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Crash Diets to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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What is a crash diet?

Crash diets are a rapid weight loss system designed to combat the excesses produced in times or circumstances when we eat more.

Crashes are an alternative to lose weight, always accompanying them with balanced diets and thus not having to resort to low-calorie diets , which tend to have more side effects.

Crash diets are a healthy option, since they are combined with a basic diet that must be balanced and crash days are made, in which we consume fewer calories and healthier foods that help us drain the body, low-calorie foods but healthy, which allow our body to nourish itself correctly but with few calories.

What are crash diets used for?

Shock days are a common practice in diet regimens. It is, as we have said before, a compensation in calorie intake when we do something excess or skip the diet on any occasion. Or, if we cannot deprive ourselves of certain foods that give us pleasure, we can propose this type of crash diet on days when we compensate and balance our regimen by making our dietary pattern healthier.

On the other hand, there are people who use a crash diet autonomously, that is, they do not use it with the aim of compensating a day in which there has been an abuse in calorie intake with another day of shock or minimal intake, but use it as a quick diet to lose a lot of weight in a short time.

It is important to note that in these cases the days of shock should be correctly scheduled so as not to fall into malnutrition or malnutrition, since shock days are usually days of low caloric intake .

We must also warn that the repeated use of crash diets is not healthy and among its drawbacks are: regain weight quickly when leaving the diet (known as the ” Rebound effect ” which you can find out in the link ) and also the appearance on the skin of stretch marks due to a radical loss of weight. But this occurs when they are carried out incorrectly and for a long time.

For this reason, it is recommended to use crash diets in a timely manner and never abuse them; In addition to carrying them out properly, it is healthier to eat a constantly balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid saturated fats, added sugars, etc …

How do you carry out a crash day?

The method to follow has different applications depending on when we perform the crash and with what function. That is, if we know in advance that on a specific day we are going to consume more calories than we are used to ingesting, we can do a shock day prior to this situation, and a shock after excess; in this way, the effect will be much more positive.

Another way to use shocks is in combination with a weight loss diet , which is not excessively restrictive, that is, a balanced diet that is more comfortable and healthy for us to lose weight. This combination of two shock days a week , or even three; They can be faster weight loss and a motivator for faster weight loss without the side effects of low-calorie and fast diets.

Normally crash diets are carried out for a certain period, mainly at the beginning of a diet, as a motivator for weight loss without involving a significant effort.

It is a widely used system for those people who do not have much willpower to carry out a diet, since it allows eating in a healthy way without many restrictions and making compensations that are not difficult to carry out.

If you want to know how to increase your willpower to lose weight , we recommend that you read this post with the best recommendations.

What should I eat during the crash?

We must eat very low calorie products and diuretics. Foods such as artichoke, pineapple, strawberries, white asparagus, not very sweet fruits, spinach, etc., predominate in the diet.

We find different options for crash diets, we can divide them into two large groups, the shocks based on the predominant (never exclusive) consumption of fruits ; that provide us with a large amount of vitamins , minerals and fiber without providing us with hardly any calories and promoting diuresis in our body, in this group we find fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, nectarine.

On the other hand, we find shocks based on salty, low-calorie and very healthy foods such as fish or asparagus. Both groups of shock have the same operation and can be applied indistinctly, in fact it is ideal to combine two weekly shocks, one fruity and the other salty.

Here are the best shocks for you to put this slimming system to the test .

The most famous fruit crashes


This crash diet is based on the predominant consumption of nectarine , a fruit that gives us a delicious flavor and very few calories, and if we consume it with the skin it provides us with a large amount of fiber.

Nectarine provides us with only 50 calories per 100 grams and a large amount of vitamins and minerals, making it ideal to compensate for excess calories and also keeps us hydrated.

You can consult more information here, where we explain in depth the shock of the nectarine .


The Macedonian crash diet bases its success on the combination of fruits to compensate for excess calories. It has the advantage that we can combine the fruits that we like the most and it does not become monotonous.

This type of shock is very comfortable mainly in the summer season, since there is a great variety of seasonal fruits and also, the combinations are endless. It is important that we bear in mind that there are fruits that are more advisable to lose weight, so we should preferably consume these.

Here we leave you a link with the best fruits to lose weight .


The pineapple is one of the star foods to make a crash diet because it is highly diuretic and cleansing, and also gives us low in calories and high in fiber.

Its delicious flavor and multiple combinations when incorporating it into our kitchen provides it with an important nutritional value in our diet.

Here’s more information on the pineapple crash diet .


Another fruit with a high nutritional value is grapefruit , also known as grapefruit in many countries.

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that recharges us with antioxidants , vitamins and minerals; also providing us with a large amount of fiber.

This grapefruit diet offers you different versions so that you can choose the one that best suits you and your needs. You cannot miss it!


A healthy and delicious fruit that you will want to make a shock system especially in summer is watermelon .

refreshing fruit that fills you with vitality and energy when you consume it, and also helps to cleanse our body due to its high water content.

Below you have at your disposal the watermelon crash diet , one of the best allies for losing weight in summer.


The peach diet offers another possibility to carry out this system to lose weight fast .

A fruit with a delicious flavor that provides us with vitamins, minerals, fiber and also very few calories, only 40 calories per 100 grams.

It is also highly satiating , which is of great interest to us when we want to lose weight. Another possibility for you to make your crashes more varied.


Another fruit, which in addition to helping us lose weight is very healthy, is the apple .

For this reason, we offer you the apple crash diet that can help you lose weight quickly and also provide you with all the benefits of this fruit for your health.

If you like apples, feel free to try it; because its results are spectacular.

The healthiest crash diets


Endive crash diet is a food that not everyone likes because of its bitter touch, but it is very healthy and is also low in calories.

It is highly draining , purifying and also benefits us in multiple disorders of the digestive system.

Thanks to this shock system you can cleanse your body  and lose weight quickly . Do not miss it!


The asparagus is a very interesting product when losing weight, therefore the crash diet asparagus is one of the most followed by low caloric intake, and because it is very diuretic .

It helps us eliminate retained fluids and provides a lot of fiber, regulates intestinal transit and prevents constipation .


The artichoke , another of the star foods recommended in any diet, the artichoke crash diet is one of the most effective, it is that the artichoke is draining and purifying and that is why it is highly recommended during draining slimming diets artichoke.

Discover all its benefits and introduce it into your diet to obtain all its benefits.


Last but not least, we find the fish crash diet , which is that fish is a very healthy food, which provides us with proteins of high biological value , few fats and few calories.

It also provides us with healthy fatty acids that protect our cardiovascular health. Fish is one of the most interesting protein foods at a nutritional level, so we must incorporate it into our diet to a greater extent than we usually do.

This is a good alternative to consume more fish.

In summary…

We have offered you different shock systems so that you can make the combinations that you like the most and you can achieve your goal.

The ideal is to combine the shocks with a 1500 calorie diet that ensures proper nutrition for our body, responds to our caloric needs and contributes to weight loss by combining it with the shocks that we have offered you.

If we perform at least two shocks a week we will achieve good results, and if we combine it with moderate physical exercise we will lose weight more quickly and effectively .

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