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The solution against constipation

by Georgia Ede
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What is constipation and why does it occur?

The  constipation  is a problem that affects about 40% of the population, it is presented as the difficulty in eliminating feces properly and is often accompanied by stomach pains and very hard stools.

Occasional constipation can be due to many causes, but it is mainly due to an incorrect diet in which simple sugars, refined flours, fats predominate and there are few fruits and vegetables that provide us with a large amount of fiber ; which contributes to a correct gastrointestinal and digestive development.

To a greater or lesser extent, most people have occasionally suffered from the symptoms of constipation, such as difficulties when evacuating, stomach discomfort, gas , bloating, etc.

For this, we suggest that you incorporate into your diet a list of effective foods against constipation, and that you also follow some guidelines and nutritional habits that help you put an end to this annoying problem.

It is also very important to maintain a water balance in the body, that is, it is very important that we are hydrated. Drinking around two liters of water a day is the most effective recommendation to eliminate constipation.

Many times this is caused by the lack of fluid because it makes the stool harder and it costs us more to defecate.

Which becomes more and more complicated because, as the stool slows down, the stool becomes harder and harder and the fact of doing the belly is more painful. In certain cases it requires special lubrication or even medication to achieve defecation.

Effective foods against constipation

Diets made to address the problem of constipation are usually based on the consumption of  fiber , which is very healthy for for our body and  helps  the  intestinal transit , increasing the volume of stool and the need to go to the bathroom.

The  fiber  contained in food is not digested in the digestive system and its  function is to  increase the volume of feces  and the  water content  in them, so it is our great ally to avoid constipation problems.

Fruits, dehydrated fruits, nuts, green vegetables and legumes are foods rich in fiber.

Among the most laxative fruits are the  fruits of the forest  (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants, strawberries), followed by  plums, oranges ,  grapefruits ,  kiwi ,  papaya ,  pear …

Among dehydrated fruits, plums , raisins and figs provide the most  fiber  . The  plums  are the most popular because they are used for different  remedies home s . The problem with these types of fruits is that they are an important source of sugars. 

Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, pistachios … are  very rich in fiber  and their intake produces a  rapid transit of food through the intestinal tract . It should be noted that nuts are very  energetic foods ,  rich in fat  and  protein .

Among the vegetables, the artichoke stands out   as the food with the highest fiber content, followed by green legumes (peas and beans), spinach, chard, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, leeks, celery, cucumber, beets …

Here is a complete list of → foods high in fiber .

The importance of probiotics against constipation

The probiotics , of which we discussed in various articles are very important for those suffering from constipation, as they regulate intestinal transit and improve digestion.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that favor benign bacteria that lodge in the intestinal tract, and therefore encourage good gastrointestinal function.

If you want more information about   natural probiotic foods  you can find it here. 

The milk kefir is helpful for constipation as well as water kefir , these links show you how to develop them at home. Do not miss it!

Therefore, with all this information, it should be noted that as  home remedies against constipation  they have been used, especially a  combination of fruits rich in fiber .

Then in the following link we offer you the best laxative foods   that can help you eliminate constipation.

Home remedies against constipation

A well-known home remedy is to eat  a glass of orange juice on an empty stomach without extracting the pulp  and  a piece of kiwi , or eat them or three pieces of plum  and two or three pieces of kiwi .

Another popular remedy is to soak five or six plums in a glass of warm water  overnight and the next day  on an empty stomach to ingest the glass of water along with the plums.

Eggplant water or ginger water can also help you , as they help hydrate the body and regulate intestinal transit.

Against constipation you have to move!

The  exercise  is very important against constipation, sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst enemies of the proper functioning of our body because it is necessary that our intestines are stimulated through exercise.

Exercise stimulates gastrointestinal movements, encouraging the urge to go to the toilet. For this reason, we recommend that you do different types of exercises and help your digestive system function correctly, avoiding the dreaded pains caused by constipation.

The  most recommended exercise  is the  abdominals , because the entire muscles of the abdomen are worked, which is where the different digestive organs are located.

The contraction and relaxation exerted in the abdominal exercise cause a  better intestinal mobility  that speeds up the movement of the stool through the intestine.

The  abdominals  not only strengthen this part of the body, but they  are essential for those who suffer from constipation  since they  enhance intestinal mobility  and  promote digestion,  so it will help to go to the bathroom more regularly.

In addition to the abdominals, it is advisable that you walk, or run, since exercise significantly stimulates correct digestions. Remember not to exercise in the hours after eating, to avoid making digestion difficult for us.

Also remember that exercise will increase our desire to drink water , which is very important when it comes to regularizing intestinal transit; since we will stay hydrated at all times, making the stool softer and facilitating its expulsion.

Finally, it should be mentioned that if diet and exercise are not enough, there are  dietary supplements  to add to the diet in an extraordinary way (wheat bran, oat bran , glucomannan ) and laxative medications, so you should consult with your doctor.

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