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Exercises to lose weight and reduce thighs

by Georgia Ede
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Losing thighs is not an easy task, here we explain how to do it correctly

To lose weight in the thighs , not just simply do toning exercises or strengthening the muscles of the legs, although these are important, we must also do exercises of the type aerobic order to burn fat.

With this type of exercise it is possible to burn fat from the whole body and preferably it is burned from where there is more, and therefore, from where there is more. Therefore, we must take into account when exercising, that just as there are areas in which our body accumulates fat more easily, there are other areas of the body in which it is more difficult for us to lose weight, so we must guide and promote the exercise of those parts that cost us more to reduce.

Go cycling or spinning, since, in addition to promoting the loss of accumulated body fat, the muscles of the legs are toned.

We must not neglect doing other types of exercise, we must combine aerobic exercises that help us lose fat and consequently weight, but we must do toning exercises so that the muscle mass is not lost and remains toned.

We will thus avoid the presence of cellulite , which will be eliminated with the performance of this type of exercise. If you want to know more about cellulite and the anti-cellulite diet, we recommend that you read this post, you can’t miss it!

Myths about thigh exercise

  • It should be noted that there is a myth or legend that says that cycling increases the volume of the legs and that therefore it is not convenient, well, this is not the case, obviously if you have thin legs when exercising the muscles they will take more volume and firmness, but if you have fat or fat legs, what you will do is burn that excess fat and convert part of the fat into muscle, but the volume will be reduced and the muscle toned .

Exercises to lose volume and fat from the thighs

Specific exercises for the muscles of the legs manage to strengthen and tone them, with this, you will notice that the muscles are hard and strong, but they will not be visible if there is a certain layer of fat above them. For this reason, the exercises shown below must be combined with aerobic exercises (running, walking, swimming, cycling, tennis, etc…).

The training plan is based on doing 3 or 4 days a week aerobic exercise, (spinning is advisable) for approximately 45 minutes and then about 20 abdominal sessions with 2 or 3 repetitions and then progressively increased.

You may also be interested in how to eliminate fluid retention , since a large part of the retained fluids lodge in the thighs, therefore, this can be a solution to your excessive volume in the legs, which you can remedy with some very easy tips.

Exercises to tone thighs

There are many ways to perform exercises to tone the thigh muscles , it is recommended to do the following exercises:

  • In a sitting position, preferably in a chair, with the lumbar area well supported on the backrest and with the arms attached to the chair to fix the trunk, with the feet well supported on the floor, perform the upward flexion until they are in position horizontal.

Perform 3 sessions of 10 repetitions and increase progressively and gradually, in advanced process you can also include weight on the ankles or feet.

Video exercises to strengthen thighs and buttocks

Here we offer you a video to strengthen the thighs and buttocks from home to make it easier for you and achieve your goals. You can’t miss it, you only need 15 minutes!

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