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Exercises for sagging arms

by Georgia Ede
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Exercises to combat sagging arms

The sagging  is degradation of the fibers that support the skin, ie, collagen and elastin, may be typical of aging or external factors such as variations in weight, pregnancy, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

To better understand it in a visual way, the flaccidity of the arms is that antiaesthetic skin and layer of fat that hangs from the arms and that occurs when the skin or muscles lose tone and firmness, therefore, we have to base ourselves on toning the muscles to fight it.

In addition to making a diet to lose weight , it is very important to accompany it with exercises to prevent the muscles and skin from being flabby. In this case, we treat the flaccidity of the arms, but we can also apply it to the flaccidity of the thighs or buttocks.

– Among the exercises of the aerobic type , the most suitable is swimming, or rowing, the latter less accessible.

– Among the toning exercises, the most suitable are those that consist of lifting dumbbells or weights. It is necessary to perform two types of exercises, to exercise the biceps (muscle in front of the arm) and to exercise the triceps (muscle in the back or back of the arm).

Simple exercises to avoid sagging arms

1. Dumbbell raise to work the biceps:

a) Perform the exercise in a sitting position, if possible on a bench, supporting your lower back on the backrest and keeping your back completely straight.

b) Begin with the arms down, the elbows touching the body and the palms of the hands open facing up.

c) Gently lift the weights up to shoulder height, and slowly lower again.

2. Dumbbell raise to work the triceps:

a) Perform the exercise in a sitting or standing position.

b) Start with the arms stretched upwards in a totally vertical position, and bend the forearm back, behind the head and again raise the arm until it is extended slowly.

These exercises are simple , let’s say they would be framed at a beginner level, very accessible to anyone who does not exercise. In any case, it is advisable to start with 3 sessions of approximately 10 repetitions and then increase progressively and gradually.

Be patient, as the results will begin to show from the first month, in addition, exercising will improve your physical condition and help prevent many other ailments and diseases.

Other exercises to keep fit

You may also be interested in other exercises to work your silhouette and recover the image that you like the most about yourself, for this, we will have to work each area with its specific exercises or try to make tables of  mixed exercises to lose weight  or exercises that help us  burn fat  located in our localized areas.

If you are concerned about belly fat and toning your abdominal area to get rid of an uncomfortable belly, here are  the best exercises to lose belly .

The buttocks are also another part that we are usually interested in defining for women, so we leave you the link of the best exercises to tone buttocks .

We remember that it is very important to work all parts of the body together, so we can develop a pattern combined with our weakest localized areas or where we tend to accumulate more fat, to work the different muscle groups together.

Here we leave you how to reduce thighs and also how to fight cellulite .

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