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Melon diet to lose weight in 5 days

by Georgia Ede
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Melon diet, lose weight in 5 days

After the excesses, it is convenient to do a crash diet that helps us lose what we have eaten more, as you already know losing weight is not an easy thing but we put at your disposal the latest trend in food and diets. Although fruits are demonized when it comes to losing weight, we want to remove that bad reputation they have and for you to discover all the properties they have that help us lose weight .

As you know the crash diets are diets that are used to give us a boost when weight loss diets are not maintained over time, but are diets of short duration with rapid result .

The fast diets , as you have heard out there, are not always the best option, usually diets that have good results in short time and therefore imply an average effort for a short time, which works them to certain people such they have been stuck and unable to lose weight, or people who need that motivator to help them start a diet. ¿ What happens if you do a diet and do not lose weight? You directly abandon it, as this type of diet avoids abandonment because they have very rapid effects on our body.

If this is your case and you need to lose weight fast, we recommend the melon diet, a crash diet, that if you like melon, you will love it.

If the melon is not your preferred fruit is better than you look for an alternative such as diet papaya , the watermelon diet  or diet of bananas . You can find out about them by clicking on their name.

What is the melon diet?

The melon diet is a fast crash diet in which we will not only eat melon, but we will combine said food with others to make a complete diet that cannot cause nutritional deficits, something that we should not do if we want to lose weight in a healthy way.

Remember that we should not lose weight at any price and less putting our health at risk.

Does eating melon lose weight?

As it is a very sweet fruit, you may be concerned about the calories it provides, but you will surely be surprised to learn that it is one of the fruits that provides us with few calories, about 34 calories per 100 grams . You can check the calories in fruits here .

Its high water content makes it prevent fluid retention and in addition, its high fiber content satisfies us and is also  mild laxative , which favors digestion.

Its high content of minerals,  fiber and vitamins makes the melon provide us with multiple properties, among which we highlight a high feeling of satiety for a long time.

If you want to know more about whether melon makes you fat, click here .

Is eating melon at night bad?

Some people consider that it is not advisable to eat melon at night, in fact there are many popular sayings that refer to it, because they say it causes indigestion , which is not scientifically proven since its content is basically water, therefore, It would not have any component that could cause digestive or stomach problems.

The point is that we must take into account not to consume it very cold because this can produce a very abrupt change in temperature that makes us feel bad.

Melon properties

  • It is energizing and hydrating since most of it is water, low in calories. Every 100 grams gives us 34 calories. It is also low in fat  and provides us with a large amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • It provides us with flavonoids , antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals, reducing the possibility of suffering from cancer.
  • It contains vitamin A , it is also one of the fruits that contains it the most, a powerful antioxidant good for skin problems and that protects us from premature cellular aging. The vitamin C, B and manganese present in melon favors the strengthening of the immune system.
  • It helps the body to cope with diseases caused by infections , viruses and bacteria, by having vitamin C and manganese . It controls the heart rate and blood pressure due to its potassium content, which prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • It satiates us for a long time.
  • It is detoxifying and diuretic . Avoid fluid retention if you want to know the best diuretics and drainage, click here .

Melon diet guidelines

We are going to distribute the meals in 5 shots in which the consumption of melon will predominate, we will do it as follows:

At breakfast we will opt for a coffee with milk and a toast of whole wheat bread with sugar with a natural smoothie of melon with water. If we consider too much food, we can have the smoothie in the mid-morning snack accompanied by a piece of melon.

When eating always take a salad or vegetable broth and fish or grilled meat. Two days a week it can be a plate of rice or legumes. For dessert a slice of melon. You can substitute the salad for melon gazpacho or melon with ham.

In the afternoon we will have a skimmed yogurt with pieces of melon and dinner will be light melon with ham, a vegetable cream, a natural fruit salad or a grilled fish with vegetables, etc.

You must remember that you should avoid in the diet processed and precooked products, industrial products, pastries, sweets, snacks and fats.

It is not allowed to fry food or batter, since this increases the caloric intake of the food and is also not good for health, so we will choose to cook on the grill, in the oven or steamed; a healthier kitchen with fewer calories.

You should drink around two liters of water a day, you can accompany it with infusions or sweetened teas.

How long does the diet last?

As you well know, this diet is a fast crash diet to motivate us to lose weight, the duration is a maximum of 5 days , if we want to repeat it we must rest at least another 5 days doing a balanced diet to lose weight.

Although these types of diets are restrictive, they get along well due to the period of time in which they develop and also because we restrict food and change habits, but we consume foods that we like, such as melon.

How much weight can I lose?

You can lose up to 3 kilos in 5 days , all this depends on your involvement, the food intake you carry out and the physical exercise with which you combine it.

In addition, another factor to take into account is how much weight we have over, that is, an overweight person does not lose the same as a normal weight person.

Here we leave you the best exercises to lose weight and exercises to do at home .

It is important to move, it will help you lose weight more quickly.

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