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Exercise Plan to Slim Hips

by Georgia Ede
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Say goodbye to cartridge belts, look hip

Sometimes the fat is located in specific areas of the body, according to each person, it is well known that this fat is the most difficult to eliminate, we call these localized areas weak points; since each person has theirs. Generally, men tend to accumulate fat in the abdomen, while women do it more in the area of ​​the hips, legs and buttocks.

The keys are simple, a healthy diet low in carbohydrates, with hardly any fat and high in vitamins, minerals and proteins in addition to daily physical exercise, this combination will make our body. The trick to losing fat is to burn calories , so take note of the following exercises specific to the hips, legs and buttocks.

We also leave you some recommendations to burn fat, some simple tricks that will help you eliminate fat from localized areas .

How to reduce hips and thighs to show off hips

It is a localized area in which more fat accumulates in women, and although the woman’s silhouette is drawn with curves, sometimes the volume is exceeded in these areas.

There are multiple causes of wide hips , not only the accumulation of fat , but also the complexion of the person, in some women the widening of the hips occurs after pregnancy , etc.

It is clear that against genetics and one’s constitution we cannot fight, but what we want is that fat does not accumulate in that area. To do this, we must take into account that food is a determining factor in these cases, betting on a diet to burn fat , with a controlled consumption of carbohydrates, so that our body begins to burn localized fat.

You can also try the ketogenic diet , which you have explained step by step in the link.

Exercises to reduce hips

The exercises that we provide below can be performed perfectly at home without the need for sports equipment, if we recommend the use of a mat for floor exercises, to prevent injuries.

  • Sitting in a chair, we will extend our legs to the front and we will collect them up to chest height, first one leg and then the other, so we will do five sets of ten.
  • Lying on the floor on our side, we will raise our straight leg to the maximum and we will hold for about ten seconds. We will do 2 sets of 10 exercises with each leg, alternating the leg. We can do this exercise also with a weight on it.
  • Lying on our back we will stretch one leg up and hold for 5 seconds and then we will change legs. Once we do 4 sets of ten we will do the same exercise but moving the leg to the sides.
  • Lying on our back we will stretch both legs and do cross leg exercises, from slower to faster for about two minutes.
  • Sitting on the floor we will extend our legs to the front and we will try to raise the tip of the foot towards our body, noticing the stretch throughout the back muscles of the leg. We will hold for about 20 seconds with each foot and do the exercise 4 times with each foot. We will also do this exercise sitting in a chair.
  • Standing on one foot, we will place the other foot behind the knee and stand on tiptoe trying to stay for about five seconds. We will do 4 sets of 10, two with each foot.
  • Lying face down we will lift one leg and shrink from the knee and stretch like this about 10 times with each leg. We will do 4 series.

This type of exercise and any aerobic exercise, walking, cycling, or going up and down stairs will improve this area little by little by burning calories and therefore fat, we will tone the muscles of the legs and they will look thinner.

Work your figure and show off curves with simple exercises

We must not forget that it is also important to work together the different parts of the body, so we leave you different links on exercises to work the different parts of the body. You can do a combination board and practice alternate exercises to work your entire silhouette and get in shape.

In combination with these types of exercises for the hips and cartridge belts, they offer great results in the lower areas of the body.

These exercises are highly recommended if you are on a weight loss diet to avoid sagging arms.

These are complementary to the exercises for the hips, since the upper part of the thigh, it is important to work and define it, you can also see in the article an explanatory video of the best exercises. Do not miss it!

These exercises, combined with the diet to lose belly , will make you get rid of the love handles that bother us so much.

Finally we leave the exercises to tone the chest , which is one of the parts that suffers the most with weight loss, but that you can easily recover if you follow these simple exercises.

Do not forget that it is important that you do aerobic exercise to burn the accumulated fat , so we recommend that you practice exercise that involves moderate physical wear and tear.

Hips Exercise Video: Out of Holsters!

As you can see, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes a day to get the body you want.

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