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These are the best Protein Shakes

by Georgia Ede
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What are the best protein shakes?

More and more people decide to take care of themselves and play sports to keep their body in its best shape and for this, it is necessary to take care of the diet very strictly to ensure an optimal development of the body’s functions.

The rise of concern for the health and well – being of people in general, and even more so of athletes, means that the ideal functioning of the body is studied in an exhaustive way to be able to perform at its best during exercise and also achieve the body we want.

In addition, more and more people are interested in consuming protein shakes to lose weight or to gain muscle mass and perform more during exercise , but they do not trust products that we find on the market due to the fact that they can pose a health problem, since we do not know with certainty everything that they carry. That is why natural protein shakes have become the best option for many of these people.

We must emphasize that the protein shakes that we find on the market do not pose a risk to the body , since they pass all kinds of food controls and that there are many myths regarding these products, which we will talk about below, but we always advise consuming natural products that provide us with the nutrients our body needs to develop.

What are protein shakes and what are they for?

The proteins are an element of the body that we obtain through food and having our body to form muscle, skin and other tissues .

Generally, protein shakes are mixed with carbohydrates and fats, although in less quantity of the latter, for this reason we could say that they are a drink with a high protein content to complement the diet and make it more complete and direct it to the body having all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

In the case of athletes , they use it to perform more in training and to recover after these, since as we have mentioned before, they also have carbohydrates that fill the energy and glycogen reserves of the muscles .

This is what is known as the restoration of muscle glycogen , that is, recharging these reserves of energy source that the muscles house and that are usually depleted after intense exercise. In addition, with these shakes, a repair of the muscle damage caused by exercise is achieved .

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Myths about protein shakes

People compare the consumption of these shakes with the intake of non-natural products such as anabolics, which is very different from each other.

Anabolics pose a health risk, while shakes only provide nutrients that our body knows how to assimilate perfectly and does not pose any risk to our health, as long as they are not consumed in excess, since otherwise we could have kidney and liver problems.

Another widely held belief is that shakes swell and retain fluids. The first part may be true, it may make us feel bloated, but only at the level of satiety , it is not that it inflates our muscles.

This is so, precisely because proteins fill us up for longer, but they do not retain fluids and they do not swell the muscles as is believed. In fact, if you stop consuming them, the muscles will not deflate if you maintain an exercise routine and a good diet . The same exercise routine that will allow you to build muscle without consuming shakes.

Protein shakes to lose weight or to gain muscle mass?

Now that you know how protein shakes work in the body, let’s see what you should include in your shakes  to lose weight and build muscle , because the intention is the same in both cases.

When we intend to lose weight, we want the body to burn the accumulated fat and thus we will lose weight and with exercise we will turn our muscles into a toned body.

The fact of consuming proteins to lose weight is precisely to counteract the weight of carbohydrates in the diet, and because proteins do not provide us with as many calories as carbohydrates or fats .

In the case of wanting to develop muscle, we will consume a higher proportion of proteins than carbohydrates and fats so that our body has at its disposal the nutrients it needs to gain muscle mass .

What should my protein shake have?

Protein shakes must have a liquid base that must be whey, skimmed milk or soy milk, which provide us with proteins with the least amount of fat possible. You can also put 0% fat whipped cheese or skimmed yoghurts.

One of the ingredients that have always been added to protein shakes are egg whites , but be careful if we put them raw, because the proteins present in the egg white will not be properly assimilated if they are not cooked; so we must put them cooked .

You can cook them in the microwave, without adding any fat, they provide us with proteins of high biological value .

On the other hand, you can include cereals such as oats that provide us with fiber and protein as well as slow-absorbing carbohydrates. You can see here the properties of oats

You can also include brewer’s yeast that gives us a lot of fiber and protein and is also very healthy.

You can add fruits like banana, strawberries, blueberries, berries, or any fruit of your choice.

The combinations are multiple, go ahead and try the best protein shakes.

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