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Fitness Food: The healthy diet to practice sports

by Georgia Ede
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Fitness culture, increasingly widespread, why?

In recent years, what some call “fitness culture” is spreading , a trend that, although not new; is becoming more and more fashionable. And you will wonder what does it consist of? Well, very simple, people who carry out a fitness life, try to take care of their body and guide their nutritional guidelines towards physical-sports training to get the most out of their body before, during and after exercise.

People who carry out this lifestyle take care of their diet so that training is more productive and also try to get their body to develop in the terms they seek, that is, they tend to eat a diet that allows them to develop muscle. greater , and a recovery of muscle structures after the wear and tear produced by exercise.

These diets, known as “diets for athletes” have been innovating more and more and have gone from being the true unknown to true famous diets. This, always motivated by the latest trend in which celebrities share the healthiest and most delicious dishes of the fitness diet on their social networks, which has triggered the number of followers among their loyal followers.

What is the fitness diet based on?

The formula for healthy living, now known as “fitnesslife” is based on the main idea of ​​nourishing our body, not just feeding ourselves.

And what difference is there between nourishing and eating? Well, there are many, but mainly we will refer to the fact that eating is eating anything that removes hunger, and satisfies our body; While nourishing ourselves is giving our body all the necessary nutrients to develop correctly.

Nutrition is, after all, eating healthy to provide high-quality nutrients to our body so that the body has everything it needs to carry out its metabolic and functional activity.

Fitness diet to lose weight?

In addition to nourishing our body with the best nutritional foods, the fitness diet will help us lose weight and tone our muscles if we combine it with moderate physical exercise for at least 3 days a week.

It is important to adapt the caloric intake to the level of exercise we do, but since we will begin to eat healthily and without providing large amounts of calories, we will lose weight without problem.

Basic principles of fitness nutrition

The fitness diet does not restrict any food group, so we can say that it is a balanced diet that does not put our health at risk , in fact it is very healthy and its consumption is increasingly widespread.
We must take into account different basic principles to carry out the fitness lifestyle, since we must know how our body works with the diet and physical activity we do.

First of all, we must know the food groups, although it is not a dissociated diet, we must combine the foods correctly and in their right proportions.

• Carbohydrates or carbohydrates : Carbohydrates are the source of energy necessary for our body, and we must provide those that are of quality. To do this, we must always opt for medium or long chain carbohydrates , never for simple sugars, as these provide us with more calories and fewer interesting nutrients for our body.

We must know that carbohydrates provide energy to our body, so it is advisable to use them when we are going to perform an activity that requires wear and tear but we must reduce their consumption throughout the evening, since by reducing the level of physical activity The body does not need as much energy and if it does not consume it, it will be stored as fat, which will cause us to gain weight.

Some interesting carbohydrates for our diet are cereals such as oats , brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

• Proteins : We can find two types of proteins , those of animal origin and those of plant origin. Proteins help us build muscle, as long as we combine them with carbohydrates. Our body burns the calories from protein easily just by digesting it, so generally combining a good diet with physical exercise, the body will hardly store calories from the proteins we eat.

We find protein of animal origin in meat and fish , as well as in eggs. While legumes offer us the highest quality protein of plant origin . Oatmeal and beer yeast also provide us with protein , which you can find out in detail in this post, since it is very beneficial for our health and hardly provides us with calories.

It is convenient to choose quality proteins , which do not provide us with a large amount of fat, so we will opt for lean meat and fish and for proteins of plant origin.

If you are interested in the best proteins of plant origin for health, read this post in which everything is explained in detail. It is very interesting!

• Fats : They provide energy to our body, we must opt ​​for good  fats , preferably of vegetable origin such as avocado, olive oil, nuts, etc., rather than butter, cream or other fats of animal origin. Believe it or not, fats are necessary for the development of our body and also make us lose accumulated fat if we choose healthy fats such as those we have previously discussed, as well as essential acids omega 3 and 6.

• Vitamins and minerals : Present in all fruits , vegetables and vegetables , they are essential in the diet for a proper functioning of the body. They should be the basis of our diet along with the other food groups.

Guidelines and benefits of fitness food

Previously, gym athletes were known to carry out this type of diet aimed at achieving a rapid increase in muscle mass, and for this they consumed protein and carbohydrate shakes at all hours, but currently the concept of fitness food he has improved a lot and has developed towards healthier behaviors adapted to the level of physical activity that each one performs.

If you are interested in the best natural protein shakes , find out more here. 

Leaving behind the protein shakes, the fitness kitchen has been fully developed offering a multitude of recipes adapting the dishes towards a healthy and tasty cuisine .

  • We must eat 5 meals, at least to keep our body active. In addition, this way we will be able to maintain stable glucose levels.
  •  We must keep the body hydrated, consuming about two liters of water daily.
  • We will eliminate from our diet all those precooked and elaborated, highly refined products, betting on the healthiest cuisine, without fats, without industrial foods, which fill our body with sugars and hydrogenated fats, and which are also expensive to digest, and are accumulate in our body making us fat.
  •  We will bet on a light cuisine, in which we eliminate fried and battered ones, to contribute fewer calories to our body. We will cook on the grill, in the oven or steamed, making use of spices to give more flavor to our dishes, without abusing the salt and thus avoid the retention of liquids.
  • We will preferably consume foods of plant origin, such as soy, which gives us multiple benefits and also gives us less fat.

In short, we will provide our body with the best nutrients, providing fewer calories, since we will avoid foods that provide us with empty calories of nutrients.

If you are interested in superfoods , here you can find the best nutritionally best foods with the greatest benefits for our health.

Fitness food recipes

You can find in this link, the best healthy breakfasts to start a fitness diet, in which the necessary foods are combined to offer our body a quality nutritional contribution.

You can also see the best light dinners that adapt to the fitness kitchen, betting on a quality cuisine low in calories and with a high biological quality nutritional value.

You can also see the natural protein shakes , which are useful to increase the performance of physical exercise.

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