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Homemade isotonic drink

by Georgia Ede
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How to prepare a homemade isotonic drink?

Surely you have consumed an isotonic drink at some point since its regular use is increasingly widespread, even outside the uses for which it is designed. Isotonic drinks are created for a correct hydric replacement in athletes.

That is, when a person performs physical activity, the body loses fluids and mineral salts and these drinks are responsible for rehydrating the body correctly after exercise.

The isotonic drinks have become part of the diet of those who practice any sport , today have sold many of them and this has produced these types of beverages are consumed as a refreshing and not drink by the fact to practice sports or to replace electrolytes that are lost during exercise.

Next we will explain what an isotonic drink is and how to make it at home in our own home.

What is an isotonic drink?

It is a preparation of sugars ( carbohydrates ) and minerals dissolved in water. This preparation is created to promote hydration and replacement of electrolytes in the body against the loss that occurs in high intensity sports through sweat.

These preparations help the maintenance of sports activity by improving performance during them and a better recovery after practicing the activity, if carbohydrates are easily found in the form of sugars, the digestion process almost does not occur and the Glucose contribution to the blood is very preventing hypoglycemia, birds or the malfunction of the muscles due to lack of energy.

It should be noted that the use of this type of drink is recommended for medium or high intensity activities, those in which we remain exercising for at least one hour, because despite everything there are people who use this type of isotonic drinks when they do not exercise. or when it is very small and that does not make much sense.

Why prepare a homemade isotonic drink?

Generally, these isotonic drinks that are marketed are usually expensive, in addition, as it is something that after exercise we consume enough quantity to be able to hydrate ourselves properly and also to satisfy our thirst; it may be that it is too expensive for us.

In addition, as any product made in an industrial way contains chemical ingredients, such as colorants, stabilizers, and other substances and additives that make them less natural, that is why if we want to take care of ourselves and control the food we eat, it is preferable to make our own isotonic drink homemade; resulting in addition, more economical and natural .

Below we offer you 4 different recipes for isotonic drinks , so that you can make the ones you like the most and vary the different types adapting them to your tastes.

Lemon isotonic


– 1 liter of water

– 2 lemons

– Sodium bicarbonate

– Sugar and salt.

Squeeze the two lemons and add the juice in the water, for those people who are not related to lemon or their acidity feels bad, it can be substituted with another fruit, the most suitable alternative to lemon in this case would be orange or mandarin . Incorporate a teaspoon of sea salt, if it is iodized much better for the contribution of iodine it provides, half a teaspoon of baking soda and three tablespoons of sugar. We can also do it with honey.

¿ Honey or sugar, which is healthier ? We recommend that you read this post, in which we explain everything you need to know.

Finally, say that it is convenient to prepare the drink in advance and put it in the refrigerator, since cold liquids favor the hydration effect to occur more quickly.

Natural isotonic juice

The base of the recipe is the same as the isotonic lemon drink, substituting the lemon for the fruit juice that we prefer, for example grapefruit, pineapple, or any other fruit. We must emphasize that the best fruits to do so are usually citrus or acidic fruits due to their correct combination with sodium bicarbonate.

Pineapple is widely used and we can even combine it with a lemon or lime that will give it a special touch.

You can also see the post on how to make  lemon water for adelg random , where we offer all its properties.

You can also do it with ginger , to benefit from all its healthy properties. Here’s how to make ginger water .

Isotonic coconut water

The latest studies reveal that coconut water is the isotonic drink par excellence due to its numerous properties since it helps eliminate toxins thanks to its high concentration of potassium , which is responsible for the replacement of electrolytes .

It is also low in calories , cleansing and diuretic , and its high fiber content makes it ideal for eliminating toxins and fluids. In addition, its concentration of vitamin C makes it act as an antioxidant, protecting the immune system.

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