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What is a Superfood and how to take it? List of the + healthy

by Georgia Ede
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Surely you have heard of superfoods or superfoods , this type of food has become a trend in today’s diet, but what is true in all this? Are there better and worse foods? Are the properties attributed to it real or are they a product of marketing? Here we reveal the multiple benefits that are attributed to us by the considered superfoods.

The common interest in taking care of our body and our health has motivated the complex study of the impact of nutrition on our organism, which has shown us the effects that nutrients produce in our organism. Superfoods, we can say that they are foods that are beneficial for health due to their concentration of nutrients.

The fact of eating is not enough to eat , but we must bear in mind that the main function of food is the nutrition of our entire body. This has led many people to modify nutritional guidelines to improve their diet by enriching it with healthy foods that provide us with multiple benefits, known as superfoods.

In addition to being interested in nutrition, superfoods have the reputation of giving us longevity, that is, improving our quality of life to make us live longer, but how? you will ask. Well, thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, which are responsible for fighting free radicals. If you want to know more about superfoods, then we will explain all the properties of the most famous superfoods.

What exactly is a superfood?

We must emphasize that any food is beneficial for health if it is not consumed in excess, but what must a superfood have to be considered as such? What excludes certain foods from being superfoods? All the information you should know about superfoods and which are the best.

A superfood is considered as such when it meets a series of requirements, the main requirement is to be beneficial to health , it must be a food that does not cause damage to the body and also must be nutritionally complete; In other words, it provides us with an important amount of relevant nutrients.

When we speak of not being harmful to the body, we mean that its controlled consumption does not harm, or produce relevant metabolic and functional changes that may be harmful to the body. Of course, any food consumed in an exaggerated way can have opposite effects on the body, so we must always keep in mind to respect the doses and act in moderation.

What makes a food a superfood?

Mainly its nutrients, the nutrients that they give us are what make a food a superfood; It is what we call the nutritional quality of a food.

This data is important, we must guarantee to our body that the food we consume provides us with everything it needs, more importantly we must highlight some nutrients that our body is unable to synthesize, and that the only way to provide them to our body is to through diet and food; it is the case of certain amino acids.

The interest in taking care of food is very important, but this makes the industry want to take advantage of the appearance of unknown foods to which many properties are attributed, a fact that we must monitor since sometimes, not all properties are scientifically proven.

It is important to note that no food product can include on its labeling any claim of health benefits that is not proven by rigorous scientific studies.

Why can superfoods change my life?

Superfoods can change your life because they allow your body to work better, it can change your body, and even your mind, because when the body receives what it needs, everything begins to work correctly and it shows inside and out.

What would happen if we put fuel in our car diluted with other components that may have residues? The answer is simple, we would shorten the life of the engine.

For this reason, superfoods extend our life , protect us, act as antioxidants in our engine, our organism. Besides being foods that do not produce “waste”, they are totally healthy and interesting for our body. This is how superfoods can change your life, they are the best gasoline for your body to function at full capacity.


What kinds of superfoods are there?

There are as many types of superfoods as there are foods, but we can distinguish between superfoods that act as antioxidants, those that complement a diet to achieve adequate and balanced nutrition , superfoods that fight diseases, or simply foods that, due to their nutritional quality, provide us with multiple benefits such as better digestion, better physical performance or better external appearance.

Below we offer you a list of the best superfoods, with all their properties and benefits for the body, as well as everything you need to know before consuming it, how to take them in what doses, etc.

You can’t miss them!

Organic coconut oil

Coconut oil, used as a component of multiple beauty products, is also a healthy fat that takes care of your health, being able to prevent premature cellular aging, as well as acting as a cardioprotective and moisturizer that improves skin, hair and all the organism.

Learn about the properties of coconut oil and start taking care of yourself both inside and out.


Alfalfa is one of the most complete superfoods that exist, properties are not lacking, it stands out for providing us with a large amount of nutrients and vitamins. It belongs to the legume family so it provides us with a large amount of protein of plant origin and few calories. It helps us in cases of weakness, anemia, in addition to being an immunostimulant.

If you want to know everything it has to offer you, here we offer you all the information about alfalfa .

Alga Kelp

Kelp seaweed is an algae whose use is increasingly widespread due to its innumerable properties, it acts as a cardiovascular protector, increases defenses and is also a powerful antioxidant; If you want to know everything that this microalga has to offer, click to see more about kelp algae .


This pigment very present in natural foods such as salmon is a natural energizer that helps us maintain our health in top shape, as well as being the most powerful antioxidant known so far that protects us from oxidative stress.

If you want to increase your defenses and improve your health, you should not miss all the information we have to offer you about Astaxanthin .



The fruit of the baobab, known as the tree of life, is considered a superfood and there is no lack of reasons, because in addition to being a powerful antioxidant that protects us from a multitude of diseases, acts as a liver protector and against constipation, increases defenses and contributes to good cardiovascular and bone health.

A very versatile and complete complement. Learn about all the properties of Baobab here .

camu camu

This fruit, which contains the highest amount of vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant that protects us from cellular aging and fights against free radicals. Increases our defenses and improves cardiovascular health.

