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Diet 5: 2 a diet to lose weight fast

by Georgia Ede
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The 5: 2 diet, a diet to lose weight

The 5: 2 diet is a diet designed to lose weight, but above all it is a diet for those who find it difficult to follow a diet plan with caloric restrictions for a while. This system makes things a little easier for them as they only have to restrict calories for two days a week , which makes it easier to go on a diet.

These diets known as intermittent fasting diets , because fasting days do not exceed 1000 calories, have been shown to offer fairly quick results without putting health at risk, all if carried out as indicated in the basic guidelines of the diet.

Here we explain everything you need to know about intermittent fasting, and how you should carry it out, in addition to its health benefits, and the contraindications of this diet. Do not miss it!

The 5: 2 diet a partial intermittent fasting plan

These types of diets are an easy way out for those who find it difficult to diet, but they have a counterpart, and that is that the calorie restriction days are very strict . While it is true, it may be easier to carry it because they are two days a week, and never consecutive, so this will be easier than restricting the caloric intake on a daily basis, but of course, intermittent fasting to lose weight has some rules If we do not comply with them, they do not give results.

The approach to the diet is as follows: During 5 days of the week we will eat regularly , and on two alternate days , that is, we will never consecutively restrict ourselves to a maximum of 600 calories per day . This implies a great caloric adjustment that we are not used to.

On intermittent fasting days it is important to emphasize that due to the low caloric intake, it is not advisable that we do any type of physical activity, since we could get dizzy due to lack of energy.

It is also important to note that on the days when we eat regularly , we must bear in mind that if we do not take care of our diet, it is unlikely that we will lose weight. That is, it is not about gorging ourselves on junk food, or consuming sweets until we are satisfied or anything like that, it is about eating healthy and without counting the calories we eat, but the more balanced and healthy the diet, the better. .

We must knowingly choose the best foods to nourish our body, and for this we can make use of foods with a low glycemic index , as well as make use of foods with high nutritional value , such as superfoods .

It is very important to drink around 2 liters of water daily, to maintain the water balance of our body, thus avoiding problems derived from it, such as constipation . For this you can also help yourself with ginger water , or eggplant water to lose weight , which give a different touch to water and also provide us with multiple benefits.

What are the benefits of the 5: 2 diet?

Actually this type of diet is being studied in depth, but what has been proven is that intermittent fasting has positive effects on our body. Not the total fast, but the partial fast. We have talked about this type of diet in the intermittent fasting diet, which you can find here and where we offer you more information.

The health benefits are many and diverse. The intermittent fasting diet offers us the possibility of losing weight by eating regularly, with only two days of partial fasting (500-600 calories a day) which gives us the opportunity to lose weight quickly and with little effort.

Here is an example of a 500 calorie diet for your reference.

Intermittent fasting diets such as 5: 2 have been shown to cause less loss of muscle mass than low-calorie diets , in addition to achieving rapid weight loss without putting our health at risk. It has also been shown to reduce triglycerides naturally, as well as reduce insulin resistance, and reduce inflammation levels in the body by lowering the amount of C-reactive protein.

What to eat a normal day?

The 5: 2 diet has no restrictions on what to eat and what not to eat, so you can eat whatever you want . Although it is true, as we have commented previously, you should not abuse precooked, elaborated or highly refined products that fill our dishes with calories, providing very few nutrients. It is preferable that you choose a healthy diet based on the consumption of healthy and quality products and that is as balanced as possible.

The caloric intake will vary greatly depending on the level of physical activity you perform, but keep in mind that weight loss can roam between 1500 and 2000 about calories.

What to eat on an intermittent fasting day?

Basically you choose between three different alternatives:

  • Two stronger main meals (lunch and dinner).
  • Three small meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Two meals and a snack (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack).

These three alternatives are the most common among followers of the 5: 2 diet, you should test yourself to see which one offers the best results in your body and which one you feel most comfortable with. The sum of the intakes should give a result of 600 calories, it is really very little, so it is advisable to eat small meals and reserve at least 200 calories to have a snack throughout the day to avoid anxiety about eating .

If you choose to have only two meals, you can see in the following link light dinners to lose weight , some ideas for your menus.

  • Remember that 600 calories to distribute throughout the day is a very low caloric intake, so it is not recommended to carry out physical exercise of moderate or high intensity since it can have consequences on our body.

Guidelines to carry out to get through the day without anxiety and control your appetite with the 5: 2 diet

Such sudden changes in caloric intake cause the body to suffer from a lack of habits that can cause anxiety, so we recommend choosing foods that satisfy us a lot and that provide us with few calories , high in protein and fiber .
In addition, we must drink a lot of fluids as this will help us to stay satiated.

The soup is a good ally for these days since it has been shown to have a greater satiating effect hot food and liquid than solid, plus we provide few calories. You can also opt for vegetables, skimmed dairy, steamed or baked fish or fat-free white meats, coffees and teas, fruit, etc.

Contraindications of the 5: 2 diet

Intermittent fasting is something that not everyone can do, as there are people who are not prepared for it. Remember that it is very important to have a correct state of health and that it is not advisable to carry out this type of diet and you must take special care if:

  • You have experienced some type of eating disorder.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not advisable to practice intermittent fasting.
  • People who are prone to hypoglycemia or with impaired glucose levels or diabetics.
  • Children and the elderly should not carry out such strict diets.

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