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The sandwich diet, you would never think that it serves to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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The diet of the sandwich to lose weight

The nutritionist Terica Uriol is the one who has designed the sandwich diet, a diet that has raised a lot of controversy and that we find incredible, but what is mysterious about it? Is it as effective as they say? Is the diet of the sandwich to lose weight? Below we offer you all the information about the sandwich diet from the hand of its creator Terica Uriol.

As we have mentioned previously in other health articles that you can find on our website, how does bread make you fat? Lately, certain nutritional trends have been dedicated to demonizing carbohydrates in such a way that certain diets such as the diet without flour, or diets without carbohydrates have become fashionable; which on a nutritional level sounds like a real danger to our health.

What is the problem we face with carbohydrates? It is an easily diagnosed problem, the combination of carbohydrates is what makes them our potential enemies when it comes to losing weight, since we mix them with fats; which provides them with a large amount of calories and makes us fat. That’s the problem!

If we look at other cultures, in which many carbohydrates are consumed, such as rice; This problem does not occur, because they combine rice with vegetables, without fat; which provides them with quality nutrients. You can see the Okinawan diet , the diet of the region with the lowest rate of obesity.

You can also find out about the calories in sushi , or if rice makes you fat? Some articles that will make you change your mind about carbohydrates with scientific answers.

The mixture of carbohydrate and fat is what leads to obesity

This is the idea that the nutritionist Terica Uriol affirms and also emphasizes that carbohydrates are the most important part of the diet since “The brain and the heart, which are vital organs, without which we would be dead, are fed by 100% carbohydrates ”, explains the nutritionist.

It is the mixture of carbohydrate and fat that leads to obesity . It is an explosive bomb. The Chinese eat rice, and the Italians eat pasta, but they eat carbohydrates without fat, not like us, who eat it with fat. This diet aims to teach you to eat that carbohydrate, but with fruits and vegetables, in order to lose weight.

What is the success of the sandwich diet based on?

More than putting people on a diet, what we do with this diet is to teach people to eat healthily . The most important thing is to know the nutritional pyramid of health, which is the same for everyone and tells us what to eat in greater and lesser amounts.

It is about changing bad habits for good ones , and that people learn to be skinny by eating, not without eating or eating badly and can cause serious damage to their health.

In addition, being able to eat at certain times what one likes the most makes the diet more bearable and we do not fall into abandonment.

A snack-based diet

Uriol is convinced that the diets that work are the ones that adapt to everyone’s tastes . And eliminating bread, from a diet for those who like bread, is an impossible mission.

That is why the secret of their diet is that the necessary amount of carbohydrate that must be taken to be healthy is eaten in the form of bread. The important thing is to combine the bread with suitable foods , which do not have fat. And that is not as simple as it seems, since fat is present in all the foods that we generally consume.

For this reason, we must combine the bread with protein, but in little quantity, and without fat . We can prepare sandwiches with fiber and vitamins, in the form of tomato, lettuce and other vegetables or with serrano ham removing the fat, or with natural tuna or anchovies, for example. Of course, without oil.

What should we eliminate from our diet?

The most dangerous foods for our health, and the ones that make us gain weight the most, are saturated fats, present in all kinds of industrial pastries, bag snacks, all dairy products that are not fat-free, butter, etc.

The consumption of this type of food is more and more widespread and we are seeing how in this society, more and more we are turning children into obese.

The snacking between meals is widespread, and generally chop products that are not healthy , this diet snack commitment fruit between meals. Although there are many diets that restrict the consumption of fruit due to its contribution of hydrates and sugars present in the fruit, in the diet of the sandwich, the fruit is fully recommended for its contribution in fiber that improves intestinal transit and also for its contribution of vitamins and minerals.

To maintain a healthy diet, we must avoid most processed foods.

We must be very careful with what we buy because many foods that are known as light, are not.

Sometimes, they remove sugar from food to be able to consider it light, and increase fat, with which sometimes they get fatter than another that is not advertised as light.

You have to be very aware of all these things.

Weekly sandwich diet menu

Food to distribute between breakfast, desserts and between meals:

• 1 glass of coffee with skim milk and saccharin.
• 2 skimmed yogurts.
• 2 slices of whole wheat bread and light jam.
• Tangerines, oranges, melon, pomegranates, pineapple, kiwi, plums and pears.

Food for free consumption, in quantity and at any time:

Lettuces, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, chives, gherkins, asparagus, celery, palm hearts, mushrooms, capers, garlic, peppers, leeks, endives, mushrooms, lemons, kiwis, salt, vinegars, spices, condiments, garlic, parsley, cooking wine, light drinks (non-carbonated and not juices), sugar-free candies and gum, herbal teas, coffee, sweeteners.

The oils and everything that is not on the list are considered non-free foods, and we must monitor their consumption.

You can change a meal for a dinner whenever you want. At each lunch and dinner, 4 glasses of water should be taken.


• Day 1: Soup or vegetable puree with emperor or grilled fish.
• Day 2: Broccoli with 3 turkey sausages.
• Day 3: Two potatoes, salad, and chicken burgers.
• Day 4: Broad beans or white beans and vegetables.
• Day 5: Three delights rice
• Day 6: Pasta, salad and salmon.
• Day 7: Free avoiding fat.


• Day 1: Free in moderation
• Day 2: 16 cm of loaf bread with fat-free serrano ham.
• Day 3: Three slices of whole wheat bread with salmon.
• Day 4: Three slices of bread with hamburger or light cheese.
• Day 5: Three slices of sliced ​​bread with an egg and ham.
• Day 6: Three slices of sliced ​​bread with turkey and two slices of light cheese.
• Day 7: Three slices of sliced ​​bread with Serrano ham or light cheeses.

Moderate exercise is recommended , if we like it. The nutritionist Uriol, tells us that sport is great for health, but that we should do it if we like it, since it considers that impositions generate hatred, and the more they ask you for something, the less we want to do it.

Therefore, he emphasizes that it is very healthy, but it is not essential to do the diet.

It also refers to the fact that generally people do not play sports due to lack of time and desire, so it says that they do not do sports to lose weight, but to feel good.

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