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The best exercise to lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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Running, the best exercise to lose weight and lose weight

Going for a run
 or running on a treadmill are the most complete and best exercises to lose weight, bearing in mind that running on a treadmill reduces the amount of fat , which is burned by 15%, it is preferable if we run outdoors.

Running we start many muscles at the same time and we work a large part of them so we burn calories globally, not specific areas. Running sweat causes us to burn a large number of calories and therefore fat, in addition we accelerate the metabolism, which contributes to a faster and healthier weight loss due to a greater calorie burn.

The advantages of going for a run are infinite apart from breathing fresh air and exercising in a general way, we put our physical resistance to the test and we will realize that little by little we are enduring more and more.

Running burn the double fat than traveling the same distance at a moderate pace which causes faster weight loss . It is one of the most complete cardiovascular exercises , because it is well known that exercises in which gravity intervenes cause us to burn more calories than in those that do not, such as swimming or cycling.

Recommendations for running

You should not be obsessed with speed since it is preferable to run constantly and gradually increase the resistance than to run one day and put aside the exercise for having exhausted the resistance. It is worth going out for a 30 minute run every day and gradually trying to do the longest route, to progress and increase the level of physical exercise .

You can sprint a minute every few meters and thus make changes in rhythm that motivate you and gradually increase your resistance , this is not a competition, it is a long-distance race to lose weight in a gradual and healthy way.

Interval exercise, the latest trend

You can also do interval workouts, which have been shown to be the most effective for weight loss.

One of the options for beginners is to walk for 20 minutes and jog for 10 minutes. In this way we will be able to increase our cardiopulmonary resistance , since when we have been walking for 20 minutes and our body begins to feel more tired, we try to take it a little further by running for ten minutes. This will cause our body to demand more of itself, and little by little it will achieve greater resistance.

Once we have managed to increase our resistance, we can move on to doing intensity cycles (HIIT) that base training on 30-20-10 intervals , forming 5-minute cycles. That is, we will start the activity with a 30 second jog, we will start running at an average pace for 20 seconds and a 10 second sprint. We will repeat forming cycles of 5 minutes. Between cycles we will carry out an active rest (walking) of 30 seconds.

Then we will jog for 2 minutes, run at medium speed for a minute and a half and a sprint of 30 seconds, repeating the same cycles with an active rest of 30 seconds. This type of training encourages rapid weight loss and also helps us burn fat .

Another type of interval training is jogging 30 seconds, running for 4 minutes, sprinting 30 seconds combined with an active rest of 30 seconds walking. Forming cycles of 5 minutes .

And finally, interval training with beats is another current trend, in which we will run normally for 10 minutes, do a 30-second sprint and walk until the pulsations normalize to start another cycle. Repeating it like this for 3 or 4 cycles to get a quality workout.

  • Remember that you must hydrate well and always combine exercise with a balanced diet .

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