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Going up and down stairs, a very healthy exercise

by Georgia Ede
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Climbing Stairs, a healthy exercise to lose weight

Exercising sometimes becomes an act that is difficult for us to perform but there are small gestures that allow us to perform physical activity without even realizing it. The fact of changing certain habits in our day to day makes us burn more calories and thereby motivates weight loss.

Technological advances aimed at facilitating our day to day make people more and more sedentary and move less. Inventions such as the automobile, motorcycles or the elevator have made human beings become more and more comfortable and exercise less. Jobs are becoming less physical and if we add to this that more and more battery-powered means of mobility are being invented, such as certain scooters or motorized bicycles, sedentary lifestyle in society will increase day by day, damaging our health .

On many occasions we have the opportunity to exercise , even when we work, but we refuse to do it perhaps for comfort. The elevator has made something as simple as going up and down stairs increasingly obsolete, but it has been proven that changing this aspect in our lives is beneficial for our health .

Benefits of going up and down stairs

There are many studies that confirm that leaving the elevator and using the stairs has many health benefits. A study carried out by the University of Geneva determined that by replacing the elevator with the stairs in a period of 3 months, it is possible to significantly improve physical fitness. He also concluded that the volume of the waist is reduced , as well as body fat and therefore weight is lost . Other benefits are attributed to it, such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and as a consequence, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases,  very common in sedentary people.

The practice of aerobic exercise such as this reduces the risk of death from any cause by 15%, this is the most relevant data in this study. Among the benefits we also find the improvement of muscle tone, we will tone the buttocks, we will burn calories and it helps to fight and undo the fat nodules that cause cellulite . It is, in fact, one of the recommended exercises to reduce the volume of the legs and holsters since it tones the muscle and it becomes smoother and tighter.

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Exercise combined with walking for about 30 minutes a day is one of the most recommended for people with diabetes or cardiovascular problems as it helps to improve their physical condition ; so much so that it is vitally important to carry out some type of physical exercise both for this type of people, as well as for healthy people, to reduce the risk of suffering from this type of disease.

In fact, the benefits of practicing any type of physical activity are many, such as improving our physical condition, our predisposition to suffer from certain diseases goes down a lot, as well as improving our mood, falling asleep more easily and increasing our self-esteem.

How to go up and down steps to lose weight?

Thinking that the simple fact of changing certain aspects of our life can bring us so many benefits and abandon a sedentary lifestyle is a good reason to get going and start practicing this exercise that does not require prior knowledge to be carried out and thus begin to enjoy its benefits .

You can start by writing down how many steps you climb without getting tired , and after a while see how this figure is increasing. Once you take a while, you can alternate and some sections climb the steps two at a time to increase the intensity of the exercise . You will immediately begin to notice the benefits and with little effort. Try to increase the intensity of the exercise, decreasing the time in which you climb the steps, climbing with some weight or climbing more steps. You can also do series of going up and down at different intensities (interval exercise) Do not hesitate, join this activity and improve your health.

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