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Weight loss bike: 10 Benefits that will improve your health!

by Georgia Ede
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To lose weight effectively, it must be clear that the most effective way is to practice cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. What if I want to lose accumulated belly fat? ABS? No , the most appropriate exercise is aerobic, abdominal muscle power training would also work, of course, but not in isolation. Whether you want to slim your belly , thighs or legs …, aerobic exercise is always indicated as a fundamental part.

Among the cardiovascular exercises par excellence is running and cycling . When choosing each of these, they have advantages and disadvantages, although for many other benefits, we are clear about it: the bicycle . For this reason, below we will show you some small benefits of riding a bicycle so that YOU CHEEN UP and get back to work as soon as possible GETTING TO WORK !

The best option to lose weight is to perform a low intensity physical exercise and be constant over time and gradually increase in progression both the intensity of the pedaling and the time spent.

The environment and the modality will be chosen by YOU, it can be practiced outdoors or indoors, as well as road cycling, mountain biking and even city biking in a family environment and with children.

In addition to losing weight and losing weight, riding a bicycle will help you in many ways to improve your health, so … read on and discover here some of the benefits that you had not imagined of riding a bicycle:

Get well!

– Your body secretes hormones that make you feel better

Reduce heart attacks!

– With pedaling exercise, the risk of heart attacks is reduced by 50%, the maximum heart rate increases and blood pressure decreases.

Lower your cholesterol!

– Blood vessels stay flexible and healthy when your legs move every day.

Stimulate your muscles!

– Stimulates the small muscles of the dorsal vertebrae (muscles that are difficult to work with any other sports discipline)

Strengthen the lower back!

– Thanks to the regular movement of the legs this area is strengthened.

Think better!

– When doing sports, the brain becomes more oxygenated and allows you to be more attentive and think more easily.

Protect your joints!

With the bicycle, the joints such as the knees or ankles work in unloading since 80% of the weight is kept on the seat.

Be happy!

– When you do physical exercise, your body generates endorphins, which are called hormones of happiness, so you will feel better.

Avoid pain!

– Many pain in the back and other parts of the body are caused by inactivity, as exercise will undoubtedly improve your pain.

Correct your posture!

– With a correct posture with the torso slightly bent forward, the back muscles are under tension and it is forced to stabilize the trunk.

and finally and as you know …

Burns fat!

– The aerobic exercise of the bicycle is ideal to consume calories and burn fat , the more intense the exercise, the greater the consumption of calories.

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