according to your tastes, always avoiding foods with fats, sauces, non-skimmed dairy products and cured or fermented cheeses. We will distribute the meals in 3 servings throughout the day, in case you need a snack, take a quarter of a cooked egg that contains white and yolk.

-Breakfast: always 2 boiled eggs, tea, coffee or sweetened flavor and a piece of acidic or citrus fruit.

-Meals that we will alternate during the week:

  • Green salad with a grilled chicken breast fillet and skimmed yogurt.
  • Salad and a grilled white fish fillet.
  • Two slices of grilled pineapple and three crab sticks (surimi).
  • A whole wheat toast with skimmed fresh cheese and natural tomato.
  • Cooked vegetables with a boiled egg.

– Dinners that we will alternate:

  • A grilled fish fillet and green salad (the day we have cooked eggs and vegetables).
  • Seasonal fruit and two slices of whole wheat bread and an infusion.
  • Green salad and grilled chicken.
  • 2 boiled eggs, green salad and a citrus fruit.
  • A slice of whole wheat bread with tomato and an apple.

Remember that fried or battered, sauces or high-fat products are not allowed. Drink two liters of water a day and combine the diet with physical exercise for unbeatable results, after the week; switch to another diet that suits your needs and is more balanced .

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