Exercises to burn fat

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Exercises to burn body fat

Toning exercises allow you to tighten your muscles and have a firm and defined body, but first, you have to eliminate fat with some aerobic or cardiovascular activity.

It is recommended to exercise for a minimum duration of 30 minutes , which can last up to 45 minutes or an hour, since it is not until this moment when our body begins to burn fat accumulated in our fat reserves or adipose tissue.

The first 30 minutes our body will make use of the energy that we have provided with food during the hours prior to exercise, and it will not be until that time has elapsed that the body makes use of the fat accumulated in our body.

Exercise in combination with a balanced diet are the key to success

Physical exercise in combination with a diet adapted to your caloric expenditure are the basis for achieving a healthy weight loss, maintained over time and avoiding the rebound effect. That is, do not regain the lost weight. Here we leave you the best recommendations to avoid the rebound effect .

There are many diets that are designed to burn body fat, you can try countless of them. If you do daily moderate physical exercise, the recommendations are that you eat a balanced diet adjusted to your daily caloric expenditure, and in combination with exercise you will lose weight.

If you prefer more strict diets or diets that facilitate faster weight loss, you can try the ketogenic diet , which allows our body to burn fat quickly, entering a state of ketosis. Or diets like the protein diet with which you will lose weight quickly by increasing protein consumption and reducing carbohydrates.

There are many proposals, if you want to see the most effective diets you can consult them in the link and decide which one suits your needs.

Simple exercises to burn fat

This is an orientation circuit to burn fat:

Start by brisk walking for 5 minutes and when those minutes have elapsed start running for about 15 minutes. At the end of this time, do four series of jump rope with your feet together of 25 repetitions each (it is not necessary to rise much, with small jumps it is enough).

Go up and down stairs increasing the pace for about 3 minutes do toning exercises for different parts of the body such as abs. (Lie on the floor in front of a chair and bring your legs up to your knees and try to climb towards them with your hands crossed behind your neck. We will do 4 sets of 25 repetitions each.

Here you can see other exercises to lose weight that you can combine with this circuit.

Lying on your back with your legs at a right angle, we will lift one leg over the other placing the foot on the knee of the other and we will bring the body to the side to the foot that is on the knee. We will do 4 sets of 25 repetitions,  leg exercises . Lying on the floor on our side, we will raise our straight leg to the maximum and we will hold for about ten seconds; if at first we cannot bear those seconds we will start from seconds until we reach ten. We will do 2 series of 10 exercises with each leg, alternating the leg at the end of each series. We can do this exercise also with a weight on it.

You can do exercises from heels to buttocks for 2 minutes.

Then we will run for 10 minutes with several changes of pace lasting one minute (sprint) and we will reduce the pace until walking again to gradually recover the initial rhythm.

You can see here how to start running interval training , because running is the best exercise to lose weight , or so the recent studies on the matter rate it as you can find out in the link.

At the end we will stretch various parts of the body, drink and do a relaxation exercise. Start doing all the parts of the circuit but without paying attention to the duration; start doing what you can but gradually motivate yourself to get to do from about 45 minutes to one hour a day of these exercises and thus you will begin to burn fat properly and little by little you will define your figure and lose the weight that is necessary so that you feel good about yourself.

The importance of exercise , and its benefits in our health are indisputable, therefore, we encourage you to start with circuits like these and combine it with exercises to tone and redesign your figure.

Here we offer you some of them:

Here are some of them, so that you can choose the ones you need the most depending on the localized areas where the fat accumulates the most. They are simple exercises , tables accessible to anyone who does not exercise, so there are no excuses to get going and redefine your silhouette .

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