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Effective exercises to lose belly

by Georgia Ede
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Go ahead and get a flat stomach!

To lose weight in the belly or get a flat stomach see diet Twenty – up , not only just exercises to do toning to strengthen the abdominal muscles, although these are also important, but, to do exercises aerobic type for fat burning . We are also going to give you some guidelines to be able to combine with exercises to lose belly.

What can I do to lose my belly?

In the first place and combining it with the exercises that we are going to offer you below, we must determine the cause of our belly, since there can be multiple causes and some of them we must avoid with the diet and combining with exercises.

This is the case of abdominal bloating caused by gas or fluid retention . Here we offer you a series of tips to avoid stomach gas , and what you can do to remedy it, as well as a list of foods that produce gas .

To avoid these causes we will give you some nutritional guidelines to avoid a swollen abdomen, and that unsightly belly that bothers us so much.

  • In the first place, consume many diuretic foods , which help you eliminate fluid retention, as well as hydrate your body on a regular basis, not only when you are thirsty. You can make use of supplements such as horsetail to help you eliminate toxins that are retained in our body and make us bloated.
  • Chew your food well to facilitate digestion and avoid stomach gas.
  • Moderate the consumption of sugar and salt. if we don’t take sugar we will keep insulin levels low and glucagon high. Glucagon is the hormone in charge of transforming belly fats into energy , so keeping its levels high, limiting sugar consumption, will be of great help to lose some belly.
  • It is more effective to perform cardiovascular exercise , which helps us lose weight and combine it with strength exercises to strengthen the muscle and then do sit-ups to train that area in a localized way.
  • Both in eating and in exercises it is very important to be constant, it is useless to exercise one day and not continue with the effort, since this will not bring us results.
  • It provides few calories spread throughout the day, do not binge on food because that contributes to bloating.
  • Do not consume carbonated or sweetened beverages. As well as no alcoholic beverages.

Exercises to lose belly

Specific exercises for the abdominal muscles manage to strengthen and tone them , with this, you will notice that the muscles are hard and strong, but they will not be visible if there is a certain layer of fat above them. For this reason, the exercises shown below must be combined with aerobic exercises (running, walking, swimming, cycling, tennis, etc…).

The training plan is based on making 3 or 4 days a week exercise of the type aerobic for about 45 minutes and after 20 sessions of crunches with 2 or 3 repetitions and then go progressively increased.

There are many ways to perform the abdominals, it  is advisable to perform them in the position that appears in the initial image, you have to keep your head straight in tune with the trunk and do not bend your neck to avoid overloading, the lumbar area must be well supported on the floor to avoid working the psoas and working only with the abs.

There are different types of abdominals, to work the entire abdomen, so we can combine the series of different types of exercises.

The most important thing is to be constant in the exercise to get results.

What diets can help me lose my belly?

The star diet to deflate and mark your waistline is the papaya diet ,  which with the properties of this fruit helps you fill up quickly and eliminate fluid retention; as well as to lose abdominal fat, since papaya has fat burning properties .

Another diet that can help you is the diet to lose belly ,  of which we leave you in the link all the information.

Video exercises for a flat abdomen

Here we offer you a video of exercises to lose belly and mark waist, with 10 minutes a day you will achieve your goals. Stay tuned!

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