If you still do not know everything that camu camu can offer you, you can find out by clicking on the link.

Raspberry ketone

A supplement that contains raspberries and is ideal for weight loss, raspberry ketone has properties that accelerate metabolism and fat burning due to its thermogenic action. It also has a high antioxidant power.

If you want to know more about everything that raspberry ketone can offer you , click here.


If you still do not know everything that this superfood has to offer, you should inform yourself because this little seed can help you improve digestion due to its high fiber content.

It is also a natural energizer so it will help you increase endurance and strength to face the day with energy; to learn more click here: Chia, the fashionable superfood .



Chlorella algae is one of the most used by vegans and vegetarians for its excellent contribution in proteins of high biological value, in addition to helping us detoxify and alkalize our body, it is energizing and antioxidant, regulates blood pressure and has many other properties that You can’t miss it, that’s why you should read here Chlorella, the algae of the future .


This algae is nutritionally very complete, it also has many properties that improve your health. Used by celebrities as a natural energizer for breakfast, spirulina provides us with a large amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are very interesting for our body. If you want to know all its uses and properties, we invite you to read the post about spirulina algae .


Glucomannan, known as Konjak root, is a fiber that is used to regulate the digestive process helping us lose weight quickly due to its soluble fiber content.

This is not the only property of this root, if you want to know more about glucomannan here we leave you all the information.

Wheat grass

Don’t you know all the properties that wheatgrass has to offer you? A very complete alkalizing superfood that gives us many health benefits and also helps us lose weight. It is a powerful detoxifier that provides us with a large amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Know in depth all the properties of wheatgrass .


This fruit of Peruvian origin is one of the most fashionable supplements lately, it is rich in vitamins and minerals that fills us with energy and protects us from digestive diseases, in addition to preventing aging due to its antioxidant action. It improves mood and can work as a low calorie sweetener, what more could you ask for?

Learn about everything lucuma has to offer you here .


Maca is a superfood that recharges our energies, therefore it also favors the sexual health of both men and women, and is widely used among athletes to improve their sports performance and to reduce muscle recovery time.

It also has analgesic properties, as you can see it is a very complete superfood, if you want to know more you can find out here .



This shell that covers the seed of the plant known as plantain is used as a regulator of the digestive system to improve the digestion processes of food, as well as as a natural laxative due to its high fiber content. It fights digestive diseases and is capable of regulating cholesterol. If you want to know everything it can offer you, you should not miss all the information here about Psyllium .


The propolis produced by bees is a highly healthy component that strengthens our immune system and increases our defenses, it also has natural antibiotic properties, as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties, among many of the many benefits for our health of this substance.

Click here if you want to know all its uses, properties and benefits of propolis .


The reishi mushroom is one of the most fashionable superfoods for all its properties but above all it stands out for its antioxidant action that helps us stay young, preventing premature cellular aging.

It is known as the fungus that lengthens life, provides us with nutrients necessary for the proper development of the body, and is also low in calories. All the information about the reishi mushroom , here.

Himalayan pink salt

Replacing the refined white salt with the pink Himalayan salt in our diet would be very beneficial for our health due to its properties and because it is rich in mineral trace elements that greatly benefit our state of health.

Learn about all the benefits of Himalayan pink salt .

Organic Matcha tea

The Matcha tea is a variety of green tea that gives us more nutrients to the body, such as the case of flavonoids and essential trace elements that help prevent aging and also increase our body’s defenses.

It is also known for its digestive properties that help us regulate intestinal transit and detoxify the body.


Teff is a gluten-free cereal with a large amount of fiber that, while helping us feel full, also helps us lose weight.

It contains a high nutritional value that favors the increase of sports performance due to its condition as a slow-release carbohydrate. Read more info about teff here.


Ginger is considered a superfood for its multiple properties, this root is famous and widely used in cooking despite its spicy flavor. It stands out for being used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural anti-inflammatory and also provides us with many benefits related to its high content of essential oils, such as gingerol, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial for health. It is also thermogenic and capable of accelerating metabolism, so it helps us lose weight. For more information you can find out here .


The Kaniwa, also known as cañihua, is a very pseudocereal like Quinoa, but with many properties. The kañiwa is small and brown or reddish in color. It provides us with a large amount of calcium and phosphorus, as well as essential amino acids, iron, vitamin B, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, tryptophan and fiber.

It also does not contain gluten, so it can be taken by celiacs. Contains saponins that improve the absorption of iron and flavonoids.

Alga Wakame

The wakame seaweed is a very healthy Japanese seaweed, it is revitalizing and strengthens the immune system, due to its high amount of antioxidants that take care of a correct cell regeneration.

It is immunostimulating, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, etc. It is purifying, especially the circulatory system. It is also very easy to include in the diet, since it can be added to soups or salads. To learn more, you can find out in our post about Wakame algae .


Chicory is a wild medicinal plant of the Asteraceae family, with a multitude of interesting properties for our health. It provides us with a large amount of minerals, vitamins, folic acid and is low in calories. It regulates digestion, fights acne, constipation and gas, and is also a diuretic, allowing us to correctly eliminate toxins.

If you want to know more about chicory and its varieties and properties, click here .

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